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Takeo & Addie:A True Love Stroy:Episode 12:Spring Premiere

OMG It's finally here
Yes the New Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is up and  ready to be watched!
There is so much this Spring/Summer Season it's going to be EPIC! CHECK FOR SPOILERS AT THE END OF THE SHOW!

 I'll update this soon!

Spring in for a New Season of Takeo & Addie

I finish editing Episode 12 of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story so all I have to do is wait for the night to come and upload the show! This season I will be all over the place!  I'm still going to give your a dairy into what happen last year and why the couple waited so long to get married! So many things have happen and more things will come very soon! Future episodes will deal with the pass and present, so hold on to your seats because it's going to a wonderful ride! 

I had a really hard time!

So Today I stopped by Target to pick up a few things and as always, I had to see what was in the toy aisle! Unlike everyone else I did not jump into the Star Dolls saga, it took me so long to have any feeling for these chicks! 
I could not decide on which doll I wanted so  I'll be back later this week to show you!
P.S. Do you remember Addie's friend Sam from Episode 3, yes I'm changing the character of Sam I sold the first doll and the new Ayumi will be here this summer! Don't worry I know you love Aria Vanessa so she stays!

So Who is Dai and Annik Love Child ? Part 2

So if you read my blog post on May 18, I gave you all the clues to who could be Dai and Annik's daughter! Some people wanted more clues and I for the life of have run out of ideas! 
So let have some more fun: The New Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is coming this weekend!
You must look about the blog for these clues: I'm basically telling you who the person is anyway!
Here are the hints!
1. She was in my 30 Black Dolls I love theme from last year!
2. She took a picture with this doll!

3. In January of 2009 I made a post about her and my first Adele
doll  that I bought together! I just made the Dean's List back in
college and I need a reason to buy me a little something!

4. That same doll face off with Adele on April 25, 2011!

As I said before I basically told you who the doll is and we just have to wait and see how everything will fall into place!

So Who is Dai and Annik Love Child ? UPDATE

The new Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is almost here; I'm working very hard on Episode 12 because Sooki is best friends with Dai and Annik love child but they don't know that there related! I'm working on the dialog between Sooki and her cousin  because it going to be funny and very serious at the same time! The future shows will be very intense, people will find out secrets that they should not know nothing about! This will all lead up to what Takeo really does for a living and why Annik had to leave Dai all those years ago; which also lead to giving up her first child!

Happy Mother's Day

To all you mom's out there hope your day is going great! Now looks back on a very special episode of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story Episode 8 Where Takeo tells his mom Kyori that he's getting married! 

A few More Goodies

Still cleaning out my closet slowly so here are some more goodies for you  guys, I will be back in a few days hopefully with something new to share because I'm on writers block right now! 
Old Stuff, New Ladies  and Dudes

Another let go!

I'm slowing making my way back into blogging, last week I had to change my name on some very important documents that could not wait! I really plan on getting my passport this year and I need everything in my life to go well! I'll deal with the headache and the waiting now! 

Going Under The Knife

Hey Guys and Gals

Hope everyone is having a great week and a great month of May, I am trying enjoying the many blessing that has happen to me lately and I'm kind of upset with myself because it took me 6 months to get up out of my house to do something and when I finally did it; it only took 8 minutes to get  it done! Oh well at the end of the day I got off my ass and did what I had to do! 
Back to the topic- If you come here and see some changes, I will be playing with my blog to see what need look I can work with! Spring is here and the Summer is coming and I can't wait to fall back in to my storylines and getting my life in order! Things will be looking up!
See you all soon!