High End Envy Erin S - W Club Exclusive

So if you been reading my blog, follower me on facebook or twitter than you know I love Erin! I will say this again; I EBONY (WHATEVER MY LAST NIGHT IS BUT I WILL NOT POST ON HERE) LOVE ERIN WITH ALL MY HEART! Back in 2008 when I went to my first doll show (which is not happening this year) Erin,Nadja,Ayumi and Adele where the first dolls I feel in love with!

There have been many faces changes with my favorite ladies such as Adele (who is sold out now) Ayumi (I sold my first one to pay for the other one) Nadja (as far as we know, she still in hiding) and now Erin seems to have a face change!

At first when I say the name Erin; I say to myself "OMG!" Then after seeing the photos I just wasn't so happy anymore! Although I do see a little bit of Erin here (only a little bit) I'm not happy with the out come! 

I love the blue eyes........................ The red lipstick is a bit over the top and while I love red hairs, for some reason this color is not working on her! For Erin pale skin the make-up is just too much for her! However when I give reviews this is always my personal opinion so if you like this Erin go pay her, you don't have to listen to me! 



  1. She looks older than the Erin I would recognize. She doesn't seem to have the same gamin air that Erin and Nadja originally had.

  2. This will probably sound weird, but her makeup makes her "look" like a doll, instead of a doll that looks like a person. Yeah, lol, it sounded weird in my head too.

    1. I don't exactly what you mean, she looks very cartoony instead of looking like a real human begin!

  3. Maybe they should have named this doll something else. She's not Erin. I was never a fan of Erin's and would never consider buying her. This doll I like. Still won't buy her, unless I get a really, really, good deal.

  4. I have to admit, I kind of love her... but I love the old Erin too... why can't there be a world with both of them, FR? WHY???? XD

  5. Hello from Spain: I agree with you that Erin is fantastic. I like her eyes and earrings. The black dress is very elegant. You're right that the makeup is too strong for her pale skin but still I like Erin. Keep in touch.


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