Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nissan Toys Barbie Ken Commercial

Some years ago Nissan made a commercial with a GI Joe type doll who went to pick up some kind of Barbie doll, this is a pure classic!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Blog Post about Christian Louboutin & Barbie's cankles

I just read that French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has had enough of Barbie’s cankles (ankles that blend into calves). Apparently, the designer has taken it upon himself to give Barbie an ankle lift and skinnier legs for the shoes he’s designing for her. “He found her ankles were too fat,” his spokesperson told Women’s Wear Daily.

Excuse me? If Barbie were a real woman, her body would be nonfunctioning, it’s so out of realistic proportion. According to, her feet would be a size 3, her bra size would be a 39FF and her measurements 39-21-33. She would stand 8 feet 9 inches tall. Her neck would be twice the length of a normal woman’s and would be so skinny, she’d have to choose between an esophagus and a trachea. The likelihood of a real woman having Barbie’s bod is less than one in 100,000.

I know, she’s just a doll. But for most little girls, Barbie is the first woman’s body they really get to analyze, besides their mothers’. Little girls (and little boys) are fascinated with Barbie because they can take off her clothes, check her out from all angles and get an anatomy lesson even though she’s missing certain vital parts. Barbie is a little girl’s first ideal — what she hopes to look like when she grows up.

Lately, plus-size models and actresses have gotten lots of attention, but “plus” starts at size 12 to 14! That means more than half of American women are plus-size; the average American woman is 162.9 pounds and size 14.

When plus-size model Lizzie Miller appeared nude in Glamour, smiling broadly with the slight fold of extra skin around her belly showing, the fashion world made a big to-do. I applaud her and the magazine, but her body still is smaller and more toned than the average American woman’s. Plus-size models don’t look fat. They look healthy.

Normally, I am not plus-size, but now that I am 31 weeks pregnant, I am. I know, it will come off after childbirth but that’s not the point. It irks me that I feel fat. I shouldn’t be embarrassed about being bigger than the sickly-looking women fashion wants me to idealize. If Barbie has cankles, mine must be elephantine.

For our daughters’ sake, parents must redefine what we consider beautiful. Talk to them about their body image and tell them they’re beautiful at any size.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mattel first Asian Male Doll: What do I think about him!


Now let’s get back to the topic; after so many years an Asian male doll by MATTEL is finally here! In all honesty the more I see this doll the more I'm saving every penny to buy him. This is also a new face mold, he is not using any left overs from Ken and that is a very good sign. The doll is part of Dolls of the World: Japan and he is also bringing a friend. Yes Lea is coming with Ken also; both dolls are due just in time for Christmas. Ken comes in a traditional Japanese patterned-fabric with contemporary styled clothing and a samurai-inspired sword. Yes a sword, I really can see him and Takeo taking down the bad guys! Now this was the good part and I’m going to explain the bad part!

Why oh why did he have to be a damn samurai? I understand its part Dolls of the World but Asian Ken could have been put in the Barbie Basic line easily! Was it so hard to make Asian Ken blend in with everyone else, how hard is it to put on a T-shirt and jeans and make him a male model!

When Fashion Royalty Takeo came out in fall 2008, there were some upset that he was a Ninja but, the only difference is that Takeo came in a suit! The next year spring 2009 Takeo had the boy next door image. No matter how Takeo came dress he was blended into society!

I’m really happy that both dolls are coming out and hope to see so many photos!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Youtube Thursdays: Who'd Have Known

Every now and then I will post videos from YouTube from doll collectors who are better in making music videos than me. This video is from Tiglem who collects Pullip dolls and is very creative in making videos of them!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Damn Beautiful

Please watch this video first!

Now that you watch the video, what do you think? Notice that there are some Barbie dolls in the video. I watch this video over 2 years ago and the images always stayed in my mind. Why do you think Barbie or even Ken was in the video? Here are the reasons why I think these dolls showed up; both Barbie and Ken are the ideal beautiful couple! They are perfection at its best, both blondes with pretty blue eyes, perfect bodies with the perfect teeth! As doll collectors we always fell into the beauty of a unique doll because she is just so damn beautiful! Maybe to Non-doll collectors Barbie or Ken are everything a person what to be!

We have become a society that is obsessed with being alluring, we think and know if we looked like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and/or Jessica Alba we will be loved and adore by others. These women I mention are not just famous based on talent alone, they’re what you call sexy, hot, and beautiful! They have great bodies, perfect teeth and flawless hair. In all honesty a person with money is able to live beyond their mends unlike working class people all over the work!

We are so obsessed with being beautiful that we put ourselves into scary situations; such as Bulimia and Binge Eating I will break down the two!

Bulimia-Bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder that involves bingeing on food followed by purging, can cause gum disease, osteoporosis, kidney disease, heart disease, and death. Bulimia affects mostly women and teens.

Binge Eating-Binge eating disorder is compulsive overeating. People who binge use food as a way to cope with unwanted emotions or stress. Binge eating disorder is treated with nutrition counseling, medication, and group/family therapy.

People see dolls, models, and actress and think that they are suppose to look like, when the truth of the matter is not everyone is born with a pretty stick! We are who we are and if you want to change something about yourself Please pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, start eating and excising on a daily basics and make sure you are doing it for the right reason such as yourself and not for anybody else!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should Barbie Basic 2.0 Model#4 stayed Black! Part 2


In both Barbie Basic 1 and 2.0 lines Model 4 has the Goddess face mold. The Goddess face mold has been use many times over the years for dolls of the world such as Sumatra-Indonesia, Princess of the Korean Court and Princess of the Pacific Islands. You also can find the Goddess in play-line dolls as well, Princess Edeline from The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Gillian from Fashion Fever and Pop Star Vitamin C!

In Basic Black Goddess makes her entrance with short curly black hair and dark luxury chocolate skin, with a killer V open back short dress! Model 4 became one of the most popular dolls in the Barbie Basic line and it will be only fair to bring her back for more! But now that Model 4 is back, she is not black!

Now in Barbie Basic 2.0 Model 4 has long read hair, lighter skin and is wearing a grey singlet top with black skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong I love the way Model 4 looks, she reminds of The Twelve Dancing Princesses Edeline. I was kind of surprise to see Model 4 this time around, it looks like they bought almost all the girls back but Model 4 has the most drastic change!

For example Model 11 only change is her hair, I like blondes but we really didn’t need another blonde in the collection! I wish her hair was a medium length brown with curls. 


Getting back to my point I wish Model 4 stayed black because it was really cool seeing a dark skin doll in the collection! Model 8 and 17 is holding it down for now, but I hope to see Model 4 or any other Model in the future with more dark skin complexions.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Barbie Basic 2.0 with new faces, old faces and sexy jeans Part 1


With the new Barbie Basics 2.0 coming out, I think its time to see which dolls hopped on the basic line and who got a totally make over. In this Basic theme it’s all about the Jeans! Let’s start with the newbie’s: First the guys: Model 15 has Edward Cullen face mold, Model 16 is Kurt from a past fashion fever line. I was never able to get my hands on Kurt so I really can not wait to have this doll! Model 17 is Jacob who has been modified into a sexy African American! Christian Louboutin Barbie steps in as Model 14! I’m all for the new boys but, Model 14 I will have to leave alone because I can not find one thing I like about her! The male models are a nice touch to the Basic line and I hope to see more in the future!

Now let’s focus on some of the changes of past Basic girls! Model 1 which is Barbie who is rocking nice curls, Model 2 went short, and Model 3 is an afro blonde. Model 5 is letting her hair down with bangs! Model 7 is still red but with some of her hair up, Model 8 went shorter than Model 2 and some on are calling her Whitney Houston! Model 11 is blonde, but really that’s nothing new because Teresa has had blonde hair before in past Fashion Fever lines! My eyes are on Model 5, 8 and also Model 4 which we should discuss.

In Part 2………………….


Here are the accessory packs coming soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging Break: Update!

Hello fellow doll collectors!

So many things have been happening while I’m on a blogging break! For one the new Barbie Basics line is coming out very soon, we have an Asian Ken and I just finish my first story! My new story is Call “Newbie’s” you will know more about that in the near future.

I’m really working on making Brooklyn Stars Forever better for all my readers’ out there! I see that my blog is read by people all over the world, instead just giving everyone a few sentences here and there my post will have much more depth.

Plus you see this banner that will change also! I worked really hard on it and I decide I need to add more photos to it so it can fit the blog better, wish me luck on that one!

I also want to do something special for Black Barbie 30th Anniversary so I need to choose 6 and 8 of my Black Barbie dolls to do a very special photo shoot more details later!

Just make sure you are back next week for brand new everything!

Love ya and God Bless
Ebony, Nicole

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blogging Break! Will be back September 20!

I will be back on September 20, I need break from blogging! That will give me enough time to work on myself and work on photoshoot for my dolls! I'm working on my first dolly story so hopefully it will start when I come back! See you soon!
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