My First FR2 Doll: Opium Ayumi

I was reading MissJay's Doll Blog and love her photos of FR2 Opium Ayumi. As you know, I ordered the doll in Apriil along with Ms. Bus Stop herself Darla Daley. Both dolls arrived in August. You already saw the two photos I took with my phone. I didn't start playing with them until now. During my playtime, I have come to the conclusion that next to Miracle Child, Opium is the 2nd best made Ayumi.
On Sunday, October 7, I broke out my first FR2 doll and went wild with my camera. Opium is very, very beautiful. I think she would only be my FR2 for the moment (went broke buying this girl).
There are so many pictures of Opium Ayumi now, I wonder do my photos make a difference?



  1. She's darn gorgeous! I'm adding FR dolls to my collection, I hope to have this Ayumi too

  2. Of course your pictures matter. It's all about your perceptions of your doll. Everyone's pictures are different and fun to look at. Same doll different look ;O)

  3. Ayumi is gorgeous! I see why you chose her.

  4. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... Ayumi is very elegant and sophisticated. You have a gorgeous collection of dolls. The photos are beautiful. Keep in touch

  5. Yes your photos make a difference! Who can get enough of a beautiful doll? Congrats on your purchase. I’ve been hesitant to venture into the FR2 arena, both because of the cost and the size of the feet. Are you still thrilled you got her, does she fit in well with your regular collection?

    1. Roville: She blends in well with the other dolls. The only reason why I bought this Ayumi because in some weired way, she reminds me of Miracle Child. Yes, the cost was killer on my wallet and I'm paying for it now (even though I'm broke as hell) I'm still happy I bought her. As for the big feet situation, she still has on her same shoes so there is no problem coming for me any time soon!

  6. She is very elegant and chique. I love your pictures....ofcourse your pictures matter, every picture is a party for the eyes.

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