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Star Trek Dolls are on sale TODAY!

Here's to order
More pictures from a member on the Pink Parlor board from somebody name George G

The Dynamite Girls

I can't wait to get my Dynamite Girls next month. I want the three in the middle; which one do you want?

Momoko Doll, Doll Show coming in April

I'm thinking getting my first Momoko doll. Don't know which one I should get yet, but I'm saving money and looking around on a good deal. My doll collection is growing and a Momoko doll would be great to have.

If you are a Momoko fan here is a site where you can go and chat
A doll show is coming in April here in New York. Here is the information you need.

Saturday - April 25, 2009
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Barbie Goes to New York Doll Show
Best Western, Mill River Manor
173 Sunrise Highway
Rockville, Centre, NY 11570

Pop life Ken

I think I finally like Ken more than ever now. Pop Life Ken is the most handsome Ken doll to date. Mattel did a great job on everything with this cool dude. I will be saving money to pursuance this Ken doll.


RBD, A story in the Park!

I made up a little story for my RBD Dolls enjoy!

Looking into each others eyes!

Diego: I remember when we used to come here all the time!

Roberta: I know! There are so many memories here. The greatest one’s were with you

Diego:Roberta, I’m so glad you feel that way; I feel the same way about you.
Roberta:I see you.

Diego:Get down from there Roberta, I don't want you to hurt yourself

Diego:Lets come back here once a month; okay!

Roberta:You said it, I always like having fun with my best friend. FIN


Sorry I haven't update my blog lately, next week I will posted some information about the doll show next month for those doll collectors who live in New York area or close to it. Plus I will share my thoughts on Barbie turning 50, and the video photoshoot that's coming this summer! For right now, here is my new doll I bought last month Glam Zone doll! Her name is Vikki Long!!