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Starlight Poppy Parker

Hello again
Yes, I'm keeping my promise to keep blogging. It may not be everday but I will be here to blog and share.
So I went to a doll show in New Jersey last weekend and I had so much fun. There were so many dolls and I will write a few blog about the show for the next few weeks. 
I can't believe the dolls I found and here is one them.

Starlight Poppy Parker
You don't understand, this Poppy Parker doll is worth $350 dollars on ebay. #249.00 on Susan's Shop of Doll and I bought her for $90.00. A whole $90.00 dollars. I truly think I was blessed by the doll God's 😄

She truly is beautiful and is one of the best Poppys made in my opinion. 
Look for more blog post coming soon.

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