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Thinking about YOU the readers

For the past week I have been trying to come up with more ways to make this blog interesting! For starters I have a 2 year Anniversary coming up and have a very special theme for that. For this month of black history I would love to give you a few history spotlights here and there! This blog is full of many topics and I would like to hear from you the reader on what to talk about next. Is there a theme you would like for me to do or when new dolls come out do you what to hear my review on it! Please tell me what you think! I am making a list on which dolls in my collection I want to about. One topic I would love to talk about is Integrity Janay dolls. I have about 6 Janay dolls and never really talk about them on my blog but, I have many photos on my multiply account. I had a theme call NOT YOUR BARBIE and people really enjoyed it. Here a are few photos and linksNOT YOUR BARBIE 5NOT YOUR BARBIE 4NOT YOUR BARBIE 3NOT YOUR BARBIE 2NOT YOUR BARBIEAs I said up top, please let me know what…

My 9th Fashion Royalty doll: Living Dangerously Kyori Sato

Here she is Ms. Dangerously herself Kyori Sato! I’m not changing the name because it fix her so well! When 2010 came in I wanted my 9th Fashion Royalty doll to be very special and I could not have pick a more perfect doll.

My 8th Fashion Royalty Doll: Checking out Francisco renamed Frank Leon

Francisco aka Frank aka very handsome and hot is my 8th Fashion Royalty doll that I bought last spring of 2009. Hypnotic" Francisco Leon is the doll I want sooooooooooooo bad, but I have take The check out man any day because he is very sexy and loveable in every way! Photos of Frank LeonP.S. THAT PHOTO OF THE OTHER FRANCISCO IS BY ROYALTY GIRL, NOT ME!

My Fashion Royalty lists Part 2

I’m continuing with My Fashion Royalty list and get ready because lucky 9 is not to far away!

7. London By Night Ayumi N- To be honest I did not want this Ayumi, Miracle Child Ayumi was the one I was dying to have when I saw in person but, its was so hard looking for her it became impossible. I Finally broke down and order London by Night in May of 2009. It wasn’t until September 09 that I really adore this doll for who she is. Although I love dolls with dark brown or black hair I was able to put aside my thoughts of Miracle Child and gave London a chance.

8. Checking Out Francisco- Just like London By Night, Checking out Francisco was not my Knight! The Francisco I wanted came with the black and red underwear! He also was so hard to find at the time but I can wait and see what the next line has to offer in 2010.

9. living Dangerously Kyori-  The sexy red head Kyori is in my heads. I was never a huge fan of the Kyori dolls, but this one I just had to broke down and buy h…

My Fashion Royalty List Part 1

This coming July 2010 will mark 2 years of my collection of Fashion Royalty dolls! It has been fun collecting the fabulous divas and divos of the doll world! I first fell in love with FR at my first doll show of April 2008 and hanging out with other fellow doll collectors and seeing their dolls. At that moment I have been saving money by missing meals, not buying myself extra pair of shoes or missing treatments for my hair to save money to get Fashion Royalty dolls and it has been very hard to get the dolls I wanted!
My first Fashion Royalty doll I was not too sure about but, I am so in love with every part of her. Grand Arrival Colette was not my first doll of choice but, she has become a very big part of my doll collecting life!
Here is a list of what I have so far……………………………..

1.Grand Arrival Colette – Came in a hot box but was very cool at sunset!

2.Painted Black Colette - Than there came my 2nd Fashion Royalty Doll and she just had to be another Colette Painted in Black Who I named…