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Take & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 4

EARTHQUAKE: RUN..............

No joke I hope everyone is okay from yesterday shake, I didn't feel anything because I was sleep but my mom did! So I hope everyone and everything are doing well and I will be back this weekend for updates!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 3

I hope this video is a little better for everyone's reading, so please sit back and enjoy the show!

Meet The Friends of Addie for Episode 3

Here is something very short about Addie's friends in Episode 3 of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story! I will be uploading the show early this weekend.

Takeo & Addie A True Love Story: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Takeo & Addie A True Love Story is here, hope you enjoy the show because more are coming. I took a lot of pictures for this episode, it took me 4 to finish. I just hope it was all worth!

Your Nappy Hair Doll: WOW YOU WENT THERE: Bullies on Facebook!

Some of you are my friends on, you also know I don't put a picture of  myself on there! Reasons why I don't put a photo of myself on there, it really doesn't matter because it is my facebook account right! Now I'm not a big fan of facebook but, it does come in handy when talking to family and friends and making new friends.
Facebook is also a place where you can talk about your favorite shows and I love TV; I watch TV all the time. Now I don't live for TV, but if a show is on that I like I will get myself ready to watch the show! 
I was on Basketball Wives page:  It's a Reality show of so called friends who were either married, shacking up, or had a baby with a current or ex-basketball player. Not one of my 10 top shows but, it's in my below 100!  While watching the preview of next week show, one of the ladies Meeka Claxton called Tami Roman: Tami "HoodRat" Roman! I happen to comment on the statement which was "Tami "HoodRat&qu…

More photos of dolls outside

I uploaded the rest of my photos from Saturday doll outing! Please check them out on this link! Dolls In Bryant Park

Spending Money on a rainy day: Doing a lot of venting here

On Tuesday (August 9) I got stuck at the doctor's office because it was raining so hard; I was not trying to get wet again because on my way there it looked like I took a shower with my clothes on! After a hour of watching bad TV (My Wife and Kids is such a bad show) I walked pretty fast to Atlantic Terminal Mall to grab a bite to eat and as always look around for new items! My mom wanted a small crock pot so I got that for her, I also found classic He-Man DVD for $5 dollars which I just had to have. 
Now I could not leave Target without looking at the doll section, I saw new Monster High, Moxie, Bartz and some Barbie dolls! I think around this time of the year we will start to see more new items come, maybe in September the shelves will be fully stock! I'm tired of going to Target and they never have anything that matches. It's like going to some house and they have jelly but no peanut butter or cereal but no damn milk! The toy stores or the stores that carry toys really n…

Oh my Back

I see that my other doll buddies have posted their photos, which is cool because my back is hurting me so bad from yesterday. It took me all morning just to move and find my way to the bathtub. So here are a few photos from my dolly outing!

I will posted more photos through out the week because I have more to share, but right now I have to lay down and watch some TV!

Recycled doll sofa

Oh thank the lord that Froggy Princess and her daughter lil Froggy Princess are on YouTube, showing us how to make doll furniture with items we already have in the house!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story: Episode 1

It is finally here, I'm not going to talk so much. Only thing I can say is I"m fixing Episode 2 and will take pictures for Episode 3 next week. Again hope you enjoy the video, please always leave feedback on how I can make things better! Thank you and love you!