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Just to keep you updated!!!

Hello everyone!!!

While I’m trying to get my personal life in order and waiting for my ever so charming Fashion Royalty doll; Here are a few photos of Marie getting her body in shape for the summer.. God Bless and have a great week and for the kids who just got out of school, HAVE A GRAND SUMMER!!!

My First Fashion Royalty: Colette

I have been looking very hard for my first fashion Royalty doll; after the endless web searching I have found my girl. She is Colette and after talking to a person on the phone the another night, she is a must have. I can't wait to get this doll and start taking photos right away. Here are a few pictures I found on yahoo image search by members on the site.

Enjoy your week and God bless to all of you!!


Don't Worry, I'm still here

Hello everyone, I will be back next week to tell you what I have in store for summer. I have a new doll, a new site and more themes coming soon. So please hang in there with me and I will talk to you soon. God bless to everyone.

Victoria, Billie and Nina!!

Here is a mixture of Spring is Joy and Beauty Shot. HAVE A FUN WEEKEND!



Model Moment of June - 13 - 2008

JoLe Scott
Birth: May 10
Born: Long Island, New York
Raise: Manhattan, New York
Childhood Dream: Top Model and Home Designer
Favorite things to do: Going to the beach, shopping and hitting the club.
Favorite Movie: Imitation of life
Favorite Music: Rock, Pop, R&B

Favorite thing to wear: I love underwear

Photos of Jole Scott

Facing Beauty..

Here is Carly Jones and Michelle Walker in two Beauty Shots. These ladies never stop looking good!!