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Ms. Cindy Dawson

Here is Cindy Dawson(Top Model Summer) in this years 2008 Fashion Fever outfit. Michelle Join in the Photoshoot also.

Billie is always Billie!!

Here is Billie in Top Model Summer’s outfit, she stay talking on the phone!!

P.S. If you see my blog changing different colors, I just trying to see what mood I'm in. I could never make up my mind. So please don't worry about it!!

Nina Parker is a Cover Girl

Nina is looking very Green in her Summer Cover Issue!!

Nadja R. Way...

Here is a Scrapbook I made of Nadja on (Love that site) This is my 3rd Fashion Royalty Doll... And, there are more to come!!

My First Scene

My Scene Nolee is the first doll I bought from this collection!! These are some photos I took back in September, please feel free to leave comments

My 3rd Fashion Royalty Doll: Nadja

I got My 3rd FR. Doll last Thursday; Sweet Nadja lives with me now and still thinking about changing her name... Here are some photos of her from memebers on
I will post my own pictures of Nadja soon.

Falling in love with Colette My 2nd Fashion Royalty Doll

This is my 2Nd Fashion Royalty doll Painted in Black Colette, who I rename Chanel. D is the sister of my first FR doll Colette. D. Here are some of her photos in a Top Model swimsuit, Fashion Fever little purple dress and a 2007 anime shirt and black tights Let me just say, this girl knows how to work it.

Jenni is a Cover Girl

Top Model Barbie who I call Jenni Adams has become a Sexy Cover girl

Robin and Raven Finish things off...

The back to school theme has come to an end, Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will be back next year... To finish this theme is Robin and Raven... Raven What is she wearing: Kayla's Closet Fashion Fever sweater, city style skirt and Top model Barbie Purse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robin What is she wearing; 2008 Fashion Fever --------------------------------------------------------