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The Doll Show/ My First Music Video

Who knew that my first music Video would be the pictures, I took from the doll show this past weekend. The show was an entertaining place to be; it wasn’t too big or small, just enough for you to have fun and meet other wonderful people who love dolls just as much as you. The doll show was being held at Best Western, Mill River Manor in Rockville, Centre NY. When I walk in there, I felt like a kid who was in a candy store and could not help him/herself. Like a child who can not buy just one piece of candy, I could not buy just one doll. I left out with ONLY 4 girls and I have to tell you, there were more girls telling me they wanted to come home with me!! Sad, but I had to leave them behind. I went with three wonderful ladies who were a joy to hang out with; after we left the doll show we went to the mall and went crazy with our camera. Our girls love taking pictures, when you see this video there maybe a few ladies who just could not stop jumping in front of others. These girls love …

Monte Carlo is HERE!!!

My Monte Carlo came yesterday and she is working my camera. Thank you again to Sandra; more photos are coming so please come back soon.


Nina Parker is this months Model Moment.

Nina Parker
Birth: March 14
Born: Claremont, California
Raise: New York, New York.
Childhood Dream: My sisters and I becoming famous models, actress, singers!!! Which we are.
Favorite thing to do: Watching classic movies with my sisters
Favorite Movie: Maid in Manhattan.
Favorite Music: R&B, Jazz, Country, Pop, the list can go on.
Favorite thing to wear: My sisters and I love hangbags'.. The real BIG ones!!
Photos of Nina Parker