Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy New Year, New You and New Adventures

Happy New Year To All

Please do not believe that I just abandoned my blog.

I've been so busy working and saving money for my future endeavors that doll collecting has been push aside for the moment! I still don't have an computer writing from my table
so please bear with me.  I would be update on my Facebook page more by posting photos and stories. Don't worry, I will come back here and share! 

Looking back on wonderful photos I took over the years. I miss my girls and guys so much, so in the next few weeks I...
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Until then, blog wit you later

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday, July 04, 2015

The New Dress

I did something on Friday afternoon that I haven't done in so long. I went looking around in the doll section at Target! Mattel has been falling so hard from grace over the years and I don't know what they can do to bring themselves back up. 2005 I would visit Target and was so amazed by the selection of fashions. Ten years later, Barbie fashions are not what the use to be and that could be a problem for Mattel in the future. We will talk about Mattel and their lack of interest in the Barbie brand another day, but let me get back to the point. I found an awesome dress and you will surly love the girls who modeled the fashion. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let The Power House In

"With great power comes responsibility!"
  Ben Parker, SpiderMan's uncle

Those are wise words to live by when you do anything in life. Especially if that great power is money. In life you have to earn a living and it is your responsibility to manage your income. However, that can all change when you're a doll collector. 

Integrity announced the new lines for 2015 and everyone is in awe with the Nu Face Collection. I'm going to get straight to the point.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Missing Dolls Are Now Found

4 months ago my house was in much need of a paint job. I pack all my things up and put them in the living room. In late May, I started to bring my things out of the living room. I was dealing with so much within those 4 Months that my mind just checked out. The night before my dolly outing is when I realize one of my dynamite girls was missing. I was so scared because my living had so much stuff in there that maybe she got crushed.

While at work the next day, Erin pop in my mind and the panic began. When I clocked out of work, I hurried home to find all my dolls. Along with Erin and the Dynamite girl 2 more dolls were missing. I wrecked the living room, looking in every storage bin that came in my contact. I then saw a little box in the concer. Behold, I found my dolls. They were all safe and not broken. 

I love this Erin so much. No matter how many Erins' Integrity make, this one will always be fabulous.

My fashionista and Top Model Barbie are so lovely.

Don't worry, more posts are coming soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Looking, Taking, and Sharing! Part 1

Please note: I am writing this post on a tablet, things will be messy. Thank you!

It is my day off and usually on my days off I do a few errands such as; doing laundry, going to the post office, paying bills, shopping and preparing meals for the next two days. Well for today, I decided not to do a darn thing. My morning was actually very common for me. I got up to make my coffee and breakfast,  plus watched Season 5 of Archer on I feel very relaxed and keeping my mind off things that would stress me out. I guess you can say, I'm having a "me"  day! I wanted to share what was going on in my life and some of my feelings on collecting dolls. This post may have 2 parts!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Sooki and Rufus Blue: Many more to come

Just a taste from my group date on Saturday.

Anika if you reading this, whenever you get tried of this Rufus Blue and want to sell her; call me please!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update, about more updates

I made it to my second post of the year!

Okay so back to business. Yesterday on Saturday May 30, I chilled with my doll buddies in Manhattan at BBQ Restaurant. This was the biggest dolly get together I've ever been to. I met some wonderful new people and hugs others I have not seen in a year or two. After all the lunch fun, some of us headed over to Bryant Park to take pictures of our children and that one was a blast! 
During the week, I will post the pictures here and Facebook. Until then, just enjoy this photo of Ayumi. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh My, Please forgive me!

My last post was in December!

So many things have happened and I really had no room in my day to blog. I bought me a new phone last October to use it for blogging until I search for a new laptop to my liking. All I did with that phone was, check in on Facebook, download free music and watching videos on YouTube! Since then, the WiFi on the phone stop working as of last week. Still not ready to buy me a new computer and in need of my internet; I found an inexpensive tablet that works really great. (Mind you I writing this post on the tablet right now, not cute at all!) 

This post is just an update to let you know I miss you all and I will be popping in from time to time! 

Ebony Nicole
Love this cup!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope the holidays are being good to all of you. On Facebook I am sharing past Christmas photos of all my dolls over the years. I miss talking to you sweet people and hopefully in the new year all that will change!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Happy Holidays

I have the blogger app so maybe I can post a little while I work and save for my new computer. Hope everyone is doing well. I love and miss you all!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July.......Don't Be Mad At Me!

A Cherry Blossom Tree
OMG, I cannot remember the last time I made a blog post. So many things has happened over the past  two years, I don't have enough time to over the details with you (all of you). I'm still working, I almost finish paying off some huge bills. I may come into some problems next month, but I have to give thanks to God that my head is still on tight.

Do I still play with my dolls?

Yes, when I find the time I do sit down and take pictures, but not all the time!

Will I come back to the blog?

Yes, that will happen before the end of the year. I never got my new computer updated because, I have a mother who will eat that computer alive.

Takeo & Addie? The Moment of Truth!

The show will come back, but it will only have two more seasons. These things take so much time. I will have to sit and write down how I want everything to go. Don't worry, your favorite couple will have their wedding!

I have many things to share and can not wait to come back and blog with you. I will try to blog 2 tomes a month so we won't lose touch!

Until next time!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometime In 2014.........

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone Thanksgiving was great.  I pray that you have a safe Christmas and have many blessing coming in the new year.

Let me just tell you a short story of what happening in my life.

I bought a new computer in 2012, but I hardly used it because I feared my mother would mess it up like she did the last one. When I tried to upload the antivirus in my computer, for some reason my email, blogger, facebook and everything else will not come up. Now I have to call someone to help me out because I don't want to poke into anything I don't know. Wish me luck on that one!

As I told you early this year, I have a job now. When I get off in the afternoon I don't want to do a damn thing. Dealing with people is a damn pain in the ass.

To keep in touch with all of you, I post pictures on my Flickr account (through my phone) under the name Ebony Nicole 35. You can see my most recent photos there.

I love and miss each one of you. I think about all of you all the time. Who would think that you will become close to people you never laid your eyes on!

Until I can go on the internet on my new computer, I will talk or blog to you soon!


Friday, August 30, 2013

I'M COMING BACK.....................

I did not forget about any of you. I actually wrote a post back in July, but many things have happened that is completely out of my control. I found a job back in April and up until right now I've been working my butt off like crazy for six days a week and taking care of my mother. Let me just say, I think God for my job each day, but this has been the worst summer in my entire life. I'm hoping to get my six turn into five. My health and house are such a mess. The children are always crying out for me. I need to get my life back in check! Until then, please stay bless and cool. I'm praying for the fall to come fast!
Old Photo of  Barbie Basic Model. 05 and Lukas

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