Merry 2012

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: IMPORTANT UPDATE

Not eveything is about Barbie

Spoilers: What went on behind the photo-shoot of Sliver & Blue? A Short Photo-Story

Sliver & Blue: Tj-Dynamite Girl Heart Breaker & Merry Christmas

Sliver & Blue: Erin Young Rich and Beautiful

Sliver & Blue: Aria- Dynamite Girl CheckMate

Sliver & Blue: Colette Perk

Sliver & Blue:Annik-Quiet Storm

Sliver & Blue: Nadja Urban Outfitting

Sliver & Blue: Jett-Dynamite Girl DownTown

Sliver & Blue: Isha Scene Stealer

Sliver & Blue: Nadja Hard Act To Follow

Sliver & Blue: Group Shot!..................UPDATE

I'm done

It's all coming together now! YAYAY

Almost Done With The Christmas Decor: That's If I Don't Change My Mind Again!

After Takeo & Addie: Lukas Maverick will get his own story line!

I'm still here:Christmas madness

Merry December

Sneak Peek Title for Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story

Happy Thanksgiving