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Takeo & Addie:A True Love Story Episode 5

Episode 5 is finally here and it is waiting to be watched! Do your thing and  watch the video and I will be back next weekend with Episode 6.

Another friend of Addie's coming in Episode 5

Rabi Thomas is a Art teacher in Brooklyn, New York. Rabi grew up in Queens with her Single mom and 2 sisters Reese Thomas a model and Raina Thomas a stewardess.

Rabi met Addie and Chandra while in High School and have kept a special bond since then.

Rabi went to Brooklyn College and graduated with 4.0 average in Education.

Rabi was married 5 years to Marine named Charles Cox but, sadly Charles died while in the war.

Rabi spends her time helping out adults in the local Adult Literacy Programs in Park Slope.

I'm Coming Back Soon...............

 About me
My 4 dolls that I ordered came last Wednesday; the week before that I had a another sinus attack which left me totally drained. I just need another week to get my life in order; the whole summer I been having problems with my running nose and I feel that I have to be firm with my doctor because there is something really wrong. 
Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story

The last two videos for the summer season will be posted next weekend hopefully, I just need to finish editing the photos and put everything together. 
The Fab 4
So here is what I have  Quiet Storm Annik: I'm falling in love and I didn't want to! Scene Stealer Isha: The Queen is back..... Check Mates Heat Wave Aria:My mouth drop when I opened that box! Plastic Inevitable Downtown Darling Jett: I love the blonde hair, I'm sorry I judge her because she is truly beautiful   Hopefully things will get back in order and I am able to blog away my life to you guys so until next time, stay blessed!

The Dolls are coming, The Dolls are coming!

Sorry Rain, you are not my only obsession....  Photos this weekend if this stupid sinus don't act up!

New Doll Room in A Box!

First off let me say, I need a week to finish my videos because episode 5 will be a little longer. I took a lot of pictures for the summer serious so I can move further a long with the stories coming in October or November.

I did another doll room which is part of Addie's sister apartment Chandra, again you will see more photos in the next coming months.The doll rooms in a box are easy to use because I live in apartment myself and I can easily put stuff away in my closet.

Ninja Assassin: Good Lord why is singer/actor Rain not a doll?

This is just a rant but trust me, you would really love this post!
Back in 2009 when Twilight: New Moon was in theaters everyone was so hooked on Taylor Lautner ads (I was in that group, I'm human things happen) we totally forgot about another sexy heart throb that went over our heads.
One day I heard my mom screaming "I can't watch this movie" I quickly ran in the living to see what on earth was she talking about. I sat down next to her to view what was going on; there was so much blood, body parts and guts all over the place. 
Now I love blood and guts  so I took the remote from my mom to see what was the name of the movie: Behold it was Ninja Assassin a movie I wanted to see back in 09 but, because of Twilight: New Moon and other situations I will not go into it just slipped my mind!

How To Make A DollHouse!

If you want to know how to make your own doll house, you can watch this video!

Does anybody like the new blogger?

Is anybody else feeling the new look on Blogger? I'm writing in the new post set up and it feels kind of weird. Let me know your thoughts!