Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New So In Style: Stylin' Beads

New So In Style dolls are coming and they don't have the Fashionistas bodies that all us doll lovers was hoping for! The new dolls are back with their little sisters' and they are ready for so fun on the beach and to make matters even more fun, you get to style their hair with Beads!

To ALL MY BLACK FOLKS OUT THERE: You know we can not go swimming with beads in our hair, its totally going to weight us down for the sharks! LOLOL that was Joke please no hate emails!

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Grace and Courtney

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Kara and Kianna

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Trichelle and Janessa

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Fashion Royalty List Part 4

Back to the List

12. Perk Colette- I did not plan on buying another Colette, I already have 2 so why buy another one! Let's just say Flickr is a evil place where you see so many wonderful photos of dolls and before you know it, you have a credit card in your hands or at the check cash place to buy a money order! That's why these things happen!

13. Mais oui! Giselle Diefendorf- I so have a thing for red heads and Giselle happen to be a red head hottie!

Next week I will post photos of Giselle!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Fashion Royalty List Part 3

Early this year I made a list of all of the Fashion Royalty dolls I bought for over the period of 2 years! I made a promise to myself that I will only buy 4 or 5 though out the year because; oh well you know ($$$$$$$$$)! So this year I have reach my limit; I only bought 5 Fashion Royalty dolls this year and that is it for now.

When it comes to buying Royalty dolls, I have to really take my time and buy wisely! What do I mean by buying wisely; when I first bought Grand Arrival Colette she wasn't my doll of choice! Now you may ask yourself "Why on God's green earth would she buy a doll she didn't want?" I bought Colette under peer pressure, because with my new found knowledge I so wanted a Fashion Royalty dolls  and everyone on the doll forums was talking about them. Trust me you would have done the same thing! My first choice was Lost Angel Colette because she was really cool with so much style! The lady who was selling the dolls had Lost Angel Colette on EBay, but I really did feel like biding, so I went ahead and bought Grand Arrival Colette and when she came home I could not stop taking pictures of her!

Now that you know my history, here is my list of the Royalty dolls I bought this year leading to my 13th Fashion Royalty doll Mais oui! Giselle Diefendorf!

10. Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani- I always wanted Takeo! He is the one and only sexy Asian doll until Japan Ken comes out that is out right now. In The Mix Takeo was cool but there is something about this Takeo that makes all the ladies and men love him!

11. Style Strategy Lukas Maverick-  I never really liked Lukas, he looks like a mean Fashion boss! The kind that if you mess up his Late he will tell you how bad your clothes are and that your parents should have feed you to the sharks because that's how much your life is worth! But, little to my surprise he is nothing like that! When it came to getting a Lukas Rock Ringmaster was nowhere to be found and I decide that Mr. Strategy was going to be my best friend!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Of the Month is back up!

Photo of the Month is back! Now instead of just posting the pictures I give my thoughts and feelings on them, so go to Photo Of The Month Page and read!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monster High Gloom Beach Dolls

Just when you thought The Monster High gang was going on winter break, here they come again with Gloom Beach. Some dolls are M.I.A like Lagoona Blue and Deuce Gorgon but we get to see and buy the Human kid; Jackson Jekell is coming to chill with Clawdeen, Frankie, Draculaura and Cleo. I don't know yet if I'm going to buy all the dolls because I still need Ghoulia Yelps and Holt Hyde! Clawdeen Wolf will be mines.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monster High: Lagoona Blue, I finally have her!

I finally found and bought Monster High doll Lagoona Blue; at first I was not going to get Lagoona but I could not pass her by! I know this is kind of old news because of the Dawn of the Dance, Ghoulia Yelps ,Holt Hyde and now Gloom Beach coming out. I also have to add I did something different with this photo shoot, I gave Lagoona a Halloween theme which is funny and fun! Please enjoy……….

monster high lagoona blue 12

monster high lagoona blue 14

monster high lagoona blue 18

monster high lagoona blue 16

monster high lagoona blue 22

This month I’m posting the full photo shoot of my Monster High Dolls on! I’m under Ebony Way(Don’t worry its not my real last name). I already posted Frankie and Draculaura the other are coming soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Fashionistas boys are looking so much better!


If you were a unhappy Ken fan, well boys and girls wipe those tears away because Ken is looking so Much better! Thanks to Tru_Fashionista we all get to see new Fashionistas Ken dolls on the market and here is Tru_Fashionista’s review on the dolls!

About the bodies, they are MAJOR improvements! Very similar to the 2010 Harley Davidson Ken body. Their heads can tilt like Harley Davidson Ken, they have pivotal knees, articulated wrists, and the elbow joint without the exposed metal piece. He's also has better detailed hands and feet and the fashions are very well made.

And the cons, their legs are like Swappin Styles Fashionistas and don't spread. I assume Mattel did this because annoying parents complained about the legs spreading too far and giving the kids naughty thoughts or some other crap!
Still, the good far outweighs the bad so I'm looking forward to Mattel releasing more guys into the line.


There is also a difference in body type from that last Fashionistas Kens 


I’m on my way to find these dolls now!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whose a Fashionistas now!

Yesterday I posted about the new Fashionistas Swappin Styles Artsy and how I like the doll and all but I wanted to hand her body over to someone else! Well on the same night I bought the doll was the same night I switch her head; I had no hard feelings about switching Artsy because I feel that Desiree will always be Artsy to me!

The doll who has the new Fashionistas body now will always be one of my dear favorites from the Best Model collection where 4 top models were on location at the greatest hot spots of the world.

Ready, are you really sure you’re ready100_5171That’s right Monte Carlo is now a new Fashionistas! Monte Carlo was on an old Fashion Fever body or should we say Pre-Fashionistas body and I always thought she would look better with a little bit of movement!


As you can see she is very beautiful and almost looks like a Latina  Pocahontas!


The last picture of the day, Monte Carlo is loving the new Barbie Basics shoes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kim Kardashian Becoming Adult Blow-Up Doll:

I will say it again; OH LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP US!
"Kim Kardashian was upset about the surprise release of her nude photos and
now has learned the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is
being made into a life-size adult blow-up doll.

Pipedream Products recently introduced the Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll to their “Super Star
Series” which features blow-up dolls of famous Hollywood starlets like
Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyonce.

A convincing look-a-like model is used for the cover of the product – the
front featuring her in the bedroom with a burger and fries while the back of the box has her posing nude with carefully placed tomatoes and lettuce – along with several dirty phrases."

This is what happens when you're nothing but a sexpot!

New Fashionistas Swappin Style Artsy


Last Friday night on October 8 I went to Target at Brooklyn College; I was so surprise to see the new Barbie Fashionistas Swappin Styles dolls there! Why was I so surprise you may ask? Well because the Target where I live always takes a long time to get new dolls and other toys, so I was really happy to find this Artsy doll there and she was the last one!

100_5151The button is on the backs of the doll for their heads to pop off seen here on  Lil Miss Vixen Flickr page!


Artsy is a very pretty doll but, the best looking face mold of this doll is Fashion Fever Desiree. To me Desiree had the right hair and makeup and looked very naturally unlike any other doll who carry this face mold! So I did what everyone else did when getting a new Fashionistas body; I SWAPPED IT! 

desiree_ffpurple_H0923_pic01 Photo is by Doll Wiki

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Barbie Movie Saga!

One Sunday afternoon on October 3, I happen to catch a new Bratz movie that came out this year called Bratz: Pampered Petz on Nickelodeon. The movie was about Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin helping out a famous singer find a home for all her pets so she won't lose her house!

The Bratz movies are always very enjoyable to watch; as a matter of fact all of the Bratz movies happen to be really good in the storyline,the voice overs are great and the plot is fresh every time! Even the Saturday morning T.V. show was also fun to watch!

Now the title of the post is call "The Barbie Movies Saga!" What do the Bratz movies have to do with Barbie movies you may ask? Well come follow me.............

Barbie animated movies have been coming out on DVD since 2001; however most of the movies seem to be about Barbie begin a Princess, Mermaid and/or some kind of Fairy. The only time Barbie play herself is in The Barbie Dairies. Now with the new movie Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale in stores, its time for Barbie to take a step back in the Fairy department and do something different and worth seeing!

So what/who should they focus on next besides Fairy's and Mermaid; how about doing something with So In Style!

Take Stacey McIrby ideals (with her help of course) and make a movie about How Barbie and Grace became friends and her move to Chicago. Do a movie about Barbie and her sisters solving clues together; I don't care what you do but stop making movies with recycle tall tales!

Hopefully somebody is reading this and is writing a different story!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Bratz 10th anniversary

Its the Bratz 10Th Anniversary with 10 new dolls and a new web series! To be honest with you; it looks awful!

Katiana Jimenez is now Spencer and a Fashionistas

2 months ago I went to dig into my doll bin to see what I was going to keep and give away; Katiana Jimenez was one of those dolls I wanted to keep! I had a hard time remembering where and who I bought this doll from; but it all came back to me because I bought so many Fashion Fever dolls from this same person! Sandra from The Doll Cafe who always had past Fashion Fever dolls I missed out on. Katiana is a very exotic doll with a whole lot of attitude! Now that Katiana Jimenez new name is Spencer, watch out you will be seeing more of her!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

High School Musical: Sharpay Evans

I am one of those people who can not stand to see or hear High School Musical! But, I love some of their dolls! For those of you who don't know what High School Musical is(if you have children or nieces you will know), its nothing but a bunch of students running around the school breaking into song and dance. I only watch the first movie with my niece but I skip 2 and 3 because I can not sit there and be brainwash by all the sweet junk on my screen. However, one of my favorite dolls from High School (Junk) Musical is Sharpay Evans!

Sharpay Evans is the over top Diva who always wants her name in light! Sharpay will always thank the little people when accepting a big award, why? Because thats who Sharpay is!

In the summer of 2008 I took so many photos that have not been seen. Until this day, I am finally posting photo. Now the photos will look kind of bad because I was still learning how to use my camera and using light but, over the years I did so much better!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Justin Bieber Gets A Doll: OH LORD JESUS!

Justin Bieber may only be 16 years old and has only really been a player in the pop music universe for a year, but he has managed to accumulate an impressive resumé in that brief amount of time. He has two platinum albums, four singles in the top 20, a massive amount of tickets sold on his headlining (and never-ending) arena tour and a whole universe of merchandise bearing his visage. His latest expansion of the Bieber brand? Dolls!

In pop music, you're nobody until you're rendered in plastic, and now Justin Bieber can join that pantheon. Following in the footsteps of New Kids on the Block and *NSYNC before him, Bieber is getting his own set of toys, complete with guitar, hooded sweatshirt, microphone and signature hair. The toys will be available just in time for the holiday season (they're scheduled to hit stores around December 4), which make them the perfect gift for the "Somebody to Love" fan in your life.

With Bieber added to the ever-growing list of celebrities with doll forms, you could easily stage your own version of the MTV Video Music Awards in your own home. Bieber can be present, as could Eminem (who has a vintage figure of his own), Beyoncé (dressed in a shimmery pink gown), Katy Perry (in paper doll form) and "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (currently at a store near you in bobblehead form). That sounds like an excellent party, doesn't it?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Barbie: America's most over-achieving doll

She has run for president as many times as Ralph Nader, and in 2000 she may even have won the office, but then some say so did Al Gore.

Unfortunately for Barbie, there was not a Supreme Court Justice Ken.

Presidential candidate (1992, 2000, 2004 and 2008), business executive, doctor and ballerina are among the many of Barbie's careers.

Computer Engineer Barbie, who is based in part on the advice of Erin Fitzgerald, a Carnegie Mellon University trained electrical and computer engineer, is just the newest incarnation of a doll that started in 1959 as a way for little girls to pretend they were adults.

"As I was going along, I remember the frivolous side of Barbie, but then I saw the work outfits and thought they were pretty cool," said Rebecca E. Harris, director of the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship at Chatham University

Barbie doesn't just sit around Malibu, you know. She has goals, dreams (other than the house) and even a dark side (Cat Burglar Barbie -- limited edition, 2010).

Ms. Harris was born the same year that Barbie hit the scene as a teen fashion model and she grew up playing with Barbie and Ken. She had the clothes, the accessories and the body image problems from comparing herself to an anatomically impossible little idol. A better role model, Ms. Harris said, was Gloria Steinem, who will be speaking Downtown Friday.

But, back to Barbie, Ms. Harris said she loved the stewardess outfits: "I always thought that was a great career for women and then I thought, 'Why can't I be flying the plane?' and then she did." Airline Pilot Barbie debuted in 1999.

Barbie's career as a politician was built on her public service as a UNICEF summit diplomat (1990); her military career (she was a Naval Petty Officer in 1991 and Marine Corps Sergeant in 1992, an Air Force jet pilot in 1990 who moved over to lead a squadron of the elite Thunderbirds in 1994 and, while running for president, she was a paratrooper in 2000 -- Mission Accomplished); and her business background as fashion designer in 1960 and business executive in 1963, 1985 and 1999.

Clearly, however, her defeat in the presidential election in 2004 hurt.

She moved to Canada where she was a Canadian Mountie in 2005 (sold only in Canada).

That was the same year that, as a former Miss America (oddly in both 1974 and 1979), she took the nation by storm as a winner on "American Idol."

Her flying career has soared. She started her career as a stewardess for American Airlines in 1961, took a year off to be an astronaut (1965) and went back to the beverage cart for Pan Am in 1966.

She took a job as the more gender neutral flight attendant (the title, not the doll) in 1973 for United Airlines.

In 1985 she returned to outer space and, for Apollo's 25th Anniversary, she donned her space suit again in 1994.

She is an athlete who has been to the Olympics three times, in 1973 in no specific sport, but she won; as a gymnast 1996 for the games in summer games in Atlanta; and again in 1998 as a figure skater in Nagano, Japan.

The Nagano games were the same year she went into professional basketball, playing in the WNBA. The next year she added playing in the Women's World Cup Soccer tournament and became a NASCAR driver and Major League Baseball player.

Despite her many accomplishments, Barbie is not too proud to help young people.

She started as a student teacher in 1965 after working as a candy striper in 1964 (although that was a volunteer job). And her teaching career has included art, aerobics, ballet, swimming and sign language.

She was a police officer in 1993, a firefighter in 1995 and a "Baywatch" Lifeguard -- Pamela Anderson had nothing plastic on her -- in 1994.

She was a registered nurse in 1961, a surgeon in 1973 and has worked in medicine general practice, pediatrics and OB/GYN.

She has also been a dentist and, to round off her medical experience, she was a veterinarian in 2008 and 2009.

Through the years she kept the country entertained as a singer, an actress, a concert pianist, a ballerina and enchanted as a princess.

"Has she inspired young women to think outside the box?" Ms. Harris asked. "I sure hope so."

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