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Merry 2012

I went to the doctor early this morning and I took Raina (Dynamite Girl Reese) with me and after we took some photos in Brooklyn Heights!

 These are my last photos for 2011 so  I want to wish everyone a bless and very happy New York!  See you next year which is tomorrow! 

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: IMPORTANT UPDATE

First of all let me say this Vanessa  stop making me cry, I read your post it was so long but I read it anyway and I am truly touch from the bottom of my heart! Vanessa's post made me think a little bit and in January I will share  my future plans with all of you!  What I will share with you in January has me scared out of my mind but it's something I must do for me!
BACK TO THE TOPIC..........................
I know I said that I will have new episodes ofTakeo & Addie: A True Love Story up but, things have change so please watch the video! 
I need a little more time to finish the set and to get the wardrobe together  because with me I just need stuff to be right! 
I love you all and please have a safe and bless New York and I will come back and make a post on Sunday!

Not eveything is about Barbie

Good Morning Dollies and Doll Dudes!
Found a video on and had to post it, it's a house fulled  with Porcelain dolls and more so check it out! 

Spoilers: What went on behind the photo-shoot of Sliver & Blue? A Short Photo-Story

Spoilers ALERT!  
So many things happen behind the photo-shoot last week and I just had to share! This is very important because it involves Takeo's  Uncle Dai and his so to be wife Claire and Addie's Aunt Annik! No one else knows this but me and now you guys who read this blog, Dai and Annik have history.  
20 years ago Dai and Annik were once lovers and Annik was pregnant with Dai child; Annik left Dai because of his dangerous lifestyle and asked a very dear and close friend to raise that child for her because at the time Annik was a very young woman and did not have a dime to her name so how on earth can she feed a child! The very close friend had no problem helping Annik out because at the time she also left a man who's life also was not child friendly! 
What makes this even worst is that child is a grown woman now and she is in this photo-shoot, who do you think she is?! You just have to wait and found out later as the winter season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Stor…

Sliver & Blue: Tj-Dynamite Girl Heart Breaker & Merry Christmas

Sliver & Blue: Erin Young Rich and Beautiful

Picture this: It is the spring of 2008 and you're at your first doll show. You loved Barbie all your life but, when you see new dolls from other toy company's that you never heard of (until you have the internet) your mind starts to race though every thought you can think of! "What is this, who is this and why is this?"
The room is very hot but it's not the room, it's just you trying to clam yourself down because you don't have the money or the knowledge to buy a certain doll. You may have seen a few photos online and you will say to yourself "I will never buy those dolls, they look mean!"
Young Rich and Beautiful Erin was the first doll next to Nadja (Nadja 2) that has made my money run dry! In my mind Erin is the Ultimate Queen of the doll world; although Barbie may have everything because she had been shaved down our throats for so  many years Erin will always be one step a head of Barbie because she will fight you tooth and nail to get wha…

Sliver & Blue: Aria- Dynamite Girl CheckMate

Tomorrow will be  my final 2 Sliver & Blue theme posts, I'm trying to make it a little more interesting and re-memorable! I have to make the last 2 ladies photos pop or they will pop me!  
This one is for Ms. Georgia Girl, I know she loves pink so I have the perfect woman to wear a pink dress! 
There have been many Arias' in such a short time and like Jett, I just had to have Ms. CheckMate from the spring or fall Dynamite Girl collection of 2011. Now Aria may look different from earlier photos but, she is looking very sexy and chic!

Sliver & Blue: Colette Perk

So this will be 6 down and 3 more to go.........................
Again I want to thank you all for your sweet comments I love you all; my words don't seem to be enough! I love reading your blogs, looking at your photos and talking to each and every one of you! OKAY; why does this sound like a going away speech!? I'm not going away I just get so emotional and I don't like getting emotional, it's just not my thing! But I do appreciate all of you coming on here everyday to see what the hell I'm talking about! 
So again I thank you! So back to the TOPIC...................................
It wasn't easy having 2 Collette dolls so last year (2010) when Perk Collette came out, it was very hard not to fall in love with her! Anyone who has had the pleasure in buying and playing with her should know the feeling! 

Sliver & Blue:Annik-Quiet Storm

I have express my feelings many times on why I didn't like Annik Quiet Storm, I always felt like she was replacing Nadja! With that being said I am now eating crow because Annik is another dark beauty to have in your collection!

Sliver & Blue: Nadja Urban Outfitting

OKAY what can I say about this next doll............................... see words can not explain how much I love this doll and her twin sister! Nadja Urban Outfitting was  my 3rd Fashion Royalty doll and I'm so glad I had the money to buy her at the time. I went crazy taking pictures because she was just so damn beautiful and still is! Again as I stated in my other post onMondayI really hope Nadja comes back in 2012 because she is a must have doll character to add to your collection! 

Sliver & Blue: Jett-Dynamite Girl DownTown

Again I will be posting photos of my Sliver & Blue theme all week, one lady I could not wait to share with you is Dynamite Girl Down-Town Jett! When I bought Jett in June she was the last one left and I'm glad I have her! Down-Town Jett was and is the best Dynamite girl ever made! 

Sliver & Blue: Isha Scene Stealer

I always wanted an Isha doll because she is just so beautiful and having a India/Asian doll in my collection is a plus! I could go on and on about I much I love Isha but, let me just post these photos and move on with life!

Sliver & Blue: Nadja Hard Act To Follow

One of the most beautiful ladies in the world has not been seen or heard from since 2009, that's when I first bought her and I took many photos but never really posted them. I love Nadja and always will, she is the true definition of a true Fashion Doll. Please Integrity bring Nadja back in 2012, even if I don't buy her I want her to sell out like HOT CAKES!

Sliver & Blue: Group Shot!..................UPDATE

Hey Gals and Guys

I finally finish decorating and took photos this morning; 9 Integrity dolls from Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girls were chosen to be in this Christmas Theme photos shoot Sliver & Blue and I had to add some drama into the mix! The reason why there will be drama because this coming week I will taking photos for the Winter Season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story

From the Left.................

Nadja-Hard Act To Follow
Tj-Dynamite Girl Heart Breaker
Colete- Perk
Jett-Dynamite Girl DownTown
Erin-Young Rich and Beautiful
Aria- Dynamite Girl CheckMate
Isha-Scene Stealer
Nadja-Urban Outfitting
Annik-Quiet Storm

I wish my lights were a little brighter because you can not see Nadja in the back there but, her photos alone are worth it! I will be posting photos though out the week!

I'm done

After getting so angry this week I have finally made everything pop! With nothing to do Friday morning I stayed up all night finishing up everything in regards to my Christmas Decor. 
Things are finally done and I will be taking pictures tonight, I'm so glad that everything is turning out to be great!
So far this will be something different because I will photograph Integrity dolls only (NO BARBIES)! I chose 8 or 9 girls to be in this year's them Sliver & Blue. The ladies are ready to do their job and have fun! 
Sometime next week I will post my photos because it's been so long that I sat down and enjoy taking pictures of my dolls, this one will be a treat!  

It's all coming together now! YAYAY

On Tuesday Thank you for reading my rant about getting my Christmas decor in order; your words helped a lot and going outside for a walk was just so wonderful feeling the fresh air (New York funking air).  For those of you who missed it please read this postChristmas Madness

I'm glad I stepped away from the project because more ideas came running to me while I was outside and I went to a few stores to pick a few things!

After much re organizing and having some tea, I have come close to things looking a little better

That is Ms. Jett there looking faint because she helped with everything and for her help, she gets a whole pack of new clothes in the New Year! 

I will paint the Barbie chair because I don't want no damn pink in anything, hang up a some photos and decorations and we will be ready for the Holidays!

Almost Done With The Christmas Decor: That's If I Don't Change My Mind Again!

For some reason this Christmas I have lost all sense of peace on earth because no matter what I do; decorating has not been going too well and I was about to give up on everything! 
First off I bought a Sliver Christmas Tree from Target, I didn't buy the cheap 5 dollar one from Family Dollar because I really hated the one I bought last year because like I said before it looked cheap! 
Christmas of 2010: Let's talk about how I got the lights on the Tree, I really don't know what I was thinking and the decor could have been so much better such as the wall paper, the flooring and so on! The only thing that looks great in this photo is Model 10 because her beauty made you forget how bad everything else was in this photo!
Christmas of 2009: Now I love this set-up, I had everything going on here because it was not too much or too little, it was just right for my taste! Check the video for We Were Lovers On Christmas and you will see what I'm talking about! 

Christmas of 2008:

After Takeo & Addie: Lukas Maverick will get his own story line!

If you watch Spanish or Korean Dramas then you know almost all their shows don't stay on TV for years like they do here in America! Spanish or Korean Dramas could tell a good story in only 20 or 30 episodes leaving you fulfill at the end of each show! America dramas or soap operas I feel drag out the story line too long. This could also be why all the Soap Operas are being canceled; I know people are saying the reason why Soap Operas are being canceled because TV is changing that's true too but, the "Taking too damn long to tell the story" is seriously getting played out and making you lose interest! 
I'm sorry to tell you this: After Takeo & Addie big wedding I will have to stop the show from there! I know many of you love the couple but there are other dolls in my collection who also need to let their stories come out the closet. Don't worry; you will see Takeo and Addie in future stories because the person I want to focus on next will have history wit…

I'm still here:Christmas madness

I'm cleaning up my room so I can decorate and take photos for this Christmas season and when that is done, I can jump into taking photos for my doll stories! Don't forget I still have those spoilers coming so stay tune!

Merry December

No toys for me just cd's and books!

Sneak Peek Title for Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story

Here is the title to Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story coming next month I'm going to bring some real drama for Episode 7!
OH ISH........................

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I had a really bad day but I'm thankful for God letting me live for 30 years, even though my family gets on my nerve I am grateful for them! I love each and everyone person I come in contact with in the streets and online!

Please have a bless Thanksgiving!