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My most Popular Photo on Flickr

One of my most popular photo on flickr is Model of the Moment Nichelle aka Natoya Walker! One night in February I was sitting home with nothing to do and decide to do a photoshoot. I wanted to do a photoshoot with the girls in a sexy swimsuit or underwear theme! The first Model to take pictures was Natoya because I just got her for Christmas and she needed some time to shine! Well did she shine something fierce. The clothes I use for Natoya was a Fashion Fever raincoat and last years Barbie beach fun swimsuit! Natoya is very gorgeous dark skin doll so I wanted something to make her true beauty smack you in the face!

This photo has over 140 views and counting! I'm glad everyone likes this photo. I never thought it was going to be that popular!

Although this photo is not as popular as the one above it still has that heavy energy that makes you're mind go crazy!
P.S. I will start updating more stories and photos next week, today I'm getting a tooth taking out so for the rest of …

2 new girls coming soon!

I have 2 sweet ladies coming home soon, I can not wait for these chicks!
Model of the Moment- Marisa sumatra indonesia barbie'm going to rebody indonesia barbie and take lots of Pictures of Marisa! More news coming next week!


Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) known as the "The king of POP" has pass away today. I will be praying for his family and those dear children of his who lost a father!!

So in Styles Dolls by Mattel

Mattel has created an all Africa American doll line call “So In Style” (S.I.S) designed by Stacy McBride-Irby. The lead character Grace is best friends with Barbie; she later moves to Chicago with her little sister Courtney and they befriend Trichelle and Kara who also have little sisters name Janesa and Kianna. Each group of girls shows excitement in education, sports and our favorite FASHION! The “So In Styles” girls want to bring back sisterhood in the Africa American community by being Role Models and giving young girls something to believe in.
These Photos were posted by cjwycofffrom the Pink Parlor Board!
The little sisters

The dolls are in store right now and the doll community seems to be impress with these characters! Me, myself I am happy to see an all Africa American doll line in the stores. Where were they was I was a little girl. Growing up as a child I never saw a doll that looked like me. Those who have met me in …
If you happen to read old articles on my blog and there is no pictures there! Don't worry, I change my files on my photobucket account and when you change a name everything else changes with it. One day I will sit down and fit up this place. Updates are coming soon so please hold on. I see everyone on the doll boards and blogs are going out of their mind including me about the new Twilight dolls that's coming out this fall! Here is a picture I just play with!
I hope you like it because I know I do. I really can not wait for Edward, I think I'm going to have to recreate a new Bella because I am not buying that chick but, I want those clothes!

Twilight Bella & Edward: Barbie Collector Dolls is Coming Soon!

I am taking a few days off from posting but had to share this!

Posted by one of the members from Impossible Princess. Barbie Collector Doll Twilight Bella & Edward is due to come out in October! I can not wait because these dolls look really good! Although I'm not a big Edward fan, I will never pass on this doll.

As you can see the doll really does look like Edward, but I can not say the same for Bella! Instead of Mattel being a little creative, they just had to go pick out a face mold we've seen before! I'm not to happy about that because I really thought they was going to do something different! Never less I will still buy her! Now if they really want to make me a happy buyer; MAKE A JAKE DOLL!


As you all know I graduated on Monday and I have been rested for the past 3 days. The graduation was very nice I really enjoyed myself (even though I was a little late). My mom and nephew were there and that made me really good! So as of right now, I just sitting at home trying to clean up all the paper and books that I have been married to for the past 4 or 5 years. I not giving or selling my books because I plan on creating my own library one day and keep my notes. For right now and the rest of the summer I will be taking it a little easy and enjoy my time off!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, I work so hard on it I’m glad takes pleasure in reading it and your comments inspire me to do better!

Love you all and I will keep you posted!

My Coming of Age

On Monday June 15, 2009, I will be graduating from College with My BA degree. I am so excited and can not wait for that day to come, but it’s almost here so I can wait a little longer. Since I was so busy with school I will have time to work on my resume, read my bible and finish all my Twilight (Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ) books and The Host, which I was reading early this year and it was so good. I had no time to finish it because I had some much to do for school. Dolls, you know I have to play with my guyz and girlz. Plus Erin is getting on my nerves because she wants to go outside and have photoshoot, I still love her anyway! Get ready because this summer is going to be very fun!

Next week I will more info on what going on so keep on reading!

Love and Peace
Eboni,Nicole,StormeeJane You know who I am!
Here are a few pictures of my Gotham Eve Kitten

Love her red! Very Sexy!

The New Check out Man!

So as of right now I have 8 Fashion Royalty dolls, which I'm going to stop buying for a while because I need to same more money. Early this week I told you that I was getting London by Night Fashion Royalty Ayumi she is my 7th doll of the FR collection. Now for Mr. Number 8 who is Checking out Francisco Leon. To make it easy on myself I'm going to call him Frank for short. The other boys seem to be hating on him, but I told them I still love them no matter what! River my only My Scene boy is hanging out with Frank and they are becoming good friends. I also think Frank has a thing for one of the girls, good lord he just got here! Oh well, I will soon take pictures of him. Here is a close up photo of him from Royalty Girl from Flicker!

Photo by Royalty Girl! Check out her blog on the Right hand side!

Freak for Royalty

Happy June Everyone,

Just want to share some good news with you. I am getting my 7th Fashion Royalty doll today. As of right now its 2:56 in the morning so that means I did not go to sleep yet lolol! Do you want to know which Fashion Royalty doll I'm getting, Well take a look

Yes I am getting London by Night Ayumi doll! If I could not get the first one, I think the 2nd will do just fine. I will take pictures of her and will be restyling her hair and getting her ready for this year Summer Bliss series! I have some big plan for her and the other dolls! So stay tune and which!

These Photos were taken by APPark / Amber from APPark / Amber