My Life, My Dolls!

Please go get some coffee or tea while reading this post because I have a few things to share!

My Social Security Card: On June 20th I needed to go change my name on my social security card, the process was a breeze and there was no problems getting my name change. I was only there for an hour and a happy camper! The worst part is/was the waiting! They tell you it takes four weeks for your card to come, but four weeks turn into seven weeks! I called last Thursday and the young lady on the phone said I should have my card soon!

Now that seven weeks of hell is over I could move on!

I'm still looking for a new job, reading and working on my writing long hand (so if you see me messing up on a few words let me know). I got all my denial work done, but the bill won't disappear until I pay it! I'm in a little financial mess, but with GOD's help, I know everything will be okay!
My Dolls! 

I got my new dolls this week and words can not describe the beauty of each lady. So I will give my quick review 

 Ayumi Opium is truly amazing! She is still in her box and
for a while she is just going to stay there

Darla Daley Ms. Bus Stop is too cute from head to toe! I was going to take
her outside today to take photos of her because home-girl needs that sunlight
to shine on her but when I got to the city, I just remember
I left her on the bed! No biggie, I'm pretty sure next week
we will have a chance to have fun in the sun before the
summer is officially over (which I can't wait because this
heat is getting on my nerves)!

I will be back this week for another update!


  1. I am in loooove with this Darla! So cute.

  2. Congratulations on your new dolls! The Darla is especially darling ;-D

  3. Hey Ebony!! Girl, I have missed your posting. Great that you have finished your dental work and yes, God will make a way for them to get their money. I love your new dolls. I am getting Darla also....yay...can't wait. Great having you back. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oooh, such beautiful girls!

  5. Glad to see a post for you. Glad life is moving along swimmingly. I love the new dolls. Really feel the new Darla! If I were buying, she would be on her way here.

  6. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new dolls. They are very cute. I'm sure you'll soon have the money .... Keep in touch

  7. Thank you everyone for the comments, I know I can't move forwards if my personal life is not in order so everything is well on it's way! Ayumi and Darla are the best and I'm glad I went broke for them! More photos are coming soon.

  8. I love Darla Daley Ms. Bus Stop! She's a cutie pie!!

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  10. Wow! Great dolls! I love the Darla Daley Ms. Bus Stop doll! I would love to see more pictures of her! BTW, how are you?

  11. That’s right! If you stay positive, things will work out alright. Your dolls, by the way, look very realistic. I watched your doll miniseries, and I think you did a good job with those videos. Keep it up, and good luck with your feature endeavors!

    Chris Jeffery

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