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Back to Black

So far you all know about the Barbie Basics Dolls, where 12 dolls come in different black dresses that you can customize into your own basics styles. For the past few weeks doll collectors have been falling in love with the model muse divas and are craving more.accessory packs I even ordered my own basic chick 2 weeks ago. Model Number 4!I will open my doll on Christmas Eve, I never did get around to talk about my Twilight Edward doll. He looks so handsome I really do not want to open the box. So many things has happen for the past 3 weeks. Don't worry I will post more messages as soon as possible. P.S.I HAVE MY LAPTOP, WHEN I GET IT RUNNING I WILL BE MAKING MORE POST TO MY BLOG!

Stuff I found in the closet Part 2

This looks like a school locker right! When I was in high school I pretty much had everything in my locker, I could not have my Walkman on me so I left it in my locker. I kept all my extra school work in there just in case I needed it. Your locker is like your bedroom you can set it up anyway you want!

The locker opens up to a secret place where a doll can put on makeup, listen to music, get dress and finish her school work on time!

I really don't remember buying this set or what doll came with it but I will try to find out!

Updates, Sorry for not posting, stuff I found in my closet & Laptop be here soon!

It has been 2 weeks since I had something to post, but I had to take cares of a lot of things before sitting down and really giving you my all. Remember this past summer I said I was cleaning out my closet and found some old stuff, well I have the pictures to show you!

This is a Fashion Fever Tea set that I bought for $1.99 at a discount store in Brooklyn!I love this hat,scarf and bag set I found at a Doll show this year. One of my dolls will be wearing this very soon!

These are other Fashion Fever sets that you can put with any outfit that your dolls are wearing. Maybe on Christmas I'll opened them!
NEW LAPTOP COMING SOON!I share a computer with my mother, now you maybe asking yourself "How in the world does she find time to be on the computer?" Well as of right now It's 5:12am here in New York and those are the hours I usually work to update my posts, check my emails, see what's going on with facebook and twitter and so on. I order a Gateway laptop for myself and…