My Final Review: And Then There Were 3!

I never thought I would buy a FR2 doll but as always things happen!
There are only 3 dolls in this FR2 collection and here they are from left to right: Strict Elegance Luchia, Nouveau Régime Tatyana (I don't care for Tatyana so I will not talk about her) and Opium Ayumi

Strict Elegance Luchia
This is not the Luchia I wanted back so badly the makeover is a little too much to handle but the clothes, I totally could handle! There isn't much to say about Ms. Luchia so instead of being such a pain I will just move on to the next! 

Early this year when the new Ayumi came out as always I was not to happy about the face change however, Opium is doing a number on me! Opium Ayumi is beautiful more than words can say and  I just have to have her!

This is always  my personal opinion and I hope to see you next year and this time I'm signing up for The Wclub!


  1. Hello Brooklyn Star Forever,

    I have a question. I am currently looking for a Russell Williams 2004 fashion doll by Tonner. I have searched Ebay and have contacted the Tonner company site as well. No luck so far. Do you or anyone else here would know of a site that would sell this doll? Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Contact Terri she knows about Tonner dolls I don't!

      Is this the doll you are talking about

      Please let me know!

  2. Hello from Spain: FR dolls are very elegant. They wear a very nice clothes. I have no dolls of that collection. Keep in touch.

    1. Marta I always loved their clothes but when they get home I take them off so yeah their clothes are very elegant!

  3. Very gorgious, i specially love the first one.
    I wish you a Happy Easter.

  4. The dress on Opium Ayumi is fire!


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