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Gustav Klimt Barbie will make her debut in my Doll Room!

I will post photos on Friday of my new doll room and my new doll from The Museum Colletion Gustav Klimt; the photo above is just a little taste of what's to come!

I'm making a Wedding Dress

If you read and watch my video A Christmas Story Love Story; then you know that Takeo and Addy are set to run down the aisle. There is no time like the present and they want to get married NOW! So sometime this summer, they are set to become Husband and Wife! However before they plan to spend their lives together, they do have to met the family first! You do want to meet the family right; Well after the 4 of July I will make a post or a video about who's who on Takeo's side and Addy's side. Trust me, you won't believe who I made Takeo's mom and there will be DRAMA!
Now back to the dress; it has been over 10 years since I picked up the needle and thread. I learned how to sew in my last year of high school and fell in love. Instead of picking out a dress I already have or going to the store buying a doll and snatch the dress off of her, why not make my own dress. 
So far everything looks good, I am sewing with my hands no machine needed! I already put the dress togeth…

Weiner doll crashes website

A Rep. Weiner doll released recently is so popular it's causing loading problems on the website

 The Oxford, Conn., company, which in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden released a Rambama doll (a mix between Rambo and President Obama), has also created G.I. Joe type dolls in the likenesses of  Sarah Palin, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Unlike the previous creations, the Weiner doll comes in two styles. For $39.95 customers can purchase the standard Anthony Weiner action figure, but for $10 more, collectors can nab an adults-only Weiner doll that claims to be an anatomically correct version of the disgraced congressman.
And for those who wish to get an accessory for the action figure, for the low price of $18, one can purchase a toy BlackBerry to complete the tribute to the New Yorker who has been told to resign by top leaders on both sides of the aisle.

Because of the high curiosity factor of the gag gift that brags being "100% made in the US…

The Newbie's Present: A Christmas Love Story....

So It's early Sunday morning and I am here to tell you that.....I UPLOAD MY FIRST PHOTO STORY VIDEO, OH YEAHHHHH! It took me 2 days to do this and I still messed up on a lot of things but I did not want to keep you waiting. This is the beginning of the beginning and who knows maybe more will come! I hope you will enjoy this!

Cleaning my messy room!

My room is not that dirty but, it does need a little love. I need more wall space for myself and my chilren. While cleaning I relize I have to sell some of my dolls, which is a very hard thing to do. Some dolls I don't play with too much and I think it's better if I found them a new home; I have new dolls coming in so I need to give some things up. Other dolls that I fought hard to get will come out and play this summer! We will see how life works out for all of us!

Video story coming next week!

So this is what happen…..
I was going to do a summer series about models living in Brooklyn and then I thought to myself “I am too old to be focusing on models!" That would have been fun and all but, I have better things to write about. 
Instead I wanted to focus on something that is real and everyone can relate to regarding interracial relationships, even though some parents freak when they found out that their child is gay (which I would focus on in the future) parents still want to drop dead when they see their son or daughter dating outside their race.
The dolls I’m using in this story are Fashion Royalty Takeo and Alvin Ailey Barbie and the reason why I put these two together is very simple: they belong together!
Last year when I bought Alvin Barbie (who I named Addy) for my birthday, she looked like the kind of girl who is open minded about anything, she can be very sweet and a loving person to all who come in contact with her. I did not open her up for 2 months until Takeo cam…

ReBlog: 3 New Momoko's

This post is from Shuga Shug Blog regarding 3 new Momoko's coming out
Petworks is offering up 3 new Momoko’s today and can be preordered through Doll-Collectible here:“Color Love Girls” theme, plus the vivid color monotone,  Momoko is a retro.  Cute face to spew venom, “Black Strawberries”, getting up early Han weak justice “Yorukujaku”  Posey “button caramel.”※ “Black Strawberries” is a PetWORKs Store limited edition.CCS-momoko 11SS Home “Strawberry Black”; “Yorukujaku” and “Button Caramel”
Price: 19,000 yen each ($235 USD)

 $235 dollars, I don't think so!

The Newbie's: Spider Man Vs. Spider Man

Doing my own doll room!

I've been taking pictures of my dolls since the day I bought my first Digital camera, that was in 2007! All I did was took pictures and did not care if the dolls had furniture or not, however after almost 3 in a half years I wanted to make my photos look more real. I wanted to show my dolls doing every day things, may you remember these photos below Now I am really ready for the next step which is doing my own doll room. Thank God for Youtube because I would have kept buying useless Barbie furniture.

Dynamite Girls "Run The World" in new Nokia N8 Pink ad

You probably already saw the Dynamite girls in this Nokia ad, but I'm going to post it here anyway because it's really cool!