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New Photo of the Month for the new year!

Photo of the Month have fun!

Fashionistas Week Coming Soon

I did a photo-shoot last year with all my Fashionistas and this year I did another photo-shoot to show case new memebers. It's only fair that I give them a week or so they can have their moment. Please stay tune!

Dolls of the World Japan Ken is now Dai Oono

Last Thursday night I gave you a sneak peek of Japan Ken, so after finding a cool name and taking some wonderful photos I'm going to give a brief review on Dai Oono.
Let me start by saying that Mattel did a very good job on this doll with a few bad details. Overall the good wins over the bad.
Hair,Face and Body When you buy Japan Ken the first thing you will fall in love with is his hair; the nice dark long locks is simply out of this world. You can give him corn-rolls if one can do that, do some curls at the end, put in a ponytail. But be careful not to make him look too much like a girl, he will not like that.
Dai has the best facial features, with his high cheek bones, deep smokey eyes that when you look into you just want to have his bady.  The Goatee with Moustache is totally working for him and I'm also fond of his body too.

Sneak Peek: Dolls of the World Japan Ken

Last night I went to Target and I was so shock to see Dolls of the World Japan Barbie and Ken there. I thought I would have to order him off line but that was not the case; when I first walked in the Barbie section I saw Japan Barbie and was really sad because there was no Japan Ken in sight. But I never gave up looking and found JK in all the mess of dolls. My review and more photos will be up this weekend!

Over 100,000 views, 70 followers and 2 1/2 years later..................

I pass the 100,000 views mark! Can you believe it; it's not a lot but it means so much too me! When I started this blog in 2008 I never thought I will still be here talking about dolls and stuff. I truly wanted to have a site where I can talk about anything and BrooklynStarsForever has become a blog where I can just lay everything on the table.
I'm not sure but I think it was last month when I was reading Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold and Wilde About Ello blogs, they both talked about how when they started collecting dolls it all started with Barbie, that's pretty much how my story started. 
I had my first Barbie when I was 8 years old but, when I turn 17 I will go to the nearest store and buy Barbies for $5.00 dollars. Skip to the year 2007 and DSL is so much better to use than Dail-up; I came across so many doll forums and blogs. I truly believed that I was the only one collecting Fashion dolls and you know when you discover that Baribe is not the only chick out …

Barbie Basic: Model #3 A New Year's Eve Baby

This was the Model I chose over Model #5 on New Year’s Eve 2009; Model #3 is no different from other Steffie face mold. I already have 5 Steffies’ in my collection, my first one was My Melody and I bought her because I thought she was the most beautiful doll that came out in 2008. Model #3 had to grow on me and I my niece to thank for that! Steffy Summer is her name because she looks great during the summer time!

Barbie Basic: Model #6 the cuite pie of them all!

Barbie Basic Model #6 is a Teen Queen in my book; Britney is her name and she is here to play a lot of games! I bought this doll because I always love this face mold so she just had to be mines! Model #6 stands out the most because she has such a child like smile and look so mature at the same time. I hope in the near future that I can re-body her soon.

Reblog: Monster High in 2011

This is a post from Shuga Shug's blog  about new Monster dolls and thing coming out this year!

Well it seems that 2011 has some great Monster High products coming down the line! New Characters! Abby BominableSpectra Von HauntingtonClawd and Clawdette Wolf, the brother and sister to Clawdeen Wolf         Continuation of Dawn of the Dance! Ghoulia Yelps Draculaura          New series! “Ghoulishly Freaky/Masquerade”, which showcases all of the main characters in their formal attire from the sounds of it.  ”Dead Tired”, which is the pajama series containing all the main characters.        New playsets! Monster High 3rd Floor School Playset Lagoona’s Hydration Station Also I found that a tween shop called Justice (in alot of malls too) are carrying these dolls.  Quite a bit are on the website:  and right now you can use a 40% off coupon until the 10th:  coupon code 779 I don’t know how many of you watch the cute little short videos f…

Barbie Basics:Model #8 is great!

If you’re on then you will know in February 2010 I posted photos of Model #8 and named her Beyonci! And if you know me really well then you will know that I hate Beyonce’s music and so on! I had to be on drugs to name one of my dolls after one of the most hyped singers in music ever! It doesn’t matter how I feel about Beyonce the singer, it matters how I feel about Beyonci the Doll!Model #8 truly is a beautiful doll and much more! Like Model #2 and #10 I didn’t plan on buying her but, Ms. Beyonci has her work cut out for her! Reasons why I named her Beyonci; well she has long blond hair and the same skin color WHY NOT?

Blogging Break Update: Ghoulia is HOME and Barbie Basic Model #5 2.0 is trying to tell me something!

Last night I went to Target because I need more storage for my dolls ever growing wardrobe and guest who looked up at me and said " Ggggggggggggggggggggg" which means take me home because you know you want me! Ghoulia Yelps is here and you better believe this weekend is going to be fun, photo shoots non-stop!

Look who else is showing up at Target! Now after the holidays Target looks a little messy in the Toy section and they usually do not have all the dolls in yet but, I just so happen to walk pass Model #5 twice last night. Even though I don’t want the doll, she kept popping up in a lot of aisles so maybe I will bring her home or not! You just have to wait and see what happens!