Takeo & Addie: Going To Rob & Danielle's Wedding: Short Story

Here Is Some History 

Not too long ago Addie and Danielle met on a website called GettingMarried.com, they both share their personal stories about love finding them! Danielle loved the way Addie talk about her and Takeo's relationship that Danielle just had to contact her by email! Soon after the  Ladies became online buddies and Addie fell in love with Rob and Danielle love story and Danielle personality! 

It will only make sense for Danielle to invite  Addie and her soon-to-be Husband Takeo to her and Rob's wedding at Van's Doll Treasures!

I'm going to let all of you know right now, don't nobody want to see Addie get dress, almost on every blog you saw all the ladies getting ready! Not this one, we are going to see Takeo fix himself up so don't die on me because I need you here!

Takeo just got out the shower and he hears his phone ring!
Addie text his letting Takeo know that she is picking him up, 
doing a little switch up! 
Guess I have no choice!
 As Takeo is getting ready for the wedding all he can do is think about his big day! It's been a rough year for him and Addie but, they got thought it without people killing each other!

 Note: Get yourselves together!
Takeo hears a voice from behind him
"Looking good big Daddy!"
 Takeo: You look so Amazing

Addie: I have to make sure that we both
look HOT!
 Takeo: You are going to be the most beautiful woman in that room!
Addie: Takeo; I can't out shine the Bride!
Takeo: You just did and that will be our little secret!
 Addie: It's so nice for Danielle to invite us to her and Rob's wedding;
I feel kind of bad because ours only will be family and very close friends
 Takeo: I'm sure she understands!
Addie: I guess she will; I hope you'll be ready for our big day!
Takeo: You have no idea how ready I am! 
Addie: Oh Really! 

The Final Shot

 I was going for a 1920's, 30's or 40's theme with a modern twist!
Hope you like it because I did my best dressing these 2!
Shot---Takeo and Addie are going to get married in T-shirt and Jeans!
Takeo rented a private plane to fly to MorrisTown with Addie
for the soon to be  
Danielle and Roderick Taylor Wedding! 
Get your tissues ready, I know I'm going to be a hot mess!


  1. LOVED IT! And yes I was looking. Here I go again....Good lawd! They both look fantastic. Love Addie's dress and what you did to her hair. Love the vibe! Send me a picture, so I can spotlight them on FB.

    1. I will try to explain this as clearly as I can, I may do a post sometime this week on Addie's hair!

      I combed the hair and took a plastic rubber ban and put her hair in a ponytail and left so down on the side as you see!

      Then I bought that glittery that you see on her head now (I don't know what it's called) and wrap it around her head 2 times and pull the rest down and pray to The Lord that it stay in place!

      I really hope everyone understands that because I was shocked when I did it!

  2. Ebony, they look AMAAAAAAAZING!!! Oh my goodness, especially Addie! So many beautiful couples going to the wedding...it's a lot of fun. :)

    1. Thank you Tracy and I hope everything is great your way! Love ya!

  3. What a wonderful post! They both look dashing. You definitely pulled off a 30's vibe. I did a little side tilt with my head trying to look under the "stop looking" block, lol.

    1. Thank Muff, You can't help but to looking about Takeo so I really understand!

  4. I LOVE it! The twist is great. Takeo is a very handsome doll. Lucky Addie! ; ) Lol! I LOVE how you styled them. Addie looks very pretty in that color.

    P.S. Since their ceremony is private, I will put all means of transportation on lock, because my girls are known to crash parties, weddings...you name it! Lol!

    1. lolololol Word spread about your girls, I already have their picture up letting everybody know to keep a look out for them!

  5. Too fly for words! Loving the hair on Addie! See ya at the wedding lol

  6. They both look HOT!!! I like how your mind works you really know what your fans want to see. Guess I can turn my ceiling fan off now my hot flash has passed. Takeo is a really handsome doll you are lucky to have him.

  7. I love it! They will definitely make an entrance!

  8. I love the look and the twist on Takeo getting dress. That was just hot! You always take great pictures of them!

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone, I will see you all there!

  10. This is a great post, they both look fantastic, and I LOVE the "stop looking" bar, LOL, hilarious. Obviously I was looking XD

    1. That was the whole point when you tell someone to not do something hell, they going to do it anyway! lolol

  11. Hello from Spain: Takeo and Addie are very elegant. They make a great couple. Takeo photos with the towel are very sexy. I alsosent one of my Barbies from Spain ... We keep in touch.

    1. Takeo was just born sexy as you can see he gets it from his mama! Thanks for the comments everyone!


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