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Old photos I did not like!

In early 2009 I wanted to take some New Year's Day photos of my dolls! I never really took photos of my dolls altogether in the house, so I wanted to give throw them a party. While I was taking their (my girls) pictures I didn't like the way they was coming out so I had to stop! I really wasn't happy with the final cuts but, I hope some of you do!
Natoya Walker
Denae Parker

Nadja Way

This is where it stops! I don't have a lot of doll furniture, I felt like the pictures could have been more real of I had a few pieces here and there!

Article about Monster High Dolls:Watch out, Barbie: Mattel's edgy Monster High is in session

By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times

August 13, 2010

Barbie wouldn't last a day at Monster High.

The latest fashion dolls from Mattel Inc. are a dramatic departure from the toy maker's most recognizable blond: As the offspring of famous monsters, the new Monster High girls are fearless, occasionally furry and a bit freaky.

There's Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, who is vegan and faints at the sight of blood. Her best friend Clawdeen Wolf, whose father is Werewolf, spends much of her time plucking and shaving her excessive, fast-growing hair. And classmate Frankie Stein, who sports stitches just like dad Frankenstein, loves to shop for "scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for."

"They're fun characters to build a world around," said Tim Kilpin, general manager for Mattel Brands. "Who doesn't feel like a freak in high school? It started with that universal truth."

Six of the dolls — five girls and one boy — began hitting the shelves at…

Who is the New Taj?: Update!

You have voted and now the votes are in and a winner is on her way! During the last finally hours votes where coming in left and right for Who should be the next Taj! So now I will stop talking  and show you the winner! ************************************************************************P,S, I know I spelled Trichelle name wrong, so I will change it soon!Does she look Beautiful, don’t worry about Adele and Maddie, they will soon get new bodies

What did I buy!

Remember my post about which dolls I could not decide on what to get while I was in Target,

Well here is what I got! As of right now these bodies belong to someone else! Fomer Model Muse girls wanted and needed a change in their lives and that's what they got! You won't believe who is a Fashionistas now!

My Children are here!

My three girls I ordered back in June came last Tuesday and I'm so happy to have them here! Vinyl Vintage Reese who I renamed Raina is too cute! Mais Oui Giselle is really gorgeous; the only part I dislike is her hair but that can be changed! and Finally Boogie Beach Aria who I now call Alva! When the girls arrived I heard them fighting in the box! Alva was saying how she had to wait almost 3 months for them to come and Raina and Giselle kept saying it wasn't their fault! Integrity always take to so long to shipped out there dolls! Of course when I opened the box, all that fighting stop and Alva begged me to open her up first! Which I did and then Giselle and Raina. Soon the girl put aside their difference and took a photo together! Next week I will give them their own photo shoot!

Who will be the next Taj will be Announce on Thursday!

Comeback on Thursday and find out who will be the next Taj! I working on the Photoshoot and a back story! Trust me it will be worth the wait!

A old Article about Flava Dolls: Mattel's Flava Dolls leave a bad taste

Published January 15, 2004

Let me start by acknowledging that I can't imagine what it must have been like for nonwhite kids to grow up never seeing or playing with dolls who looked like they did.

I'm talking about kids my age, who were little in the 1970s (or earlier) who had to search for a doll - or have a relative make a doll - who was black or Asian or Latina.

The fact that toy stores were overrun with little white Barbie dolls, as if all children were Caucasian, is ridiculous. (It occurred to me much, much later, that it was also odd that Crayola called that peach-colored crayon "flesh" as if all children had pinkish skin. And don't even get me started on "nude" pantyhose. Nude? For whom?)

Anyway, having said that, I suppose I should be glad that toy stores now feature shelves and shelves of "ethnic" (read: nonwhite) dolls.

Yet I'm still not thrilled with some of our toymakers' "progress."

Case in point: Matte…

MakeOver:When a Hot perm is not enough!

On Sunday Night (while I was watching The Gates) I decide to give two dolls a makeover. Last year when I rebodied two of my Dolls of the World Barbie Sumatra Indonesia and Kwanzaa, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did! After learning so much from the doll café forum; I always wanted to put a different head mold on one of my model muse body. That was a year ago so it’s only fair that I do it again this year but, before I go do a photo shoot one girl needs a serious makeover!

The doll that got the makeover was one of my “MY SENCE” dolls which my Doll buddy Angie gave to me last year! I don’t know which doll she is or her name so I will call her Stacey. Stacey is a very pretty girl but, I wanted her to be a little more mature, fun and sexy at the same time.

Rule Number #1: Hot perms do not always work!
At first I gave Stacy a Hot perm: The hair was not getting straight and I was just about fed up with the mess called hair so I took a break!
I put more water on the stove to b…

Decision, Decision

In the voice of Jane from Twilight, Decision, Decision! That's all it came down to in Target last night! As always I was very bored last night and needed to get out the house, so I went to Target to see if they had anything new! I was so happy to see that all of Monster High dolls where there, Liv dolls are back in business as well as the new Holiday Barbie! They also had the new Fashionistas 2packs. I had to make are really tough decision, should I buy the Fashionistas pack with 2 dolls and rebody some of my girls or complete my collection of Monster High dolls with Lagoona Blue. Oh lord what to do; so you will find out later this week what happen!

Who will it be?

Well friends, it has been 2 weeks and at midnight tonight the voting poll will close. Who will it be Adele, Trichelle or Madison, we just have to wait and see! I will announce the winner Next Friday night in a big way so stay tune because the new Taj will be here soon!

Barbie Fashionistas OLD Knees are better than the NEW knees and here is why! Part 2

In Part 1 I explained my feelings on the Fashionistas line; in this 2nd part I will go into why I feel the old knees are a little bit better than the new knees and show you different styles in posing her dolls in pictures. Have you ever notice with the old knees the legs are thicker than the new knees legs! The body on the old knees looks healthy and show Barbie with a really nice shape. Although the old knees look funny when you want your doll to stand up, she stands up in place. With the new knees when you try to make your doll stand up, she easily falls downs.I will say that the new knees are better in posing than the old knees. With the new knees you can pose your doll anyway you want to and get a great shot! The old Knees are not that great in posing but, you can still find ways to make them look better!I’m not saying you should buy the old knees instead of the new knees, just be glad we have a choice to buy either one. I like to keep things balance so I will buy both to be fair…

You Can Still VOTE for the next Taj through August 8!

Yes you can vote until August 8 for the next Taj! The votes are doing really well and many people already have a favorite girl! So keep voting and be here next week to see who is the next Taj...................

Barbie Fashionistas OLD Knees are better than the NEW knees and here is why! Part 1

2 weeks ago I was in Target the one located in the Downtown Brooklyn area; I wanted to buy another Fashionista for one of my Fashion Fever dolls. While I was looking at which doll I wanted to pick I notice something very interested, the 2nd wave of Fashionistas are being made with the old knees and new knees. But, before I go into why I like the old knees better here is what I think about the whole Fashionistas line!

When the dolls first came out in late 2009, I was very upset (not too upset) that out of all six girls you only had one Black, not even an Asian or Latina in the mix! To make matters worse 4 girls had Blonde hair and one Brunette. No Red heads, no full black hair, it was very plain! The Fashionistas are only worth buying because of their bodies and believe me, I have a diverse group of dolls at home that need new bodies.

Now that the 2nd wave of Fashionistas is in stores nothing changes, Artsy is still in the mix with her old pink outfit from the 1st wave and Ken now has …