So Who is Dai and Annik Love Child ? UPDATE

The new Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is almost here; I'm working very hard on Episode 12 because Sooki is best friends with Dai and Annik love child but they don't know that there related! I'm working on the dialog between Sooki and her cousin  because it going to be funny and very serious at the same time! The future shows will be very intense, people will find out secrets that they should not know nothing about! This will all lead up to what Takeo really does for a living and why Annik had to leave Dai all those years ago; which also lead to giving up her first child!

So Let's do this AGAIN.......... Who in this photo do you think is
 Dai and Annik's daughter!
Let's leave out Claire(Colette) and Annik 
You can also leave out Isha too!
She is too old and she best friend with Annik! 
I can't even give you any hints you just have to wait
for the show next week!

This is an Update
 I will go down the list of Character in this photo
on who could or not be the past couple love child!

 Maizah Way
Could she: Maizah could be that one of a kind 
Blasian baby, with that dark sweet skin and long red straight hair 
she could pass off as being the little that Annik had to give away!
Could she not: Maizah has a twin sister name Nadja and we
know not that Annik didn't have twins!

 Isha Kalpana Narayanan
Could she not: She an older woman and his friend with Annik!

Erin S
Could she: Erin comes from a very rich family
so Annik could have made sure that she 
grew up in good hands!
Could she not: Erin is a pit of a wild card and
the person that Annik gave her child too will not
play that ish!

 Nadja Way
Could she not: Remember twin sister to Maizah 

 Jolee Scott
Could she: Jolee could have dyed her hair
and change her looks for all we know!
Could she not: We still don't know her story
(I need to work on one)

Could she: The Latin beauty could be 
a Blasian beauty we don't know much about
her either!
Could she not: Only time will tell who Aria is!

Tamia Tj James
Could she: that lovely black hair, those dark sweet eyes
Tj could be anybody love child! She grew up in a 
single parent house-hold with 3 sisters! 
 Could she not: from what I know Tj parents died when
was a month old, she knows little information 
about them!

I hope this give you some clues or whatever!
  you can play your guessing games in the comment box!


  1. lol, where do I find a list of who is who? As a newer reader, I'd love to guess... but have no idea who everyone's name is 0_0

  2. Hello from Spain: it is very difficult to guess on who is in the photo Dai and Annik's daughter. You must provide more clues ... keep in touch

  3. I'm gonna guess that the love child is TJ. She was raised in a single parent household and HER parents died when she was a month old. Sounds like she was adopted to me. ...Or it could be Aria, just because. lol

  4. For me is Jolee Scott. It's suspicious that she has been able to change her appearance: did she want to hide something?


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