Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 11 Winter Finale

Here you go the Winter Finale is here but don't worry, as soon as I take care of my life I will be fixing up a lot of things and before you know it May will be around the corner! I'm going to be very business this April and I'm going to try to set a time to do everything that needs to be done for this show! Spring is going to have a lot of madness! Please stay tune for spoilers at the end of the show!

Did you see that? I hope that answers some of your questions for now about Dai and Annik. However these 2 still have some dirt under the rug do you remember my spoiler back in December Drama on the set!
 One of these ladies is Dai and Annik's daughter; I'm going to let you know now, it's not Colette aka Claire his girlfriend that would be so nasty on many levels! I will let you all know sometime this month!
Here are the spoilers for May 2012


  1. Love this!! I'm becoming an addicted!!

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on this video. It is really good. I love the characters and their outfits. I'm hooked on the plot. I hope to see more soon. Keep in touch.

  3. Nice finale! I also love your graphics. Looking forward to Spring episodes.

    P.S. Was I right in who I chose to be Annik's daughter? I posted it in your blog back then.

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Great finale, your stories have me all caught up in what going to happen next! Love it.

  5. Love this as well. I am totally addicted ! Looking forward to seeing your spring episodes :)

  6. I like the video and the way you styled everyone! Great story too! You do a much better job photoing your darker dolls with lighter dolls than I do. You darker dolls ar in fucus. I have a hard time doing that.


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