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Pretty in Pink

Pink is the color for Barbie, but these 2 ladies look so much better in it than she does..
Billie and Leona are so ready to party for the New Year!!!!



There will be more Holiday photos to come so please check in now and then. Don 't forget to check for the Contest Winner on December 31, 2008 at 8:00pm

Idol's Love Christmas too!!

American Idol doll sitting watching Christmas Story and eating Chinese food

My First Fashion Fever Doll

Everything happen around the most wonderful time of the year. In the fall of 2005, I bought my first Fashion Fever Doll Kira form Toy"r"Us (when they used to have useful toys). From 2004-2007 Fashion Fever dolls and clothing line was the hottest thing on the doll market, who knows what's going on now. But, Kira was the first doll from that line who inspire me to collect more Fashion Fever Barbies. I think as of right now I have about 10 tube dolls in my collection and hope to find more in any discount store that is out there. I think we all wish Mattel would bring back the REAL FFBaribes. So here is my Kira in the most gorgeous close up shoot!!

My First Model Muse.....................

It goes like this, I never really liked the Model Muse dolls when I first lay eyes on them. I mean come on, they really can't do much of anything but stand there and give you a smile or don't smile at all. At the doll cafe many of the members there are crazy about the Model Muses and for the life of me, I really could not understand why. Well one day, this beautiful dark&lovely doll came up on my screen and I fell in love. There was just something about her that fulled my heart with such joy. She is Ms. Milan who I rename Michelle Walker. As I was shopping last Christmas of 2007 I saw her in a Cookie's Children Department store for 19.99, knowing that I did not have enough money on my credit care I went on and bought her anyway. Milan aka Michelle is still with me today. I will never give her up for anything.
Today I have 14 Model Muses. After all the talk I gave to myself to never buy these dolls, I really like dressing them up and taking pictures. Part of being a dol…

Hello Everyone

Let me start off first by saying, sorry for not updating the blog. I'm in school right now and have to finish up my papers and all; anyone who in college knows when the finals are around the block we try to study as much as we can. Plus I'm doing so well in my class, you know I'm hunting down a doll to treat myself. I need to find something soon before Christmas, because I bought nothing new since Nadja and I'm been a very good girl. After or before the 20th of December I will post some Christmas photos of my dolls. But here is one I take last year; this is 2007 Barbie Holiday doll. She is just too cute!!!
Please come back and check for more upcoming blogs soon.