Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Life, My Dolls!

Please go get some coffee or tea while reading this post because I have a few things to share!

My Social Security Card: On June 20th I needed to go change my name on my social security card, the process was a breeze and there was no problems getting my name change. I was only there for an hour and a happy camper! The worst part is/was the waiting! They tell you it takes four weeks for your card to come, but four weeks turn into seven weeks! I called last Thursday and the young lady on the phone said I should have my card soon!

Now that seven weeks of hell is over I could move on!

I'm still looking for a new job, reading and working on my writing long hand (so if you see me messing up on a few words let me know). I got all my denial work done, but the bill won't disappear until I pay it! I'm in a little financial mess, but with GOD's help, I know everything will be okay!
My Dolls! 

I got my new dolls this week and words can not describe the beauty of each lady. So I will give my quick review 

 Ayumi Opium is truly amazing! She is still in her box and
for a while she is just going to stay there

Darla Daley Ms. Bus Stop is too cute from head to toe! I was going to take
her outside today to take photos of her because home-girl needs that sunlight
to shine on her but when I got to the city, I just remember
I left her on the bed! No biggie, I'm pretty sure next week
we will have a chance to have fun in the sun before the
summer is officially over (which I can't wait because this
heat is getting on my nerves)!

I will be back this week for another update!

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