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Dolls Do It Better: Letoya Vs Milan

LeToya Luckett known professionally as LeToya was one fourth of pop girl group Destiny's Child. In 2000 Letoya and band mate LaTavia Roberson was kicked out of the group by Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles. Letoya and Latavia formed a group of their own but after a few years the band separated. Letoya release her first album in 2006 titled Letoya and went right to Number 1 on the Billboard charts, with that number 1 album, she had a number 1 R&B single "Torn". The Video for "Torn" was the Number 1 for 25 week on BET's 106 & Park count down video show. On August 25, 2009 Letoya release her 2nd titled Lady Love and is ready to take on the world again.High Fashion never looks so Good!

Milan is a High Fashion Queen herself, plus I really love her hair!
Milan is wearing: a Fashion Fever fur
Letoya's 2nd album Lady Love is in stores Now!!!!

Dolls Do It Better: A Aaliyah tribute Vs Marisa

This is a special tribute to R&B singer and dancer Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001. Aaliyah had a few hits that include “Age Ain't Nothing But a Number”, “One in a Million” and “Rock the Boat”. Aaliyah’s styles was very Tomboy but still very girly at the same time. This picture is very cool and down to earth, that was the kind of person Aaliyah was.
Marisa is totally girly here and is not afaird to give it her all!What Marisa is wearing: Unknown top and 2008 Fashion Fever pants.

Never before seen photos

Trying to find some things to talk about and looking for news. So far nothing in my life is going on; well looking for a job is nothing to talk about only that it is the most pain in as...... un I mean butt! So here are some never before seen photos of Erin, Adele, Colette and Summer

Dynamite Girls Sooki goes from punk to a little bit soft!

I was going to sell this ElectroPop Sooki but, as you see I debox her and I had so much fun taking photos of her. Sooki wanted to stay and I did too!

Follow Stacey McIrby creator of So In Style dolls

You can follow creator of the So In Style dolls Stacy McIrby on
Here is the message we sent to each other. My message to Stacey @StaceyMcIrbyOh my hello Ms. Stacey, I love the new collection! You are so talented and God bless you!
Stacey message back to me
StaceyMcIrby@StormeeJaneBSFThanks so much, glad that you like the @SoInStylecollection!from webin reply to StormeeJaneBSF and beauty, what more can you ask for!

Dolls Do It Better: Recap!

So next week will be the last week for my theme DOLLS DO IT BETTER! I hope that all of you like the pictures and if you want to see more just let me know. After next week I'm taking some time off because, I been blogging so much I need to see what I'm going to work on next. Here is a Recap of past weeks photos.

Barbie Doll Fashionistas Part 3

Here are more Photos of Barbie Fashionistas coming out soon. The more I see these dolls the more I want.
Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Artsy)

Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Sassy)

Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Wild)

Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Girly)

Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Cutie)

Barbie Fashionistas by Peek & Cloppenburg (Glam)

Dynamite Girls Rufus Blue is now Ms. Blue

Here are some photos of Dynamite Girl Rufus Blue. I like this doll so much, She looks great with blue Hair!

New and Real Photos of Barbie Twilight Dolls coming the Fall!

I am happy to report that there are new photos of the Twilight dolls coming out in October. The below photo of Bella and Edwards is from a scene in Twilight. Bella tells Edward that she knows he is a vampire and Edwards shows her proof while shinning like a new pair of shoes under the sun!Here are other Photos!

Barbie Doll Fashionistas Part 2

Here is a more clear picture of the new Fashionistas dolls by Mattel! I really like these dolls but, (you know there was going to be a but) we did not need 4 blonde's. I love Artsy but I do wish her hair was a little darker. Plus were is the Latinos and Asians dolls! I also hope that the Ken version has a movable body. I'm so glad this girls are movable because this can make the phootshoot much better. Mattel needs to stop playing games because there are other ethic grounds in the world and it will really be cool if they threw some more tomatoes in the salad bowl.

Barbie Doll Fashionistas

As one of the the world's top fashion icon, Mattel's Barbie is always ready to embrace the latest fashions and trends, and make them her own. Taking inspiration from the catwalk and some of Barbie's favourite fashion friends, the Fashionistas are wearing this seasons key trends; from nautical stripes to bold prints and experimenting with texture and volume.
Each Fashionista wears an outfit that matches well with her distinct personality complete with all her accessories. All this, as well as the most poseable bodies ever (with 12 points of articulation) the Fashionistas can strike a pose just like the very best of the well known supermodels.
Barbie Fashionistas dolls are suitable for children aged 3+.
This is like Fashion Fever 2.0. I can not wait to see what these dolls look like in Person.

Dolls Do It Better: Beyonce VS Colette D

Another over the top Pop Queen is Mrs. Beyonce Carter. Beyonce was the lead singer of girl group Destiny's Child. After the group disbanded in 2005, Beyonce has become one of the most best selling female artists. I don't care for Beyonce's music too much because to me, none of her songs make me feel anything. But, I always love the beat and Beyonce style!I really like this photos of Beyonce. It shows her softer side instead of Sasha Fierce; Beyonce's crazy Alter Ego!
Painted in Black Colette D, out shines Ms. Beyonce in so many ways! Those eyes are just killing you when you look into them.Colette is wearing: 2007 Fashion Fever Summer Dress

Saving the best for Fall and Model of the Moment Marisa Lopez PhotoShoot

Do to my computer acting up and so on, I'm saving my Model Moments project and others for the fall. For now please enjoy Dolls Do It Better theme plus photos and stories I have to share with you! Speaking of photos I took some pictures of my Models of the Moment doll Marisa last name Lopez. I have to say, her lips remind of the Fashion Royalty chicks, don't you think so?


The Wonder Girls are a South Korean girl group who made their debut on The Wendy Williams Show on July 20, 2009. There on tour right now with the Jonas Brothers. Here is the Video "Nobody"

Now here are the girls on The Wendy Williams Show

Dolls Do It Better: Britney Spears Vs My Melody

The always in your face, the QUEEN of bad media I choose to use this week is Britney Spears! Why Ms. Spears you may ask yourself; HELL why not! Britney as been known for doing things that no country girl should ever do, but she did it anyway. I'm not a fan of Ms. Spears, but I do go on YouTube and search for some songs I do like of hers. Which songs are my favorite, I don't know because I only pay attention to the beat. Remember that Rolling Stone Cover Britney did that had all the parents going nuts or bananas; well here is the cover right here
I see nothing wrong with this cover in fact, when it first hit the stands I really like it. But, I could understand the parents not liking it because its very sexual and all that other bad stuff!
Did MY Melody do it better, heeeeellllllllllllllllll yeah! She did everything right with that cute face. Plus the teddy bear made this photo more sweet than sexy!Melody is wearing. Sharpay High School Musical top, Erin's bra and Cali girl Ch…

New Dynamite Girls: Beach Collection

I am so excited about the new Dynamite Girls Beach Collection coming out this August and September. Even my favorite girl is back REESE, not only that TJ looks more better in green than pink and red and it is so nice to see Sooki in a nice blue color! The last 2 Sookis' were too goth like, which is not a problem for me I'm glad they made Sooki more sweet and nice. This time Integrity made the best Dynamite girls ever! I can not wait to have them,Good Lord I need a job!!

The girls I want to get

Make Over

While my computer was out for a week (I will soon post a story about that) I took over 50 pictures and gave some of my girls Make overs. My Halloween Baribe who I rename Taj has a super hair cut and she working better than Rihanna!Taj hair is crazy wild but, with a little gel it all comes together. I'm not that good in the hair department: I don't know how to re-root, style a hair cut or any other fancy stuff, so I'm so glad this all came together!

More Photos of Taj!