Another let go!

I'm slowing making my way back into blogging, last week I had to change my name on some very important documents that could not wait! I really plan on getting my passport this year and I need everything in my life to go well! I'll deal with the headache and the waiting now! 

As  you all know I've been selling some stuff and while that's going really well, I do miss many of my ladies that bought me so much joy! 

I just wanted to share a final shot of Ayumi, while there was no doll show last month (really pissed about that but I saved some money) I did get together with some buddies and have an outing with the kids! 

I will forever love this doll but for years I always had this love and hate feeling for Ayumi! This is mainly because I wanted the first Ayumi and had to settle for this one! However we did have great times together and she has bought joy to my life! 

Now with Opium coming soon I'm glad London By Night found a new home and made me some money!


  1. Hello from Spain: I congratulate you because you have finished tuning all of your papers. It is very important to get everything right. So get rid of problems in the future. Very nice new design blog. keep in touch.

  2. Ayumi looks like you got a lot of fun out of her.


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