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VOGUE ITALIA July issue show Black Barbies Love!

In July 2008; Vogue Italia made history by paying respect to all Black Models and designers thoughout the fashion industry by having their first all black issue. This year it's all about Barbie; The Black Barbie we should say!

The Cover

I have to say, seeing these photos made me cry a little bit. I truly love being African America and going into stores seeing dolls who have the same skin complexion like me.

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HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Next week I will have my review on the Rocawear So in Styles Barbie dolls!

Dolls Do It Better: Kim Kardashian Vs. Ayumi N

This week I'm using Reality Star Kim Kardashian and Fashion Royalty London by Night Ayumi N. Kim Kardashian was one of those famous people I could not stand! Why? you make ask yourself! Ms. Kardashian is famous for a real nasty sex tape that she did with Ex and immanture boyfriend Ray J. But over the years, I really stated to like Kim because she was much more than a pretty girl with a black girl booty! I love everything about this photo, very sexy and a little sweet! Ayumi is looking way hot in this photo. It was kind of hard to get this pose because I forget she was a doll and not an actual human being! However, I'm glad this photo came out so great.Ayumi is wearing: Nadja Urban Outfitting underwear and black heels. If you can see, I painted the bottom of the shoes red!

Kayla modeling in New Fashion Fever

While I was going to school, after class I would stop at my local Target near Brooklyn College. As always I will stop in the Barbie department to see what's new. I will say Mattel has lost some of their fans respect for making crappy clothing and their same face dolls in every ethic group you could imagine. But, I couldn't help myself when I saw some stuff from their new fashion line!

The outfit did come with a lipop but I lost it, so I used these sunglasses that go well with the out. I also changed the shoes because like I said before, Mattel has been making so crappy clothing and thos shoes could not stay on Kayla feet for nothing! The outfil comes with:White Jacket, red top, blue jeans, read shoes and a lipop!


Every Wednesday over the summer, I will be recreated photos from celebrities’ with my dolls using what I have in my collection of clothes. There are so many celebrities’ photos to choose from but, I have made my decision. Some celebrities’ I like and some I just can’t stand at all. However, I love all kinds of photo shoot so I will be using a little bit of everything! Ciara VS Rufus Blue (Ms. Blue) This is a scene from R&B star Ciara's music video "Never Ever". One morning I was watching MTV and saw this video, I liked what Ciara was wearing so much I got up and redid this photo!Ciara is wearing a red leather jacket, white sports bra and some faded jeans!
Ms. Blue is wearing a mixture of Fashion Fever! Why did I choose Rufus, it was so time for her to come out of her box and do her run on the CATWALK. I have to say, Ms. Blue did it better than Ciara! Ms.Blue is wearing a 2008 Fashion Fever Short red jacket and 2007 Fashion Fever Short top and pants that came together!

Jason Wu and Colette: Ally of The Dolls

Now that he’s one of American fashion’s wunderkinder, Jason Wu’s early work as a designer of doll fashions is an oft-told part of his lore. But even now that he’s got a pretty enviable set of life-size women clamoring for his clothes, the miniature mode is not a part of his DNA that he’s ready to jettison. His latest fantastic bit of fashion-clad plastic marks the debut of his Fall 2009 collection at Colette in Paris, which hit the store this week. (”The early bird gets the worm,” said Wu. Indeed!) “Sarah [Lerfel] came in to put in an order and saw a doll on my desk, and it just went from there,” explains Wu. “It’s just so perfect for Colette.” For his limited-edition Colette doll, which sells for €215, Wu chose look 20: a belted ivory cashmere coat with a fairylike feather-embroidered hem. “Doing a doll is like drawing a caricature,” Wu explains. “You don’t render all the details, just the most distinctive ones. That’s why it has to be a fun look.” Wu’s dolly days are actually still …

The Bliss is Here, My 6th Fashion Royalty doll: Erin

Hey Everyone!

As you know Summer Bliss starts today which is July 13 and ends on August 25 or 28; don't worry I will keep you posted. There's going to be all kinds of themes, stories and news to share with all of you; so make sure you keep coming back here to check out what's going on.

Let me start things off by sharing some photos of my 6th Fashion Royalty Doll Erin! I wanted this doll for over a year and she is finally here with me! I love everything about Erin, at times Erin does have a bad attitude but she truly is a sweet person!

" I love you, Daddy"

I don't know if any of you watch Michael Jackson Memorial Service today! There were some very touching moments, especially Michael Jackson's daughter Paris when she let everyone know that Michael was a good father and that she misses her DADDY very much!
I'm not a Big Michael fan but, this was one talented guy. Lets look pass all the bad stuff that surround his life and look at the good moments!

Working on Photoshoots, themes & BENSIELEIGH I did not forget you!!!

As of right now I working on a few photoshoots and themes for my Summer Bliss serious. So far I have taken over 65 pictures and plan on taking more this week. It is such a blessing not to have my mouth hurting me anymore after I had my tooth pull last week. The Summer Bliss
serious starts next week July 13 and end August 25 or 28. I also working on my Forever Barbie music video! Yes, we can still celebrity Barbie 50Th Birthday!

BENSIELEIGH I did not forget about you! Thank you for the award and I will answer and send you back a post soon!!

Please stay tune for next week!

Love and God Bless!

What’s coming?

I’m working on a few things for Summer Bliss 2099. I came up with a few ideas and you can see those ideas starting July 13- August 28! Here are the themes to look forward to! *Dolls do it better: I am going to have dolls redo a Celebrity photo in their own styles
Plus more stories and my feelings about new dolls, music and movies that we may see along the way!