Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember American Next Top Model Dolls

In 2008 MGA entertainment launch American Next top Models dolls after Tyra Banks famous show (American Next Top Model). Just like their Bratz neighbors, ANTM had big heads, big feet and a great sense of style. The Fashion dolls were 4 girls from different backgrounds who wanted to be the next big thing in the fashion world. ANTN also were vinyl, jointing at the neck, shoulders, hips and waist.

American Next Top Model Dolls came in 2 sets; the first set was a Day/Night wear. Your favorite doll would wear a nice top and cute shorts and shoes for the day, and at night she would switch it up in a killer dress with some fanatics shoes and a hot bag to blend with the outfit! The second set was a swimsuit line (basic doll) so the girls could be ready for their beach photo shoots.

Although the package showed 4 girls, only 3 where release Sidney, Sienna and Paisley. The 4th doll Tascha never made her entrance!

Tyra Banks American Next Top Model is already on Season 15 but the dolls, have not had another season to continue. Would you like to see another line by MGA for these dolls or just let them fade on?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Fab 4 on the Red Carpet!

You ever wanted to be a reporter on the red carpet, taking pictures of not just the stars but those gorgeous gowns, dresses or suits! Being a doll collector you are able to do all of that. You love playing dress up and being able to explore another part of yourself that no one else knows; not even your closest family members! Thank God for fellow doll buddies who understand where you are coming from, if it wasn't for us we will be all in the crazy house together!

Now back to business; last year I took some photos of my dolls walking on the red carpet! Those photos never made it because there was so much going on at the time but, there are here now and lets have a look at them.

The clothes are from a red carpet fashion Pack that came out last year!

Nikki is in a Gold dress wearing shoes from Fashion Royalty

Grace(That's what I named her) is in a Black and silver dress

Ross is in a black suit with a hint of sliver in it

Alice is wearing a red and black dress with red shoes I had to find somewhere in my basket of shoes! Thank God they can in handy.

Please stay tune because I have plenty of other photos to share!

Plus; Do Not Forget to vote for Who should be the next Taj? ONLY 8 days left!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Bratz are coming back!

New Bratz dolls are heading to stores after a federal court overturned a ruling that their maker, MGA Entertainment, had to turn over the brand to Mattel Inc. Two new lines of the doe-eyed dolls should hit stores such as Toys R Us, Target and Walmart by the end of August.

Bratz, the pouty-lipped, provocatively dressed rivals to Mattel's Barbie, have been scarce as Mattel and MGA battled over their rights. Last week an appeals court overturned a lower court's ruling upholding Mattel's claim that Bratz's designer was actually working for Mattel when he created them and Mattel should get ownership of the trademark. The case may be retried.

MGA, which launched the doll 10 years ago, is shipping several new Bratz products:

- "Passion for Fashion" dolls that retail for $9.99 and come with extra clothes and accessories;

- "Party" dolls, which retail for $19.99 and come with both day wear and party wear.

- a pair of twins, Roxxi and Phoebe, in a two-pack for $24.99;

- two Bratz Boyz at $10.99 each; and

- play sets such as a spa for $49.99 and a club lounge for $34.99.

The new Bratz have less makeup and more ample clothing and are more flexible than earlier versions, said MGA CEO Isaac Larian. They have been in development since December, when the appeals court put on hold the order for MGA to hand over the trademark to Mattel.

The Bratz franchise was once worth as much as $1 billion and was MGA's biggest brand. But its popularity peaked in 2005 and sales have been sliding since. Meanwhile, MGA launched its "Moxie Girlz" brand. SpinMaster also introduced "Liv" dolls. And Barbie, who long ruled the roost of fashion dolls, has been experiencing a resurgence.

While Bratz will be at all major toy retailers, it is unclear how much shelf space they will get.

"I think retailers are going to expect some special accommodation to be changing their shelf space allocations at such a late date," said Needham & Co. analyst Sean McGowan.

MGA said retailers set aside shelf space for the line in January, however. And Toys R Us spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh said the new Bratz dolls are "being accommodated within the normal flexing of space in the fashion dolls area for the fall set."

MGA is a privately held company based in Van Nuys, Calif. In addition to Bratz and Moxie Girlz it makes Little Tikes, Rescue Pets and Zapf toys.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monster High: Frankie Stein

FINALLY posting photos of Monster High Frankie Stein she been here for almost a month. I really like this doll, to her skin color, hair and the clothes really go well with her. I only have one more Monster High doll to go so I hope Toy'r'Us has Lagoona Blue because I can't not order anymore dolls online!

P.S. Don't forget to vote On "Who should be the next Taj"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who should be the next Taj?

I gave away all of my Christie and Nikki dolls last summer, which also means I gave away Lonnie's beautiful wife Taj seen here on the right! I plan on doing short stories coming in August so Lonnie needs a new wife fast! I have one Fashionistas and 3 lovely heads; I need help picking the girl because the decision is very hard to make. This will be just like in the Soap Operas when one character has so many face changes aka Carly from General Hospital.

The Story will be about Young famous people in Hollywood; The focus will be on Lonnie and Taj's relationship as well as their friends.

Here are the 3 girls you can chose from!
Adele Close Up

Rocawear Trichell

My Scene Madison

The Poll will last from JULY 25-AUGUST 6. You can vote anyway you want to send me email at, leave a comment on or just use the poll here!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Bella met Sooki

Every wonder what would happen if Twilight and TruBlood ever got together, well ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on YouTube made it all happen!Now if you are a die hard Twilight or TruBlood fan and don't like people making fun of your favorite phenomenons then please don't watch this video! But, if you don't care what people say and still enjoy a good laugh then go head and press that play button!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Future of Doll Collecting: An article from FDQ

Did you watch “Lost”? Well, I did, and I find the endless parables, metaphors, and references to philosophers (Locke, Hume), scientists (Faraday, Minkowski), and Biblical figures (Jacob, Benjamin) very entertaining and quite fascinating. I also enjoyed the sense of anticipation that each new episode brought, as I wondered how it will all end. I breathlessly awaited Sawyer’s reunion with Juliet, seeing Desmond with his beloved Penny, and Jack finally getting over himself and accepting his hero status. I love a good story!

My love of narrative, along with my obsessive need to know what happens in the end, is partially what prompted the theme for this issue. I love wondering “What if?” as well as “Now, what?” And so I put the question to those creators and artists in the doll industry who ask those questions and answer them as well: “What is the future of collecting?”

It’s a challenging question, to be sure. Who really knows what the future will bring? Little girls don’t play with dolls anymore, so will the doll segment of the toy industry wither and die? Sales of dolls have decreased 9% from 2003 (the year we debuted FDQ) to 2010. However, action figures grew in sales by 15%. So boys are playing with dolls more than girls? (Hey, action figures are dolls—let’s face it—so yes, they are playing with dolls.)

This disparity in sales may explain why licensed figures are so popular. These character figures, as Tonner Doll Co. calls them, are considered by many to be action figures, not dolls. And even non-doll collectors may allow themselves these “figures” based on their favorite films or television shows because they are part of a greater assortment of collectibles, like Dr. Who and his TARDIS or Harry Potter and his wand.

This sea change is an exciting time for us all. As we watch the shift in taste and customer’s demand, I predict we will see new and innovative designs from companies big and small. There will continue to be licensed products, for sure, with an emphasis on dedicated sculpts and fine detail in reproducing costumes and iconic wardrobes of popular characters. But with that point of view will come a certain spillover into the world of dolls, specifically fashion dolls.

Fashion dolls from the Pandores and boudoir dolls to the latest BJD all represent, to a certain extent, the culture they are born in. These miniature symbols of the human experience are universal in the sense that all cultures have some version of dolls as toys. Mannequins are just big dolls in a sense, and we see these adorned every day in store window and museum displays. The human form in varied mediums will never go away. And so it is more a question of how to translate this desire into a commercial venue and likewise make an emotional impact that brings customers to the doll collecting world.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liv Dolls in Video Phone

Another video off of YouTube, Liv Dolls dancing to Beyonce's Video Phone(the worst song of all times) with Lady Gaga enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ashley Greene is very happy about Twilight Barbie

"Pretty awesome"; those are the words of Actress Ashley Greene who plays the character Alice in the Twilight serious! Ashley is very happy to be made into a Barbie"You know you've made it when you are made into a Barbie." I glad Alice loves her doll even though it doesn't look like Alice I will still buy it! Alice and Victoria will be out next month!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More Monster High Dolls: Draculaura

I finally bought Draculaura and Frankie Stein; I will soon post photos of Frankie Stein soon but Draculaura is so freaking cute and loveable! She is one of the most coolest vampires that has been around!
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