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Black Girls Rock And Forgetting Nadja

I love all the African American female dolls from the new 2012 collection, they all stand out which means no doll is prettier than the other one. Each lady is special in their own way and will fit in to our special taste in collecting!
Adele-Main Attitude 
Adele has always been and always will be one of my favorite dolls, I think Main Attitude is great in every way I just don't like the face change. I hate when the face is change of a certain doll and companies (Mattel and Integrity) use the same old name to it! To me Main Attitude should have been a new character because the Adele looked before I will remember her that way! However this sexy lady is no-where to be found now!

Jordan-Trust Your Instincts

I do want a Jordan lady for myself but she is not the one for me right now! Trust Your Instincts is a beautiful woman but at this moment, I can't stand the pink lip-gloss with her lovely brown-skin!

Pop Of Color
Last year when the first Annik showed up I did not like her at all 1: Nadja was no-where to be found just like this year 2: I felt like she was taking Nadja place as the new Dark Chocolate! That all change because now in my crazy world of story telling Annik is in her 40's with a grown son, a daughter who all of you will meet soon and 2 niece's that she has been caring for after the death of their parents! Pop of Color is a really beautiful doll and I also see she is sold out in some places, so if you miss the first Annik which I still love go find the new lovely lady now!

Bus Stop
I going to say that Ms. Darla Daley a.k.a Bus Stop is changing my mind about the Poppy Parker movement! I love every photo I seen of Poppy Parker and Darla Daley but never really found that one who would blow my mind! As of today I order one but didn't get confirm yet but when or if I do, I will slowly find a way to fit her into my storyline. She is such a cutie!

Colour My World
Doesn't her dress look like a cube block (LOLOL)

Okay back to the topic Another Darla Daley doll is ready to Colour Your World! She is cute and I do love the hair however, nothing really pops out to me with this doll! There is just something that Bus Stop has but Colour My World doesn't! 

Forgetting Nadja

It has been 3 years since a Nadja doll, the last one that came out was Illusionist in the Winter of 2009. So here is the Question: WHEN IS NADJA COMING BACK! I only have 2 and the 3rd one I don't bother to buy because people email,facebook and twit me; "Are you selling your Nadja?" After saying NO, I feel bad because many people who got into Fashion Royalty is because of Nadja and I happen to be one of those people! So to all of you wonderful people who worked at Integrity toys, please sit down and have a meeting about Nadja's big comeback next year! We will be waiting and watching! 

 This is my personal opinion as always!


  1. I agree about Jordan ... the pink lipstick doesn't work. If I get her, I'm getting her lips redone in the shade Adele is wearing. And as for Darla -- I'm kinda glad the original mold broke. It was just this side of cartoon-y to me; this one is much better, IMO. (Keep up the good work, Ebony!)

    = Yvonne

  2. I was hoping that Nadja would have returned this year as well. I did get Adele and Bus Stop Darla. The Adele IMO is one the best dolls in this collection. Jordan I want one day. I feel that she will be around.

  3. I agree with you about Jordan, that girl is too pretty to be given the duck-lips look she was given... the pink lipstick just isn't working for her... otherwise she would have been absolutely lovely. BAH!

    You're right too, Nadja should return, it's strange that they don't bring her back, yet they bring back repeatedly that ugly, er, I mean, interesting, vampire/caveman/angry old guy mold... gah.

  4. I love that new Adele mold. And Jordan is just breathtaking but I agree, what is with the sambo lips? Not cute. The last Jordan was like that too. Maybe that's why all the promo pics had that veil covering her face!

  5. I loved all the dolls of color this year, too. It was nice to see Adele with more personality and attitude. I am really feeling the Darla's. Both of them are nice, but I too prefer the Bus Stop doll. I am not surprised Nadja didn't return. The last Nadja doll finally sold out at IT less than a month ago. She was majorly reduced and still she sat unpurchased. Fire Within Jordan was the other Jordan doll that had the pink lips and eye shadow. It was hideous. I was gifted the doll and in less than 5 mins I repainted her lips. I didn't even remove the pink. Now I LOVE my Jordan doll. This new Jordan is FABULOUS, because I can now see beyond the pink lipstick. Her hair, her outfit, her overall look works for me and I can see her playing some powerful role in a story. If I didn't have one, I would want this one.

    If I had the time and money, I would create a whole series around this Adele, this Jordan, and both Darlas. I would add in Barbie Basic 1.0 #4. Those are some bad sistahs and they would be running things.

    1. Thanks everyone for your comments!

      Vanessa you know what's so funny is that I have dreams (yeah I have dreams about my dolls) about Top Model Nikki, My Adele and a few other Black female having their own story line! Kind of like Girlfriends but it won't be too kind of Nasty! I would love for that to happen! However as you said time and money!


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