Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh My, Please forgive me!

My last post was in December!

So many things have happened and I really had no room in my day to blog. I bought me a new phone last October to use it for blogging until I search for a new laptop to my liking. All I did with that phone was, check in on Facebook, download free music and watching videos on YouTube! Since then, the WiFi on the phone stop working as of last week. Still not ready to buy me a new computer and in need of my internet; I found an inexpensive tablet that works really great. (Mind you I writing this post on the tablet right now, not cute at all!) 

This post is just an update to let you know I miss you all and I will be popping in from time to time! 

Ebony Nicole
Love this cup!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope the holidays are being good to all of you. On Facebook I am sharing past Christmas photos of all my dolls over the years. I miss talking to you sweet people and hopefully in the new year all that will change!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Happy Holidays

I have the blogger app so maybe I can post a little while I work and save for my new computer. Hope everyone is doing well. I love and miss you all!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July.......Don't Be Mad At Me!

A Cherry Blossom Tree
OMG, I cannot remember the last time I made a blog post. So many things has happened over the past  two years, I don't have enough time to over the details with you (all of you). I'm still working, I almost finish paying off some huge bills. I may come into some problems next month, but I have to give thanks to God that my head is still on tight.

Do I still play with my dolls?

Yes, when I find the time I do sit down and take pictures, but not all the time!

Will I come back to the blog?

Yes, that will happen before the end of the year. I never got my new computer updated because, I have a mother who will eat that computer alive.

Takeo & Addie? The Moment of Truth!

The show will come back, but it will only have two more seasons. These things take so much time. I will have to sit and write down how I want everything to go. Don't worry, your favorite couple will have their wedding!

I have many things to share and can not wait to come back and blog with you. I will try to blog 2 tomes a month so we won't lose touch!

Until next time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometime In 2014.........

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone Thanksgiving was great.  I pray that you have a safe Christmas and have many blessing coming in the new year.

Let me just tell you a short story of what happening in my life.

I bought a new computer in 2012, but I hardly used it because I feared my mother would mess it up like she did the last one. When I tried to upload the antivirus in my computer, for some reason my email, blogger, facebook and everything else will not come up. Now I have to call someone to help me out because I don't want to poke into anything I don't know. Wish me luck on that one!

As I told you early this year, I have a job now. When I get off in the afternoon I don't want to do a damn thing. Dealing with people is a damn pain in the ass.

To keep in touch with all of you, I post pictures on my Flickr account (through my phone) under the name Ebony Nicole 35. You can see my most recent photos there.

I love and miss each one of you. I think about all of you all the time. Who would think that you will become close to people you never laid your eyes on!

Until I can go on the internet on my new computer, I will talk or blog to you soon!


Friday, August 30, 2013

I'M COMING BACK.....................

I did not forget about any of you. I actually wrote a post back in July, but many things have happened that is completely out of my control. I found a job back in April and up until right now I've been working my butt off like crazy for six days a week and taking care of my mother. Let me just say, I think God for my job each day, but this has been the worst summer in my entire life. I'm hoping to get my six turn into five. My health and house are such a mess. The children are always crying out for me. I need to get my life back in check! Until then, please stay bless and cool. I'm praying for the fall to come fast!
Old Photo of  Barbie Basic Model. 05 and Lukas

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My Facebook Blog

I'm happy to report that things in my life are taking a turn for the better. I hope to have a new job by July, I will continue to work on my writing. I plan on getting my Masters in Education, but I have a long road in head of me. Going back to school for any course is hard work. I must prepare myself in all departments of physical, mental and emotional.
I saw all the new Integrity dolls and for the first time in five years, I do not have any feeling for the new ladies. This year I will not allow myself to get caught up in the nervous collapse of wanting a doll. My breaking point was in 2011 when I cried over Isha. I really thought I would never have an Isha doll because nobody wanted to sell her. After buying Ayumi and Darla, I already made the decision not to buy any new dolls for a while.
I miss this blog. I miss talking to all of you because no one understand the crazy things we go through for our addiction. However, I don't want to leave out in the words. Please click like on my facebook page BrooklynStarsForever.

I will make mini blogs about what's on my mind. BSF Blog 1: Thank You For Liking! was the the first post.

I will keep this site because when I need to talk more (like right now) I will be here to fill you in!

Later today, I will come back all read all your blog to see what I've been missing!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Has It's Up's and Down's, But I'll move pass it!

Many things happen in my life in the past 2 in half months. I've been sick, working with a job develpor and ended a friendship (yeah, talk more about that soon). Through all the mess, I see so many blessing at the same time. I miss you all. Just wanted you to know I'm doing okay. If you're on facebook like the  BrooklynStarsForever page. Once I see your name, I would ask to be your friend. Until then, I'll blog with you soon!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Many things have taken place here in New York due to Messy Sandy. I hope everyone in New York, New Jersey and the rest of the east-side is doing a bit better. I also understand there is another messy storm going on in the west, please be safe and take care! 
Many things have taken place here in New York due to Messy Sandy. I hope everyone in New York, New Jersey and the rest of the east-side is doing a bit better. I also understand there is another messy storm going on in the west, please be safe and take care! 
I know I've been gone from this blog for a few months now and while I thought things will get a little better in my life, I have to say at this point that is not the case. I do miss sharing my doll talk with all of you. It was one of many things I looked forward to when coming on the internet. The 2nd thing I love was watching videos on YouTube and the 3rd thing is catching up on my Korean dramas on However, I am business trying to better myself like I never did before.
I found myself enjoying writing again while working on my grammar and spelling. I have read past posts I did on this blog and I wish I could go back and smack myself in the face for talking so bad. But, I'm glad I was so messy because there is nothing to learn when there are no mistakes.
This blog now has 500,000 views. Thank you to every reader out there who shares the same interest as me. Please continue the cause of the never-ending love of dolls and other toys. When I started this blog I never thought it would have such an impact. I remember somebody telling me that the first doll blog they read was my blog. I hope as time goes by, I'll be able to share my dolls and life goals with you.
The blog community is a family (that I like more than my own). I hope and pray that in 2013 things will get a bit better, so I can come back and share. Please be safe and have a great Thanksgiving (I don't like Thanksgiving because the history behind it). Don't let me stop you from enjoying your family, friends and most of all yourself! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fashion Pack from Family Dollar

Hello Ladies and Dudes

I do miss you all. As I shared with you before looking for a job, working on my grammar lesson and trying to keep a roof over my head has this woman going bananas. However, I do give myself some time to be a kid again. Only if it's for a day. 
Three weeks ago, I went to Family Dollar to buy a few things and notice that they were way too earlier for Christmas. The decor is set and the toys are ready to be bought. While walking in the store I played a game that I lost to. The game goes like this; I spy with my little eye, something very colorful and only cost $5. Dollars. 
Are these clothes well made? The answer to that will be a big old NO. Aside from that, the dresses are lovely and do look cute on the girls. Next week I'll post photos of the girls and you tell me what you think? 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My First FR2 Doll: Opium Ayumi

I was reading MissJay's Doll Blog and love her photos of FR2 Opium Ayumi. As you know, I ordered the doll in Apriil along with Ms. Bus Stop herself Darla Daley. Both dolls arrived in August. You already saw the two photos I took with my phone. I didn't start playing with them until now. During my playtime, I have come to the conclusion that next to Miracle Child, Opium is the 2nd best made Ayumi.
On Sunday, October 7, I broke out my first FR2 doll and went wild with my camera. Opium is very, very beautiful. I think she would only be my FR2 for the moment (went broke buying this girl).
There are so many pictures of Opium Ayumi now, I wonder do my photos make a difference?


Monday, October 08, 2012

So, it's been a while!

First things First, I miss you ladies and dudes. I miss blogging and reading your blogging! My dolly time had to take a backseat while I get my life in order and try to make a decent living. I'm in a rough spot in my life, but I know I can get thought it with my Savior help. I face hard times before and somehow I manage to always come out on top. This time is no different. I'm still looking for a new job (I'm not going into details about the job hunt because I will go crazy thinking about it) and I'm preparing myself to take CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses next year.

Remember I told you early this year that I plan on teaching English overseas that is still happening. I've been doing research for months to see where I can take courses and I found a very good school here in New York. All I have to do now is save money and just be ready to teach. I read that the school puts you in the classroom the next day. This will be fun! 
I'm going to end the post right here because I don't want it to be too long. However, I do have more to share. You see the picture up above? Yesterday I took so many photos, I just had to get in some playtime. It's been six months since my photo taking and I needed the "me time"! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Life, My Dolls!

Please go get some coffee or tea while reading this post because I have a few things to share!

My Social Security Card: On June 20th I needed to go change my name on my social security card, the process was a breeze and there was no problems getting my name change. I was only there for an hour and a happy camper! The worst part is/was the waiting! They tell you it takes four weeks for your card to come, but four weeks turn into seven weeks! I called last Thursday and the young lady on the phone said I should have my card soon!

Now that seven weeks of hell is over I could move on!

I'm still looking for a new job, reading and working on my writing long hand (so if you see me messing up on a few words let me know). I got all my denial work done, but the bill won't disappear until I pay it! I'm in a little financial mess, but with GOD's help, I know everything will be okay!
My Dolls! 

I got my new dolls this week and words can not describe the beauty of each lady. So I will give my quick review 

 Ayumi Opium is truly amazing! She is still in her box and
for a while she is just going to stay there

Darla Daley Ms. Bus Stop is too cute from head to toe! I was going to take
her outside today to take photos of her because home-girl needs that sunlight
to shine on her but when I got to the city, I just remember
I left her on the bed! No biggie, I'm pretty sure next week
we will have a chance to have fun in the sun before the
summer is officially over (which I can't wait because this
heat is getting on my nerves)!

I will be back this week for another update!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still Alive and Kicking!

So It's been awhile since I made a post on this blog, usually I try not to stay away too long without saying how everything is going! However, I've been doing so much that all I can do is go on facebook to see how family and friends are holding up (especially in this heat)!

Speaking of the heat, I try to stay inside as much as possible because I need my breathing and nose to be okay! However, I still have to go outside and fix all my documents and then there's looking for a new job just so I can save money for a year and pay for classes I need to take at the top of 2013!

When things clam down some I will jump back into my doll collecting before this month is over

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