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Isha comeback as a Scene Stealer!

The news is out; mostly all of you who read this blog also probably reads The Fashion Doll Review, Shuga Shug and Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold have seen the new Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girls 2011 collection. Those bloggers already gave you the details you need to know and if you do not know please check out the sites that I mention. 

As a doll lover I have to say that I'm in love with all the doll fashions but not the dolls, which is a good thing because I get to keep my money. There are so many missing characters that I wanted to see this year such as Ayumi and Nadja who have been M.I.A since 2008 when I first fell in love with them! However they did not make the cut this year, some new bitches took their place and I'm not happy about that one bit! I am glad to see Erin with her long black hair and white as snow lovely skin but, sadly I will not be getting her. But enough about my dislikes and more dislikes about 2011 collection because there is one doll …

30 Black Dolls I love: Part 2 Night & Eveing Wear 14 - 7

I am continuing my list of 30 Blacks Dolls Ilove; these are the top 14 dolls I wanted badly! What do I mean when I say wanted badly, it means I famished for them! When it comes to saving money I am that person but, lately I needed to use money for things so I really need to catch up.However, if I want something I will save up for when the product comes out or just keep a few extra dollars on me when in need. I will also cut back on a few things such as food; I could miss a few snacks here and there so that’s not a problem!So here is the list from 14-7 taking place at the Night and Evening Boutique.

30 Black Dolls I Love: Part 2 coming this weekend!

I will post the final list of 30 Black Dolls I love this weekend. It's the top 14 who I know you will love and here is The Night & Evening Wear Boutique shop, don't worry those 3 girls are just models. See you soon!

30 Black Dolls I love: Understanding and photos from 23-15

To better understand why I did this list let me explain one more time; On February 19 I turn 30 years old and wanted to be pound of it. I created a list of 30 blacks dolls I love, now I love all my dolls but only picked 30 base on how I feel about each of them. I do plan on doing a small photo-shoot about the ones who did make the list but, still hold a special place in my heart! So far the response to this theme has been very wonderful and TJ and Grace Stats are really growing on Now I will stop talking and continue with 23 though 15.

30 Black Dolls I love: The B Shop 30-24

Finally the day is here! Welcome to 30 Black Dolls I love Theme for Black History Month and so on. Today I'm turning 30 years old and have decided to celebrate by show casing my love of Black dolls. I have over 36 black dolls but, could only pick 30. This list was not easy to make and the set up took me an hour but, at the end of the day it was all worth it and so much fun!
Now 30 Black Dolls I love will take place in 2 parts: Part 1 will be call The B Shop, where from 30-15 these dolls were given to me, fell in love with in time or just got them at a really good price, Overall I still love them no matter what!
Part 2 will be Night and Evening Wear: In this part from 14- #1 these are dolls I wanted badly, they are lucky finds, birthday and Christmas gifts to myself and starved for ; meaning some nights I ate PB&J to save money for the lucky girl I wanted!
These Boys and Girls are from different toy companies which means they all come from different walks of life, so lets start …

30 Black Dolls I love: Setting up Shop!

If you read my post on February 17 called My Little Susies, then you would have seen the background and the little clothing shop I set up!  I breaking down 30 Black Dolls I love into 2 parts and this set will be part 1 show casing the dolls shopping at the hottest store in Brooklyn, where they can buy the most fabulous wear for low prices. The theme show start sometime this weekend because my birthday is on Saturday so please come back and check!

Oh my little Susies'

If you could remember back in December I wrote a post called My First 2 Susie Dolls; it was in that post I talk about my doll buddy giving me some of her dolls and clothes because, she is not collecting anymore small dolls due to her becoming a fan of the big girls (big dolls). I have not been in the mood to take photos for the past 4 weeks but, early this morning I felt a little inspired with my new set-up background.
While setting up for my 30 black dolls I love theme, why not give Susie.B and Susie.Q a much needed photo shoot!

Barbie and Ken: Back together on Valentine's Day

The Final List!

The list is done! I have my 30 Black dolls ready for their photo-shoot and it was not easy making the list. I had to sit down and think how I felt about each doll, I had to take some off the list, plus I change the number 1 doll twice! However, I think everyone will really enjoy my choices for the 30 Black dolls I love!
I will keep you posted!

30 Black Dolls I love: Behind the Scenes

On Monday afternoon I gather all my black dolls and got to work on my list for 30 Black Dolls I Love. I have a total of 36 black dolls altogether and maybe in the near future will probably buy more but, for right now my focus is on choosing a mixture of girls and boys in the sum of 30 to celebrate my birthday coming in a week or so. As you can see in the photo I have my notebook on the bed and ready to work. First I had to break it down in groups, what I mean by that is; I had to see how many Fashion Royalties, Model Muses, Dynamite Girls, and Fashionistas I have altogether. That is done, now I have to pick 30 dolls to be featured. Please wish me luck because, I have change the list 4 times and need to change it again!

30 black dolls I love!

I'm turning 30 this year; yes I'm getting old and there is nothing I can do about it! God has bless me  to make it this far and I can not wait to see what else he has in store for me. With that being said, I would like to focus on 30 black dolls I love in my collection! I will start from 30 and work my way down to number 1. You will see this list though out the month of February and into March! Now I have to make sure I have 30 black dolls.......

Happy Black History Month

I just wanted to wish everyone a very good and happy black  history month! I should be back next week or you can look for another post this week. Right now I just praying, studying and getting my life on track because I am turning the 3-0 this month. Talk to you soon!