Pretty in Pink

Idol's Love Christmas too!!

My First Fashion Fever Doll

My First Model Muse.....................

Hello Everyone

My 3rd Fashion Royalty Doll Nadja is the Doll of the Moment!!!

Ms. Cindy Dawson

Billie is always Billie!!

Nina Parker is a Cover Girl

Nadja R. Way...

My First Scene

My 3rd Fashion Royalty Doll: Nadja

Falling in love with Colette My 2nd Fashion Royalty Doll

Jenni is a Cover Girl

Robin and Raven Finish things off...

Model Moment Bonous for 08/22/08: Message

Colette is Delicious

3 become one!!

Sliver and Reese

Sweet and Sexy at the same time

Sweet Courtney