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Many things have taken place here in New York due to Messy Sandy. I hope everyone in New York, New Jersey and the rest of the east-side is doing a bit better. I also understand there is another messy storm going on in the west, please be safe and take care!  Many things have taken place here in New York due to Messy Sandy. I hope everyone in New York, New Jersey and the rest of the east-side is doing a bit better. I also understand there is another messy storm going on in the west, please be safe and take care!  I know I've been gone from this blog for a few months now and while I thought things will get a little better in my life, I have to say at this point that is not the case. I do miss sharing my doll talk with all of you. It was one of many things I looked forward to when coming on the internet. The 2nd thing I love was watching videos on YouTube and the 3rd thing is catching up on my Korean dramas on However, I am business trying to better myself like I n…

The Fashion Pack from Family Dollar

Hello Ladies and Dudes

I do miss you all. As I shared with you before looking for a job, working on my grammar lesson and trying to keep a roof over my head has this woman going bananas. However, I do give myself some time to be a kid again. Only if it's for a day.  Three weeks ago, I went to Family Dollar to buy a few things and notice that they were way too earlier for Christmas. The decor is set and the toys are ready to be bought. While walking in the store I played a game that I lost to. The game goes like this; I spy with my little eye, something very colorful and only cost $5. Dollars.  Are these clothes well made? The answer to that will be a big old NO. Aside from that, the dresses are lovely and do look cute on the girls. Next week I'll post photos of the girls and you tell me what you think?

My First FR2 Doll: Opium Ayumi

I was reading MissJay's Doll Blog and love her photos of FR2 Opium Ayumi. As you know, I ordered the doll in Apriil along with Ms. Bus Stop herself Darla Daley. Both dolls arrived in August. You already saw the two photos I took with my phone. I didn't start playing with them until now. During my playtime, I have come to the conclusion that next to Miracle Child, Opium is the 2nd best made Ayumi.
On Sunday, October 7, I broke out my first FR2 doll and went wild with my camera. Opium is very, very beautiful. I think she would only be my FR2 for the moment (went broke buying this girl).
There are so many pictures of Opium Ayumi now, I wonder do my photos make a difference?

So, it's been a while!

First things First, I miss you ladies and dudes. I miss blogging and reading your blogging! My dolly time had to take a backseat while I get my life in order and try to make a decent living. I'm in a rough spot in my life, but I know I can get thought it with my Savior help. I face hard times before and somehow I manage to always come out on top. This time is no different. I'm still looking for a new job (I'm not going into details about the job hunt because I will go crazy thinking about it) and I'm preparing myself to take CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses next year.
Remember I told you early this year that I plan on teaching English overseas that is still happening. I've been doing research for months to see where I can take courses and I found a very good school here in New York. All I have to do now is save money and just be ready to teach. I read that the school puts you in the classroom the next day. This will be fun!  I&#…

My Life, My Dolls!

Please go get some coffee or tea while reading this post because I have a few things to share!
My Social Security Card: On June 20th I needed to go change my name on my social security card, the process was a breeze and there was no problems getting my name change. I was only there for an hour and a happy camper! The worst part is/was the waiting! They tell you it takes four weeks for your card to come, but four weeks turn into seven weeks! I called last Thursday and the young lady on the phone said I should have my card soon!
Now that seven weeks of hell is over I could move on!
I'm still looking for a new job, reading and working on my writing long hand (so if you see me messing up on a few words let me know). I got all my denial work done, but the bill won't disappear until I pay it! I'm in a little financial mess, but with GOD's help, I know everything will be okay!
My Dolls! 
I got my new dolls this week and words can not describe the beauty of each lady. So I …

Still Alive and Kicking!

So It's been awhile since I made a post on this blog, usually I try not to stay away too long without saying how everything is going! However, I've been doing so much that all I can do is go on facebook to see how family and friends are holding up (especially in this heat)!
Speaking of the heat, I try to stay inside as much as possible because I need my breathing and nose to be okay! However, I still have to go outside and fix all my documents and then there's looking for a new job just so I can save money for a year and pay for classes I need to take at the top of 2013!

When things clam down some I will jump back into my doll collecting before this month is over

My Mass Blogger Interview! Thanks I luv Dolls

Sorry that this took so long but I was up late and did my research which means I'm done! So here are my answers to your questions! 
When did you start collecting dolls?

I started collecting at 17 years old however when I turn 22, I gave all my dolls away because at the time I felt I needed to be more mature and work on where I needed to go in life! A year later when I was 23 I was playing with my niece and her dolls and said to myself “Oh boy why did I give this up!’ Anyone who's ever been a college student know the stress it can cause and playing with those dolls ease my mind so much!
What was your first purchase as a collector?

When I was 17 I bought a Clueless Doll, I gave her away I’m such a dumbass! Then I was bless in 2005 to get started on the love of Fashion Fever and my first purchase was Fashion Fever Kira and Rio Lea Barbie (still have them)!

How many dolls do you own?

I’ve been cleaning house so I probably have 60-90 dolls (I’m just thinking off the top of my h…

The Wanted Dolls Have Arrived!

If you're reading this post I'm up late again looking around on the web, I have to stay away from YOUTUBE because I found the crazies videos on there and can't help but share! 
Well before I go on and on and start looking at other things before taking 2 hours to write this post I just wanted to share this information for you while I was reading D7ana's blog!
Over the years there have been a lot of boy(girl) band dolls that young girls and women wanted to get there hands one!

Don't Worry I'm Here!

Hope everyone is doing great I just needed to take care of a few things that need my attention! Hopefully this weekend I catch up on a few of my projects because being an adult is really a bummer! 
Do you like the new banner

Takeo & Addie:A True Love Stroy:Episode 12:Spring Premiere

OMG It's finally here
Yes the New Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is up and  ready to be watched!
There is so much this Spring/Summer Season it's going to be EPIC! CHECK FOR SPOILERS AT THE END OF THE SHOW!

 I'll update this soon!

Spring in for a New Season of Takeo & Addie

I finish editing Episode 12 of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story so all I have to do is wait for the night to come and upload the show! This season I will be all over the place!  I'm still going to give your a dairy into what happen last year and why the couple waited so long to get married! So many things have happen and more things will come very soon! Future episodes will deal with the pass and present, so hold on to your seats because it's going to a wonderful ride! 

I had a really hard time!

So Today I stopped by Target to pick up a few things and as always, I had to see what was in the toy aisle! Unlike everyone else I did not jump into the Star Dolls saga, it took me so long to have any feeling for these chicks! 
I could not decide on which doll I wanted so  I'll be back later this week to show you!
P.S. Do you remember Addie's friend Sam from Episode 3, yes I'm changing the character of Sam I sold the first doll and the new Ayumi will be here this summer! Don't worry I know you love Aria Vanessa so she stays!

So Who is Dai and Annik Love Child ? Part 2

So if you read my blog post on May 18, I gave you all the clues to who could be Dai and Annik's daughter! Some people wanted more clues and I for the life of have run out of ideas! 
So let have some more fun: The New Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is coming this weekend!
You must look about the blog for these clues: I'm basically telling you who the person is anyway!
Here are the hints!
1. She was in my 30 Black Dolls I love theme from last year!
2. She took a picture with this doll!

3. In January of 2009 I made a post about her and my first Adele
doll  that I bought together! I just made the Dean's List back in
college and I need a reason to buy me a little something!

4. That same doll face off with Adele on April 25, 2011!

As I said before I basically told you who the doll is and we just have to wait and see how everything will fall into place!

So Who is Dai and Annik Love Child ? UPDATE

The new Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is almost here; I'm working very hard on Episode 12 because Sooki is best friends with Dai and Annik love child but they don't know that there related! I'm working on the dialog between Sooki and her cousin  because it going to be funny and very serious at the same time! The future shows will be very intense, people will find out secrets that they should not know nothing about! This will all lead up to what Takeo really does for a living and why Annik had to leave Dai all those years ago; which also lead to giving up her first child!

Happy Mother's Day

To all you mom's out there hope your day is going great! Now looks back on a very special episode of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story Episode 8 Where Takeo tells his mom Kyori that he's getting married! 

A few More Goodies

Still cleaning out my closet slowly so here are some more goodies for you  guys, I will be back in a few days hopefully with something new to share because I'm on writers block right now! 
Old Stuff, New Ladies  and Dudes

Another let go!

I'm slowing making my way back into blogging, last week I had to change my name on some very important documents that could not wait! I really plan on getting my passport this year and I need everything in my life to go well! I'll deal with the headache and the waiting now! 

Going Under The Knife

Hey Guys and Gals

Hope everyone is having a great week and a great month of May, I am trying enjoying the many blessing that has happen to me lately and I'm kind of upset with myself because it took me 6 months to get up out of my house to do something and when I finally did it; it only took 8 minutes to get  it done! Oh well at the end of the day I got off my ass and did what I had to do! 
Back to the topic- If you come here and see some changes, I will be playing with my blog to see what need look I can work with! Spring is here and the Summer is coming and I can't wait to fall back in to my storylines and getting my life in order! Things will be looking up!
See you all soon! 


Breaktime and Having a Sale!

Taking a break for a few days so next month I will have 2 new shows up! I know I said that I will a special episode for all of you this month but, things happen and I need to take are of my junk first! In the meantime I'm having a sale, cut down on the prices so everything music go! See you next month!


High End Envy Erin S - W Club Exclusive

So if you been reading my blog, follower me on facebook or twitter than you know I love Erin! I will say this again; I EBONY (WHATEVER MY LAST NIGHT IS BUT I WILL NOT POST ON HERE) LOVE ERIN WITH ALL MY HEART! Back in 2008 when I went to my first doll show (which is not happening this year) Erin,Nadja,Ayumi and Adele where the first dolls I feel in love with!

Picnik Is Close, Photobucket Changes,PicMonkey Is Fun and Photovisi Is My New Best Friend

If you don't know by now Picniklast day was on April 19 and they are now with Google know as Google Creative Kit! If you have Google+ which everyone has because if you blog and use gmail, you automatically have all of Google products!  It should be easy for you to go into your photos and start using! However Picnik was a fun site to edited your photo and all!

The Duranger Sisters

First off many of my dolls are upset with me because I didn't pick them to go to Danielle and Roderick Taylor Wedding! (Erin) I told them that being Addie knew Danielle already she was invite without a doubt, Dani don't know ya like that! They didn't care (Erin) because they need something to write about (Oh I making Erin a reporter and she is trying to find out everything about Takeo and Addie and their up and coming marriage; I need to keep an eye on her!) However they will get over it and move on (Erin).

Back to the topic because I just want to share some old photos of the The Duranger Sister; you know Colette, Chanel and Claire (Dai's girlfriend). They mad at me as well because I didn't make a show about them and their glam lifestyle; as much as I do for them ummm pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! Well Claire is not that kind of girl she very low key, Chanel is a sports kind of chick and the QUEEN BEE Colette wants to be a Kim Kardashian without the sex-tape!

Takeo & Addie: Going To Rob & Danielle's Wedding: Short Story

Here Is Some History 

Not too long ago Addie and Danielle met on a website called, they both share their personal stories about love finding them! Danielle loved the way Addie talk about her and Takeo's relationship that Danielle just had to contact her by email! Soon after the  Ladies became online buddies and Addie fell in love with Rob and Danielle love story and Danielle personality! 
It will only make sense for Danielle to invite  Addie and her soon-to-be Husband Takeo to her and Rob's wedding atVan's Doll Treasures!
WARNING I'm going to let all of you know right now, don't nobody want to see Addie get dress, almost on every blog you saw all the ladies getting ready! Not this one, we are going to see Takeo fix himself up so don't die on me because I need you here!

A Takeo & Addie Special Is Coming........

Last season I hope you enjoyed, it has some ups and downs, a little bit of mystery and a kissing sense!  Last year I change 2 characters; Addie's aunt Annik and Takeo's sister Sooki. You meet Annik, you can see she a really cool person with a past but overall further down the line you will grow to love her! I notice last season I bought the whole family in such as Kyori, Chandra,Donjae,Dai and Annik but Sooki was missing!

Had A Root Canal

For those of you who bought stuff from me, I will ship out your orders tomorrow! Yesterday I was in the dentist office from 10:45am to 3:20pm and they was trying to get me to come back this Thursday! HELL TO THE N AND THE O, I need a break from seeing that office! 
Last week I was sitting on my bed and I heard something pop in my head follow by some pain, the weird thing is I was going to see my dentist the same day that my tooth cracked! 
On April 9 (which was yesterday) the dentist was working in my mouth but had to stop because the cavity was so deep that I needed a root canal ASAP!
Today I'm just trying to recover and rethink and re-live what has happened up to this point and how to change it now!
I will shipped all the stuff tomorrow and let you know by email! Again thank you for buying my junk!

My Final Review: And Then There Were 3!

I never thought I would buy a FR2 doll but as always things happen! There are only 3 dolls in this FR2 collection and here they are from left to right: Strict Elegance Luchia, Nouveau Régime Tatyana (I don't care for Tatyana so I will not talk about her) and Opium Ayumi


So Yesterday while I was writing myBlack Girls Rock and Forgetting Nadja post,I was thinking about Ms. Bus Stop the whole week. Lord knows I said to myself no dolls this year because I need to save my money and I allow the devil to win! This is my whole doll fund and I need to sell more stuff to come up with the rest of the money! I am telling you the dolls are winning the war!

My Final review on FR2 will be up sometime this weekend so stay tune! OH and Ms. Anika I have a few ladies for you!

Black Girls Rock And Forgetting Nadja

I love all the African American female dolls from the new 2012 collection, they all stand out which means no doll is prettier than the other one. Each lady is special in their own way and will fit in to our special taste in collecting!
Adele has always been and always will be one of my favorite dolls, I think Main Attitude is great in every way I just don't like the face change. I hate when the face is change of a certain doll and companies (Mattel and Integrity) use the same old name to it! To me Main Attitude should have been a new character because the Adele looked before I will remember her that way! However this sexy lady is no-where to be found now!

Dynamite Girls: The Back to Brooklyn Collection

I have always been a fan of the Dynamite Girls and since 2008 I never went a year without collecting a new doll or an old version! However, this year I think I'm going to pass on all of them! 
I think they all looked like rich kids with their nose up in the air because they can't stand the poor kids walking around on campus! 

Perry Marino and his UGLY ASS!

Yes, you read that title right, I'm going to jump right in and say what I don't like because it will make life so much better and I know others feel the way I do! But first, let me drop some information about Perry Marino 
Item #91294
Strings Attached
Perry Marino™ Dressed Fashion Figure

FR:Homme™ Collection  Suggested Retail Price:  $110.00 US
Limited Edition Size:  400 Dolls Worldwide
Estimated Delivery Date:  Early August 2012 When industrialist Perry Marino got the proverbial rug pulled from under his feet by his ex-wife Natalia Fatalé and lost his company, Missima Cosmetics, in the process, never in a million years did he think that he would ever hear back from her.  Fast-forward eight years and all the sudden, things have changed.  Believe it or not, the ex-wife wants him back.  Maybe she's just after his wealth and innumerable contacts in the business or maybe she just can't do without him after all?  Will she bury the hatchet and play nice or will this reun…

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 11 Winter Finale

Here you go the Winter Finale is here but don't worry, as soon as I take care of my life I will be fixing up a lot of things and before you know it May will be around the corner! I'm going to be very business this April and I'm going to try to set a time to do everything that needs to be done for this show! Spring is going to have a lot of madness! Please stay tune for spoilers at the end of the show!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 10: Part 2

I know you can't believe that Episode 10 is here already because I take a month to upload the show! Wonder no more Vanessa because you can get your snacks (healthy snacks) and watch some juicy kind of stuff happen! As of right now I'm working on Episode 11 and things will get really hot and heavy! 

Episode 11 will be the Winter Finale and all new shows are coming back in May 2012, I need a month to really work on this story because a very important character will know who Dai and Annik love child is damn I just gave you the spoiler!

Nadja makes me a little happy!

I had a really bad weekend so the only thing that would and could make me happy is some photos of Nadja! 

Maybe later on in the week I would tell you what happen but for now, let's just be happy! However in other news, I will uploading Episode 10 to Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story soon!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story Episode 9: Part 1

I'm Sorry this episode took so long but the next one won't be forever because I will be up late this weekend to get-it-done! However here is Episode 9 again, I do everything in parts because it's just more fun that way!

P.S. There will be only 2 more episodes for the Winter season,  The Spring/Summer Season will start in May

Get Your Snacks Ready Because It's Going Down!

I will be working on Episode 9 and 10 (Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story) this weekend so hopefully everything will be up and ready by next week! I'm also doing a little story between Dai and Annik(Takeo's uncle and Addie's aunt); after the family meeting some how Dai stays after to have a talk with Annik about her disappearing years ago and they really couldn't help themselves because so much time has pass!

Really couldn't help themselves!

So 4 Years Ago!

On March 11, 2008 I started a little  blog called Brooklyn Star where it was going to be about me but, I change the name to Brooklyn Stars Forever because well I live in Brooklyn, New York and my dolls said they wanted me to blog about them too! Over the years it was less about me and more about my girls and boys! So cheers to them! 
Plus thank you to everyone who reads my crazies, my bad grammar and my misspelling of words!  I always pray for you when reading this blog!

Just A Up-date!

My mom has these two black stands in the living room and they've been holding up for years, I mean there from the 80's and it has lasted longer than the bedroom furniture. I clean off one of the shelves and I'm using it as Annik's apartment. I stayed up all night working on the furniture and I really hope it doesn't look so awful! At the moment Annik is away right now but I told her that she can just check the blog for updates! 
 Everything is all black  I did different wall art for this one and they look really interesting!   As you can see I painted the Barbie sofa and chairs, the coffee table needs a little more work, if I'm not so sleepy tonight I will change that! 

I can't wait to do the story and have it finish soon!