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Winter Premiere of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story IS HERE!

I'm so glad I keep my word because that does not always happen; this is the Winter Premiere of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story! I was up early Sunday morning and up early yesterday morning editing the whole process! Episode 7 is very short but don't worry there is a part 2 coming very soon hope you like it! 

I'm working on it!

It's past 4 in the morning and I'm working on Takeo and Addie's stories now. 

Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow night waiting to be watched! Here is a photo from Episode 7!

My First Dynamite Girl Is Sold: Thank You Tabitha:UPDATE

I knew there will be some heart break over selling my ever first Dynamite Girl Jett! Jett was always very special to because in 2008 I created my blog, I went to my first doll show and made some wonderful friends and of course I bought my first Dynamite Girl Jett because Reese did not arrival yet and at the time I was only feeling Jett! That's a damn lie I was feeling all of them but I had no more money to spend so I went home thinking about them for the rest of the weekend!
However I'm not so sad, my new Jett is stealing my heart like the first one and things are going well!
Over the weekend I will post a Farewell video to My First Dynamite Girl, Tabitha she coming home to you soon! Thank you for reading my blog!

My Sell Page is Back Up!

My Sell Page is back up, I have a few items for sell and in the next coming weeks I will post 2 things for sell 1 at a time so please take a look!  Selling My Stuff:I Must Let Go

Bye Fitches.........................................

Let me say this on here because I said it on facebook some time ago........

"When you are famous for nothing, you won't be remembered!"

I have not said anything regarding Mattel making the Kardashian Barbie dolls because I don't want no one calling me a hater!

Well tonight or day I'm going to do a little bashing, don't worry I'm going to be nice!

I do my fair share of watching Reality TV but there is nothing like watching a real good storyline, you can not beat the real thing! I'm really getting tried of seeing Realty so-call stars being in our faces 24/7 and they don't do nothing but play acting on TV.

What did Mattel have to say about all this

"As popular as the Kardashian sisters are, at this point in time we are not manufacturing Barbie-branded Kardashian dolls."

 People like The Kardashians and Nene Leakes(Why is she on Glee, she acts the same damn way in real life) should not be getting any airtime for acting so damn silly!

My Night in Target: I'm Trying So Hard.................................

I went to Target tonight to do a little shopping and sweeties temptation  was killing me so deeply!
First of all the Barbie Basics 3.0 dolls were there and I could heard them saying  "Pick me, Pick me, Please Pick me!" I could not pick any of them because I want to save money  but they are not making it easy!

Should I really post this!

I had another late night again and believe me; I was very happy being up! I did a photo-story in my head and the pictures came out great! I'm just wondering should I post them on this blog!? It will be a short story between two lovers who have been dating since 2009, Frank(Francisco) and Maria(Monte Carlo) are a beautiful Latino couple in love! Frank is also a good friends with Takeo and he will be at the wedding! 
I don't know if I should do a video with a BIG OLD FAT WARNING or post them the old fashion with the pictures and the dialog at the bottom. If I do decide to make a video I would either have to post it on or! 
I will make up my mind soon because I do want to share! 

Jett having her Marilyn moment or should I say: My Night with Marilyn

Late last night I was up watching all my favorites; Pretty Little Liars, Being Human and I think my new fave Lost Girl! I decided to fix up my doll set and take some pictures.

This little set up you will see in the future however I just had to share these with you now. More photos are coming soon and they will be hot!

  Jett was letting her inner Marilyn Monroe out last night, I think she is truly beautiful and the best blonde on the face of this planet (real or not)!

New Monster High Special: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love

On Sunday February 12 a freaking week before my birthday Nickelodeon is having a Valentines Special!  Even though I can't wait to see it and I really wish they would stop teasing up with the specials this  3D thing is really messy! 

Nikki a.k.a Nina Parker needs a new body!

I posted on that I need to cut down on my doll spending but, I do need to find Top Model Nikki aka Nina Parker a new body!

After reading Vanessa's blog, Nina (that's what I call her) will be in a storyline with Lukas Mavericksometime later this year!

In my mind, Nina is a very educated retired Top Model! She wants to look out for those younger generation of models out there who would get use and abuse!

Nina will show you nothing but tough love, she is very honest, opened and will tell you off in a nice way!

Please pray that I have the money to find Nina a new body! 

Setting up the set but People are always in the way!

I have been trying to get ready for my doll stories but something is always in the way! Today I had the perfect time to do my photo story for Takeo and Addie; I don't have much but I can make do of the little that I do have! Plus I wanted to get some reading in because next week I can't do much reading!

There is always something going on in my family but, I don't want to say too much because somebody will find this blog one day and they won't be happy!

Hopefully tomorrow which is Sunday, I will finish everything I have!

Hope everyone's weekend is going great because mines is not! 

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Bella and Edward Wedding!

I will be honest, I did not see Breaking Dawn yet! For all 3 Twilight movies I have been there front and center to watch my movie but for some reason, I decide to skip it and wait until it comes out on DVD and be ready to see the last movie in Theaters this fall! 
With that being said I would also like to buy the new Twilight:Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward Wedding Dolls for the clothes!  I already have the first set of Twilight dolls, Edward which I freaking love and I have Bella which I never posted pictures of! 

I don't know when there coming out but I hope soon because I need that top on Edward for Takeo! I had Takeo outfit plan out since last summer and now that I see this suit, things have really change! Plus the dress, I am making Addie's dress! I have sewed the dress together and all I need to do is add the pieces. But here comes Bella with this! WHAT IS A DOLL COLLECTOR  TO DO! 

My Moments in 2011: What I would like to do in 2012 and Beyond! If God is willing Part 2

In my first post I talked about my health and what I would like to do with my future aka life! Now I want to talk about my moments that happen on this blog and outside this blog!

My Moments in 2011: What I would like to do in 2012 and Beyond! If God is willing Part 1

My first post for 2012 I hope this won't be long but here I go............................

Sometime the plans you have for your life does not always turn out the way you want to; I had many plans set for myself in 2011 but unfortunately things went left instead of going right!