So, it's been a while!

First things First, I miss you ladies and dudes. I miss blogging and reading your blogging! My dolly time had to take a backseat while I get my life in order and try to make a decent living. I'm in a rough spot in my life, but I know I can get thought it with my Savior help. I face hard times before and somehow I manage to always come out on top. This time is no different. I'm still looking for a new job (I'm not going into details about the job hunt because I will go crazy thinking about it) and I'm preparing myself to take CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses next year.

Remember I told you early this year that I plan on teaching English overseas that is still happening. I've been doing research for months to see where I can take courses and I found a very good school here in New York. All I have to do now is save money and just be ready to teach. I read that the school puts you in the classroom the next day. This will be fun! 
I'm going to end the post right here because I don't want it to be too long. However, I do have more to share. You see the picture up above? Yesterday I took so many photos, I just had to get in some playtime. It's been six months since my photo taking and I needed the "me time"! 


  1. Hi Ebony!! Been missing you and your post. I pray all goes well with job hunting. Teaching overseas sounds like aninteresting job. Best wishes with that as well. I love the new blog pic up top. Ayumi is gorgeous! Take care of yourself.

  2. Wellcome back!! I missed you :( I'm glad to read about you, I wish you all the best

  3. Hey,Nicole!
    True!Every word you said!
    Our child inside,sometimes needs to "fight" on the real world.
    I would like to thank you for adding me on Facebook saturday.
    It was a surprise and a pleasure!Thank You!!
    Well it's good to hear from you and to know that you are
    preparing a new time for your life.
    All my best wishes of peace,faith and determination!!
    I'm sure you'll achieve all your targets because you sounds
    as a strong soul.
    Hugs Full Of Hope From Brasil!-------------------(JorgeRamiro)

  4. Welcome back. I am also looking for a job at the moment. Our miniworld is very nice to escape too somotimes. Wish you all the best.

  5. Welcome back, even though I see you on Facebook often enough! Always glad to see your girls. Hope your courses go well!

  6. Hello from Spain: welcome back. I'm glad that your life is better. I wish you luck in finding a new job. The new photo blog is very nice. Great job. We keep in touch.

  7. Glad to see a post from you Ebony! If you end up in Korea teaching English hope you'll show us some of the dolls available there.

    1. Muff where-ever I go that will be the first thing on my list. I will make sure my internet is ready so I can post away!


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