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The Fashion Pack from Family Dollar

Hello Ladies and Dudes

I do miss you all. As I shared with you before looking for a job, working on my grammar lesson and trying to keep a roof over my head has this woman going bananas. However, I do give myself some time to be a kid again. Only if it's for a day.  Three weeks ago, I went to Family Dollar to buy a few things and notice that they were way too earlier for Christmas. The decor is set and the toys are ready to be bought. While walking in the store I played a game that I lost to. The game goes like this; I spy with my little eye, something very colorful and only cost $5. Dollars.  Are these clothes well made? The answer to that will be a big old NO. Aside from that, the dresses are lovely and do look cute on the girls. Next week I'll post photos of the girls and you tell me what you think?

My First FR2 Doll: Opium Ayumi

I was reading MissJay's Doll Blog and love her photos of FR2 Opium Ayumi. As you know, I ordered the doll in Apriil along with Ms. Bus Stop herself Darla Daley. Both dolls arrived in August. You already saw the two photos I took with my phone. I didn't start playing with them until now. During my playtime, I have come to the conclusion that next to Miracle Child, Opium is the 2nd best made Ayumi.
On Sunday, October 7, I broke out my first FR2 doll and went wild with my camera. Opium is very, very beautiful. I think she would only be my FR2 for the moment (went broke buying this girl).
There are so many pictures of Opium Ayumi now, I wonder do my photos make a difference?

So, it's been a while!

First things First, I miss you ladies and dudes. I miss blogging and reading your blogging! My dolly time had to take a backseat while I get my life in order and try to make a decent living. I'm in a rough spot in my life, but I know I can get thought it with my Savior help. I face hard times before and somehow I manage to always come out on top. This time is no different. I'm still looking for a new job (I'm not going into details about the job hunt because I will go crazy thinking about it) and I'm preparing myself to take CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses next year.
Remember I told you early this year that I plan on teaching English overseas that is still happening. I've been doing research for months to see where I can take courses and I found a very good school here in New York. All I have to do now is save money and just be ready to teach. I read that the school puts you in the classroom the next day. This will be fun!  I&#…