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Be My Monster!

A while ago I talk about my swap gift from a person on facebook and Monday I made some time to take pictures and have fun! As you can see in the above photos I got Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon starter pack and Cleo de Nile Gloom Beach!

What's Wrong With Liking Dolls? You Go Ali

Found a video just a short few minutes ago from this beautiful young lady named Ali (check out her blog)!

She so told the truth!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story Episode 8: Part 2

Sorry I know I'm late but, better late than never as they say! I took a break yesterday because it was my birthday after all; I didn't play with my dolls as I had plan or go out early in the morning to enjoy my day! I may do that today, that's if I can go back to sleep. 
Enough with the talking about me let's get back to basics and watch Takeo wet his pants he doesn't really wet his pants as he tells his mother about Addie!

QUESTION: As more characters come into this story, would you like to see a sit-down where one of the cast members talk about their life and what it's like to see Takeo and Addie in love!? If so I have the perfect host and she will also appear in the story very soon!  Let me know what you think!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story Preview of Episode 8

After taking 40-50 pictures, 1 day of writing the story, 3 days of editing; Episdoe 8 of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story is so done! I'm not done yet, I still have much to do because Episode 9 will be up before this month is over and this coming weekend I will be hard at work because I need to fix the set for Auntie Annik!
Here is the Preview of Episode 8 and P.S. I had to use YouTube Awful music...................

Having a Monster High Moment!

On Monday I was so freaking happy to get my swap gift from a very sweet lady on, from a private  doll group. I wont say the name of the group because it's kind of private and I don't want no one kicking my butt for letting the secret out, however I got some new Monster High stuff which hopefully this weekend (my birthday is on Sunday) I will sit down and opened everything up and have a good ole time!
My first Cleo De Nile got redress because she wants to let me know she still has it, not that she ever lost it!

Yes Ms. Cleo has everything going on!

You Know I Love You All So........................

Whitney Houston: August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012

When I was a child there were 3 singers who I always admired; Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Sadly 2 are still living and 1 has gone away!
I'm not going into a long post, I just want to say Whitney finally has some peace. We watch this woman change before our eyes though out the years and sadly she has fell to the bottom of the pit of no return! At this time there is nothing we can do but pray for her family because her mother and daughter needs it the most!
I'm not even going to watch the Grammys because no one can sing a song like Whitney Houston, so whoever going to sing her songs tonight needs to go sit down somewhere because I'm not trying to hear it!

I gave up, I bought Marisa

If you read my post yesterdayThe Man I Give All My Money To,Well The Only Man has a part 2 to this story! After feeling a little down from my dentist visit last month, I broke my agreement to myself which was not to buy any new dolls for the time being! I really need to save money because I need every cent for the near future; well all that change because when I left that dentist office I came home in Brooklyn and stop by my local Target to ease the pain!
I bought So In Style Marisa and rebody her, although not a totally match but she could still rock the house! I'm keeping an eye on her because I'm already hearing somethings and the other dolls are leaving notes about having a meeting because the new family member has too much mouth! 

The Only Man I Give All My Money Too!

It's been a year since my last appointment with my dentist. Many things happen in 2011 and I rarely made time to take care of my health! Not only was my sinus and weight were affected, my teeth were in poor shape as well.
On January 23rd of this year I went to have my teeth clean. While I do brush every day (sometimes twice) as the saying goes "Brushing is not enough!", little did I realize that those words have become a reality in my life.
The hygienist (Can't remember her name right now) did some X-rays and took pictures of my teeth and then she ask me this question "How is your flossing going?" I told the truth "Not that great!" then she told me that you have 3 cavities and we need to take care of them right away! To be honest, with my poor eating and drinking soda almost everyday (okay let me make this clear, times have change and I cut back on many things!) I was not surprise to hear that cavities are resting in my mouth!

Very Intense Episode

After one heck of a week Saturday I started working on Episode 8:Mother, I Have Something To Tell You Part 2 of Takeo & Addie's show and let me tell you, as I said in the title of this post things get really intense! So I will give you update on what happen! 
If you could remember last Season Takeo left his job to go find Addie (I will do a bonus episode for that one soon), he had his best friend Giselle to change all his information so he can come into New York without his mother on his case! Why would Kyori (Takeo's mom, yay she finally in the story) be on his case; because Kyori is Takeo's Boss! Yes, she is the one who send him the email in Episode 2 about not doing his job!
It's been 9 months and Takeo is going to contact his mother by Skype and while Takeo told his Uncle Dai about Addie and his sister Sooki was there when Takeo got on one Knee; Takeo lets Addie know that his mother does not know about her! That's when things get a little intense! 
P.S. This …

Angie and her Big Girls need Love too!

It very early in the morning and yes I'm on the computer before I even pray (I know God is going to have a few words with me)! I was checking in on everyone blogs, much drool factor over at Dollies Series!
One of my doll buddies who I think is really cool, she is like the Mother of Dolls is Angie ofLuv My Dollz
I first met Angie and Anika in 2008, we all met in Manhattan to hop on a train to go to a doll show! At first I was very quiet because that's just how I am when meeting people for the first time and I was thinking to myself, "I don't belong in this group, my name don't start with an A!" Trust me that's how I think most of the time but as the day went by I grew to like  my new rehab dolly friends! 
Please check out her blog and be a bug with your comments!  

New Blogger is in the HOUSE!

The person who I sold my first Dynamite Girl to has a blog and I'm really interested in what's going on in her doll lives! The Manor is own by Tabitha and we need to show her how serious we are about our blogging!

The Matched third party content!

I love doing videos for you guys and myself; I love making sure that each set has a prefect match and tone that belongs together. I also loving choosing music that goes well with that video however, all that may changed! Too many of my videos on have the Matched Third Party Content on my videos and from what I understand after 3 videos they would suspend your account and you are no longer part of the YouTube family! I been uploading videos on YouTube since 2008 and it is now 2012 and they have not got on my ass yet!
I don't want to get in trouble with YouTube or abandoned the people on there who watch my videos! I'm thinking about uploading my videos on YouTube without music (I know that would be boring) and upload my videos here on the blog with music! Tell me what you guys think and for those who do shows on YouTube how do you get around with YouTube not being on your case?