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Happy with Luxury Coffee and addicted to Tumblr

After started my new doll photo blog on Thanksgiving Thursday, the response for Luxury Coffee has been truly amazing!  Instead of using members photos I went to google and type in African American dolls and found so many beautiful dolls in the world!  There are not enough words to say how much I love this project; African American people and dolls has opened my eyes a little more to the beauty of our wonderful skin color! 
I know the same doll makers keep leaving us out on major lines and if they do add African American dolls, it's always 1 or 2. Never less, we have come a long way.
There are so many troubles and honors from our past in American history, I just wish we can leave it all behind and move forward in a new journey!

While being on Tumblr I have become very addicted to one blog on there called Fuck Yeah, Women of the Rainbow. The blog shows the beauty of women from all over the world so please check that out!
Talk to you soon!

Luxury Coffee

Coffee comes in many diverse delicious styles; people all over the world can not start their day unless they have a cup of Joe! Can you believe that we have so many to choose from such as: Black Coffee, Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato and so on! It does not matter what level of income you have, you can enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee from 50 cents to 6 dollars. Coffee is the one luxury we all have in common!The reason why I call this doll photo blog Luxury Coffee is because African American Dolls come in all special skin tones. Just like African American Humans, the beauty of collecting African American dolls is a joy to do because like Coffee you fell in love with so many flavors! I created this blog because on my main blog Brooklyn Stars Forever, I felted that I was neglecting my purpose of talking about sharing photos of African American dolls. I still will bring up important issues and photos regarding African American dolls but Brooklyn Stars Forever will be a littl…

New Photo of the Month

A new Photo of the Month is up so check it out!

Unusual Fashions

Last week while running around taking care of some business, I went into Atlantic Terminal for window shopping to clear my mind! I happen to walk pass Daffy's clothing store and let me say there were some very interesting fashions on display. It's a good thing that I have my Motorola BACKFLIP phone because you just have to see it to believe it! The Black Pillow DressThe Hand Glove JacketThe Sock DressBoxer RobePink Slipper DressThe Purple Pillow DressReally Inserting!

Bratz 10th Anniversary Adri

For all you Bratz lovers and non-lovers out there, Bratz had it's 10th anniversary last month and to make Bratz fans so happy MGA came out with 10 new characters to celebrated. I'm not a fan but, the Bratz clothes are so much better than Barbie's! I like their clothes so much that I bought one of the dolls to steal her outfit and put it on a Monster High doll!

As you can see my doll of choice was Adri and although she is a very pretty girl, I will just have to sell or give her away!

The True Indiana Royatly

Last Friday night I went Dallis BBQ in Manhattan with my doll buddies to talk about the dolls at the  Dark Romance Convention, but in general we talked about many other dolls such as Barbie, Liv Dolls, Monster High etc. One doll that came up in our conversation was Fashion Royalty Isha born as Isha Kalpana Narayanan. 
When I started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls I knew that Isha was the one doll I have to have, but with no such luck Isha is still not in my reach! I like or should I say love this character for so many reasons. 1. She is the only character with Indiana decent, 2. She takes Bollywood to a whole other level and 3. Isha is just so damn beautiful!

The Newbie's & Friends "Out The Box"

In this Episode of "The Newbie's" Clawdeen and Frankie help Jake get out his box!

The Vampire Diaries: The show I forced myself to watch! Part 2

This is the 2nd part of this story again it's kind of long, so put your children, husband and pets to bed! Get some tea and snacks and enjoy reading!
The Vampires Diaries comes on the CW network every Thursday nights at 8pm. While I did watch some parts of season 1, season 2 had werewolf’s which I could pass on! The series is about a teenage girl Elena Gilber who falls in with Stefan Salvatore a vampire. Elena is soon caught in a love triangle with Stefan’s brother (Who I can’t stand) Damon. The Salvatore bothers are also being haunted by their past love Katherine Pierce, who makes the show a little worth watching! The reason why the Salvatore brothers show so much affection towards Elena is mainly because she resemblance Katherine! While the story is based on Elena life in Mystic Falls, Virginia, it also focuses on other characters! 

The Vampire Diaries: The show I forced myself to watch! Part 1

This post will be in 2 parts so it's kind of long, so before reading go get some tea and snacks and read this late at night when everyone is out your face and enjoy yourself!

The Fashionistas Boys are here!

I went to Toy "R" Us two weeks ago to buy Harley Davidson Barbie & Ken Gift-set but guess what? He was not there and it was a good thing because I be damn if I'm going to pay so much money for Ken and not play with the Barbie!

Twilight Evil Jane Doll is coming!

Evil Baby Jane who was introduce to us in New Moon will soon be part of our family! In the Twilight saga New Moon and Eclipse Jane is played by Actress Dakota Fanning and now Dakota gets to have her own doll! Baby Jane will be arriving in February 2011, just in time for my birthday. This doll is carrying Lea’s face-mold which I think is pretty cool because Lea looks great as a Vampire! I also read that there will be only 1 or 2 more characters that will get there own doll soon, I’m just wondering who will those characters be?
If anything it has to be Edward and Bella’s daughterRenesmee in Breaking Dawn and who Jake imprints! Whose face-mold will be use for Renesmee?

How Hard Would It Have Been, Liv Dolls?

You are about to read a old blog post by a woman name Angela Norton Tyler; whose blog is called Neglected Princess and what she said about the Liv dolls was something I said to myself when the Liv Dolls first came out! Please read........................

My 13th Fashion Royalty doll: Mais Oui! Giselle Diefendorf

The doll you see on the left here was the Giselle I wanted! What made me really like Giselle was the freckles, she has such cute freckles just like ElectroPop Rufus Blue who came out the same year and now I own. No matter how much I liked Old is New Giselle, she never joined my club! Just like the other Fashion Royalty dolls, Giselle seem so mean and though out her history I never really found a Giselle doll that my desires wanted me to have!
When Integrity toys was announcing their new collection this year, just like everyone else I was waiting on pins and needles to see what was coming out! The Foundation Collection pictures showed up and I knew that I had to have the Mais Oui! Giselle Diefendorf!
Before Perk Colette was on my mind, Mais Oui! Giselle was in my heart the whole time; so you know it really bug me that we all had to wait so long for her to show up at our door steps!