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Sweat it out Kayla

Here is a very sporty Kalya ready for a run in the park, this set is from this year 2008 fashion fever. I do not know which line this doll is from, but who cares she looks great.

Kalya loves Hilary duff

Another first wave Kayla is wearing a Hilary duff outfit from 2007, This look make her look very cool and is enjoying summer.

Kayla is set for the night

This Kayla is from the first wave, she is wearing a fashion fever dress. Kayla is ready for a night out with this hot outfit..

Model Moment Bonus For 07/25/08

Marie Cruz
Birth: September 14
Born: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Raise: Manaus, Brazil
Childhood Dream: Top Model and novelist
Favorite things to do: Going to the breach in any part of the world and writing short stories.
Favorite Movie: I like anything that was made in Brazil or Europe
Favorite Music: Spanish and South Africa
Favorite thing to wear: Swimsuits and Jeans. Who doesn’t love Jeans!! Photos Of Marie Cruz

Monica Jones

Here is My new doll Monica Jones in her green and a little bit black dress!!!

Model Moment for 07-11-2008

Carly Jones
Birth: June 8
Born: Bronx, New York
Raise: Brooklyn, New York
Childhood Dream: Being an Actress, Model and Author.
Favorite things to do: Going swinging, reading, and taking pictures.
Favorite Movie: Scar Face, I love that movie.
Favorite Music: I’ll listen to anything.
Favorite thing to wear: I love Jeans and a T-Shirt; you have to know how to work with something that simply.
Photos of Carly Jones

So here is a story for you..

UPS was supposed to deliver my doll off July 1!!! July 1 came and went, I checked online to see what was going on. UPS said the delivery was rescheduled for July 2. Here comes July 2, I went online to check my email; Terri (who I got the doll from) told me the UPS man could not find my apartment and had to come back the next day. I was so livid because I was here all day cleaning my house, waiting to meet my new friend!!!!

Terri called UPS and gave them my correct apartment. Later on that night, I could not sleep at all!!! So I call UPS to make sure they had the right apartment number. Well good thing I called because they did not have the right number (WTH ). Instead of B8 they had D3 (Say what). I gave the man my RIGHT apartment number and my cell number just in case anything happen!!! For some reason that night I still could not sleep!!!

I called UPS again that morning, spoke to a sweet lady named Kim, I told her what happen for the past 2 days and I need her to repeat my informatio…