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Katy Perry: You’re So Gay with Fashion Royalty Dolls

In the Summer of 2008, Katy had everybody wanted to kiss a girl! Well not me but Katy Perry song “I kissed A Girl” was the #1 song in the country. A few months after Katy Perry premiered a song and a video called “You’re So Gay”. It featured Fashion Royalty dolls Erin, Ayumi , Francisco and others. The song is about a girl dating a guy who she feels is more into his guy friend than her! Click link below photo!Katy Perry You're So GayThe Video is very funny, I know a lot of gay people were mad when the song came out but you really have to understand what point of view that women are coming from! Ur So Gay > Captures

Good Morning, God Bless and Good Dolly Talk!

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to where ever your are in the world! I should be in Church on this Sunday morning but, there is next Sunday for me to hear the good word! Speaking of the Good word, I have some actually photos to show you from the new Integrity 2010 line from Noddyfry Photostream.  There was an Dollz in Oz Hollywood Convention 2010 in the great outback( Australia) this past Saturday March 27, 2010, where you get to see all the dolls in PERSON( WHY ON EARTH DID THEY NOT DO THAT HERE IN NEW YORK)! Really I have no hard feelings because there will always be next year (GODS WILLING). If you don’t have the 2010 dolls yet hurry over to any doll dealer online and order, order, order, order!

Jason Wu on the View

On Friday March 19, 2010 Jason Wu stop by The View to about his new spring line, Michelle Obama and even Dolls I can’t believe Jason Wu is only 26! I’m 29 and when I saw this man in person I turn into a school age girl who was so happy to be in the same room with him! WOW……………………………P.S. I don’t watch The View that much because of  Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but I had to forget her mess and watch the show!

10 to 11 is the way to go!

Coming next month are the most drop dead gorgeous men in the world! Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani Fashion Figure& Style Strategy Lukas M Dressed Fashion FigureSusan of Susan's Shop of Dolls is holding these two for me next month, so I can pick them up at the Doll show that is coming to Long Island, New York! This will mark my 3rd year visiting  the doll show and I hope they have something that is worth buying. My first year was in 2008 where I bought my first Dynamite Girl 2nd wave Jett and My Melody Barbie. In 2009 my 2nd year I was happy to find Kwanzaa Barbie for $20.00 dollars; trust me guys that is cheap because if you’re buying online people are charging you $100.00 dollars and that is not cool! Plus I bought the last Rufus Blue 3rd wave before somebody else came and took her away from me! Lets see what happens this year because even if I only come home with these two sexy dolls that will be okay with my!

Barbie and Ken become MadMen

Barbie goes back in the 60s’ where some men would call it the “Good old Days”. Mainly because Women and Ethics groups could not tell them what to do. Mattel has to decides to create the cast of Mad Men and explore the world of 60s’ Fashion in a big  way!You can pre-order the dolls at Angelic Dreamz.

LIV Dolls 2010 w/ Hayden Spin Master Toy Fair Preview

Everyone is so into the Liv Dolls as of right now! The reason why? liv Dolls maybe all in pink like Barbie, High in Fashion like Fashion Royalty or over the top big head girls (sometimes hooker looking) Bratz. Liv Dolls are in a league of their own; you can change their hair anytime you want to! Put on something else beside PINK and just have fun taking photos because these girls are so pose able. Below is a video of a ToyFair showing all the dolls and clothes for the Liv Dolls Spring line!

I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO POST ABOUT: Twilight Eclipse is coming June 30, 2010

Sorry about no updates lately, I have been so tired taking a care of a baby (NOT MINE, SOMEONE ELSE) and had a really really bad cold for the past 3 weeks. I got a cold before my birthday and last week Mr. Cold told me he was not done with me just yet! By to the topic, here a a 11 second preview of Twilight Eclipse!

Can you say Team Jake all the way! You would think that I would have the Jake doll by now but, I need to save some money for the doll show next month! I spend almost a $100 dollars on my birthday last month and I need to take a break!