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What's coming in June

Here are a few things to look forward to in the month of June!
My Dynamite Girls are very upset with me because I don't talk about them at all, so I will go down the list of all the Dynamite girls I do have. Just like I do with the Fashion Royatly dolls!
Twilight is coming back with the new movie Eclipse on June 30 and I will tell you the reasons why Edward and Jake are so much better off without Bella!
Summer Bliss 2010 will soon be in the air!
Do you want to read my dolls stories?
Don't forget to enjoy your 3 days off!

New Selena Dolls are coming out in June!

This Post is long, so please enjoy the reading!
Selena was "The Queen of Tejano music" back in the late 80's and early 90's! Selena was born and raised in Lake Jackson, Texas to Mexican Parents and she was the youngest out of 3 children. Selena together with her family achieved fame when she won Female Vocalist of the Year at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards and it was from there on that Selena will began to dominated the Tejano awards for the next 7 years!

Selena continued success when she received her first Grammy in 1994 and continuing touring after the award show!

In 1995 Selena gained notability worldwide when she was murdered by the president of her fan club on March 31, 1995.

Amor Prohibido video
I knew who Selena long before she left this earth! Amor Prohibido was my theme song in the summer of 1994, I was about 13 when I first saw this video and I was hooked! Selena did so much in her 23 years, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are both females who are known

worldwide but …

ITBE Dolls: Are they here to stay or in the way?

The ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Editions) dolls made their debut in the spring of 2009, this is integrity first affordable doll line for collectors who may not want to spend so much on the other very pricy girls that integrity has to offer! In each collection there is always a group of 5 or 6 girls who are ready to have their picture taken! So for the 2010 integrity line the 2nd waves of the ITBE dolls theme is the Rome edition with 5 new friends but, are the ITBE girls here to stay or in the way!

To be honesty with you; I am not a fan of the ITBE line! This is very funny because I’m always trying to make room for anything new that is coming out! I took a photo of the first line back in February of 2009. At first I said to myself: OMG, I have to have these dolls” but as time went by I found nothing special about the IT girls!
At the W Hotel

Here are my reasons for not totally falling in love with these dolls!

1. After collecting The Dynamites girls, Fashion Royalty and now the ever so popu…

Bratz Dolls a Barbie Relative?

Find a video on YouTube about the whole Bratz and Barbie mess! I read so many reports about these 2 big doll giants but, the reporter in the video explain it so well!

To be honest with you; I never really like the bratz dolls. At times Barbie can really dress too sexy but Bratz went beyond sexy! I did like some of their clothes and some of the themes that was created but, I never pick up a doll to save my life.

All the Single Ladies!

Remember in 2008 Popstar Beyonce mad the most annoying song to man called "Single Ladies(Put a ring on it)"! I myself hated that God awful song but millions of others had to get in front of their video cameras and redid the famous moves in Beyonce's video! As I said before the song and video is annoying, but not as annoying when everybody and their mama went jumping around in a black one piece to recreate the

The video I'm about to show you beats out all the other wannabes! A you girl on Youtube who collects Liv dolls did her own single ladies video better than all the rest! This is why this video is in my favorites!


Takeo is in the damn building! 2 weeks ago at 4am in the morning I took pictures of Takeo first photo shoot. Some of you may have seen the photos on, but you get to see everything that is wonderful about Takeo! This first Takeo doll is truly amazing and the camera loves every minute of him! Here is the link to the photos enjoy!

Ayumi, Frank & Kyori photoshoot is here!

Photos are finally up for my Ayumi 7, Frank 8 and Kyori 9 Fashion Royalty dolls! I know it took so long for me to post them but they are up now and it was all worth the wait! Please click on the title above to view the photos! OR COPY & PASTE THE LINK BELOW!

Takeo & Addy

I stay up all Saturday morning trying to make sure this video was beyond great. I enjoy my Takeo doll so much, he is truly the perfect male doll ever made! I have been buying so many male dolls lately and Takeo is the best buy.

OOPS! Sorry guys, Lukas is the best doll I ever bought, Sorry Lukas!

But back to the Topic.....................Here is Takeo and Alvin Ailey Barbie doll rename Addy Ailey in my new music video for 2010 call "Your Joy"

Lady Gaga dolls anyone

As always I was on YouTube looking at videos and I came across this Lady Gaga video photo shoot! Now I know some of the dolls belong to Veik11 from Veik11 is becoming very famous on the web due to his recreating everything Gaga but at the very end of the video, I don't know who Giselle that is. I will check to see who that doll belongs to because I starting to fell in love with Giselle!