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Off to the Movies:UpDate

I not going to the movies today; I'm going sometime later this week or this weekend! Yes, I'm a big Twilight fan but not that crazy. So I will see you next week because I taking some time off from blogging to get some things done! So happy 4th of July!

New Photos of Jacob coming soon!

The new movies Twilight Eclipse is coming out on June 30 and I will finally post pictures of my Jacob doll! I had him since the last week of April and the only time you seen Jacob is when I bought Clawdeen Wolf! So Clawdeen is going to help me opened him up! So don't forget to come back next week!

Monster High: Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon & What I think about the Monster Dolls

Here I am again with more photos of my new obsession Monster High dolls Cleo and Deuce. Being a person who was never into big headed dolls like Blythe (which are very cute) the Bratz, My Scene (even though I have a few), Liv dolls and Moxie girls this is really new for me! I think we all knew about these dolls for over a month now and I never thought I would become such a big fan. Mattel really has a hit on there hands and they don't need to mess this one up, HINT HINT FASHION FEVER! As I said on Monday's post you can watch Monster High on YouTube and there will be novels coming soon which I really can not wait for and maybe even a show on TV! This is really something to look forward to


Cleo and Deuce together

Pre Orders, Pre Orders and Pre Orders are NOT here yet!

If you stilling waiting for your Pre orders dolls by Integrity! Ms Susan from Susan Shop of Doll's send me an email last week letting me know that the new Giselle and Dynamite should be coming in next month! Here is the email........................

Hi Ebony:

It looks like another 3 weeks or so for the Dynamite Girls Collection release and the release of the Mais Oui Doll according to this email from the W Club.

In order to ensure the quality of all of the 2010 doll lines, factory production was delayed. Below is a new shipping schedule from Integrity.

Arriving Late June:
Fashion Royalty
Item #91246--Eugenia "Tricks of the Trade" Doll

Arriving Mid-July:
Dynamite Girls
Item #66030--Rufus Blue Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66031--Gavin Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66034--Sooki Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66035--Reese Vintage Vinyl Doll AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Poppy Parker
Item #PP013--"Beatnik Blues" Doll
Item #PP015--"She's Arrived" Gift Set
Item #PP016--"A Night to Reme…

Monster High Dolls:Mattel newest dolls has everyone talking!

Meet the Monsters with style and great fashion! Mattel has made its mark again with the new dolls that are not afraid to be scary and fabulous at the same time, The Monster High dolls are children from famous monsters thought out history! Let’s break it down shall weClawdeen Wolf is the Daughter of the WerewolfDracLaura is the daughter of DraculaFrankie is the daughter of Frankenstein Lagoona is the daughter of The Sea MonsterCleo is the daughter of The MummyDeuce is the son of Medusa All we need is some family photos and we’ll be set for life!  The best part about these dolls is that they all come with Dairies and are very articulated!Clawdeen DracLaura Frankie Lagoona all sold  separately while Cleo and Deuce come in a gift set!The Monster High kids also star in their cartoons that you can watch on YouTube.comMonster High on YouTubeand don’t forget to stop by Monster for more informationP.S. When I post my photos of Cleo and Deuce I will give my review!

Monster High Dolls: How Clawdeen Wolf almost made me cry!

I called Toy ‘r’ Us 1800 number to see if the dolls were in the store in Time Sq, Tammy (The lady I talk to over the phone) told me yes the Time Sq store should have them call and check! I called the Time Sq store and ask if they had the Monster High Dolls, the b*tch over the phone said no she has no dolls on her list of that name! I hop on the B train anyway because I really wanted Clawdeen Wolf because she is such a cutie! When I got to the store I could not find them at first! I swear tears were going to come down my eyes because I don’t spend $2.25 on a trip for nothing! A very nice young lady walked up to me and said “Do you need any help looking for something?” I forgot her name but hope I see her again! I told her “YES, I’m looking for the new Monster High Dolls!” She said “Oh yeah I just walked pass them!” Clawdeen Wolf was the last doll left! I was so happy, if I waited one more day I would have to kick myself! That lady on the phone did not even bother to go check to see if …

My 12th Fashion Royalty Doll: Perk Colette rename Claire Duranger

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

12 Fashion Royalty dolls!

Let me start off by saying, when I first found out about these dolls I always said to myself "I will never buy these dolls, they look so mean!" Well now I have 12 and 13 should be coming really soon. Although some of the girls and guys may have mean faces don't get it twisted, they are the nicest group of dolls you will ever met! Back to my 12 Fashion Royalty doll, she is the most popular doll of this year and if you don't have her; you're really missing out! That is Perk Colette who I rename Claire because I already have a one Colette which is Grand Arrival ! The 2Nd one I have is Painted in Black rename Chanel! Perk Colette is truly amazing, enough talking let me just show you the photos!

Christian Louboutin Shoe Pak is coming this Fall

All of you who already know that the Christian Louboutin Barbie dolls are making a big splash this year, well get ready for the shoes to become bigger than the dolls! In September Barbie is bringing out a Louboutin shoe pak for your dolls to get their red carpet on! Now I will say this, I'm not such a big fan on the Louboutin dolls because something about spending close to $200 for a model muse body is just not cool with me! However, I will be saving money to get the shoes!

Did you also know the Jennifer Lopez made a song about the Fab shoes, well she did check it out!

My 11th Fashion Royalty Doll: Lukas Maverick Style Strategy

The photos are finally here and done with, Mr. Strategy himself is happy to be Eye Candy for all you ladies out there! Yesterday I took Lukas and Barbie Basic Model #5 out with me and we all went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden(Photos of Ms. 5 is coming soon or click on your left to my flickr account to see the photos). Lukas was so happy to be outside and working with him and Lea was magic! Here are his photos!

P.S. The first two photos were taken in my apartment!

3 New Girls are coming and I'm so happy and sad at the sametime!

I'm so happy to inform you that New Reese, redhead Giselle and Boogie Aria is coming to my home very soon! To let everyone know, the shipments have not come in yet and Susan of Susan's Shop of Dolls just told me that I got the last pre-order of Vinyl Vintage Reese Doll!

At the sametime I'm a little sad because I am going through my doll bins and have to give away or sell some girls and guys! Although I love my dolls to death some of them need new homes where they can get all the love they need!

My 11 and 12th Fashion Royalty Doll Lukas and Colette aka Claire are coming soon

In a week I will post photos of my 11 and 12th Fashion Royalty Lukas and Perk Colette whose new name is Claire because there can only be one Colette in this house! I already done a PhotoShoot with Claire and her sisters Colette and Chanel but Lukas needs 8 more photos to go! So keep a look out for the photos that are coming very soon!

Twilight Alice Cullen and Victoria dolls are coming & I'm giving myself 2 weeks to read and finish Eclipse!

In August of 2010 Mattel will release the Twilight characters Alice Cullen and Victoria; with the new movie Eclipse coming out on June 30 I think we will see more of Alice and Victoria (especial if Victoria if she trying to kill Bella). Alice and Victoria are now behind Bella, Edward and Jacob in the latest Twilight dolls that have been release by Mattel. You made always be wondering what type of bodies they going to have, from the looks of this photo these girls will not be on a Model Muse body, they will be on the regular Barbie bodies! The clothes are great and Victoria is my first choice! I can not wait to see these dolls in person and take plenty of pictures!
Now as I said in the title of this post, I'm giving myself 2 weeks to finish this book starting today! I have deiced to read each book a year when a movie comes out, so maybe next year I will get started on the Breaking Dawn!