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Download FireFox

Thank you to Vanessa I download FireFox and was able to make changes to my blog. I had to make sure the the problem was Internet Explorer 9 and not my computer, so I went on my smart phone (Motorola Backflip) log into my site and click on Template Designer, would you know without any problems Template Designer was up and running! It's such a shame that I had to download one program because the other was not working, talk about having a big headache


For the past month or 2, my mom has been telling me that there is something wrong with my Internet. When you click enter on any site it will tell you "You have no connection" or something like that, so last week my mom downloaded the new Internet Explorer 9.

When my mom downloaded the new Internet Explorer, I was not home so I could not see how everything happen. Later that night after going to the bank and doing some shopping, I sat down for an hour to get my head together. Thank God for that hour because I so need it; when downloading the Internet Explorer 9 it change everything on my main site which is the Administrator side. I could not find my pictures, videos and my documents and my documents are very important to me; it’s where I have a layout for my bills, my old school work and my personal dairy or aka stories. I was so freaking (I can not use the other f word) mad, I just had to step away from the computer. That same night I went also into every file and came acro…

"The Newbie's": The New Guy without a Body!

No Internet

This past Friday something went wrong with my internet which means; I had no service for 4 days AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! So what do you do when you have no service, you catch up on reading your bible/books, you make 3 doll videos! That's right people, I made 3 dolls videos. This is a records for me because I always make 1 or 2 videos 6 months apart.  You are force to watch movies that you would have never watched before such as: Shutter, Space Chimps(which was very funny) The Incredible Hulk, IronMan and so on! I'm having some problems uploading the videos to Youtube so I guess I have to try on Friday. Its good to be back but, I'll go finish my readings!

Barbie: 'Not So Perfect' after 50 years


Men of Action

If you read my post last Thursday called I Got Trouble, where I went to Forbidden Planet NYC and found a Triad Omega Action Figure. Well on Friday night I went to pick up my toy and I am trying to get in the right mood to take photos of him! I want everything to be just right because there will be a special lady in the photos. As I prepare to take photos, I wanted to find out more about Triad Omega Figures and more. I came across Triad Toys and Collectibles and found some really cool dolls aka "Action Figures".
After looking at some very handsome and well made toys by Triad; I can easily say that maybe I would never buy another Ken or Fashion Royalty mall doll unless there is a character I truly will fell in love with. These Action Figures are really making wish that I had more doll money because, I can not believe that these men look so damn hot!

Please Pray for Japan!

If everyone can take 15-20 minutes out of their day and pray for Japan so they can survive through this very awful horror; I know that God will send down his strength so that people would and could get the help they need over seas!
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah. Psalm 46:1-3,7

I Got Trouble

I was in Manhattan today to take care of some business; after I finish all of my business my mom called me and said "Don't forget to put my money in the bank!" I made a noise to myself and said "Okay mom!" I was on 14 street union square and needed to look for a Chase Bank because, I was not getting off the train in Brooklyn to go to the bank! I found a bank on Boradway, now as I was looking around across the street from that bank was a store called Forbidden Plant NYC. I quickly notice that it was a comic book store.
Just to let you all know, I'm a big comic book fan! I don't read the comics but, I do watch and own some DC and Marvel movies on DVD and sometime tape them on demand. My favorites are Superman Batman Apocalypse, Superman Batman Public Enemies, Planet Hulk and so many others that I can not list them all right now because it will take me all day.
Now back to the topic; after I was finish with the bank I went into Forbidden Plant NYC and star…

Should I

In December of 2010 I took Christmas photos of my dolls and I think they came out really well. The problems is; Christmas has been over for months. So I don't know if I should do the story now or wait until later this year! I'm also thinking about doing a story about Ken and Barbies relationship. I'm kind of having mix feeling about their reunion so look for that very soon!  However, if you want to read a christmas story in March, April or May please let me know!

Updates: New Photo of the Month and new photos on about me page!

New Photo of the Month I think you will love it as much as I do. Plus I have new pictures on my About Me: EbonyNicole page!

Can't let go!

This years Dynamite Girls/Boys was a smash, the boys won hands down with many collectors going into a Roman battle. While the dolls may look sweet and cute to everyone else, I'm having a hard time finding the boy or girl to steal my heart away.  At first I like both Jetts' Aqua Bella & Downtown Darling but, I had to pass because Isha came out of nowhere. A few minutes after I was thinking to myself  "Maybe I can sell my Electro Pop Rufus Blue and replace her with the new one!" Now my idea sound great but, my feelings got in the way!
I think all of you would agree with me that we become so emotional attach to our dolls or any toys of that matter, that when it's time to let go we just keep holding on!

30 Black Dolls I love: The Final...... The Top 6 dolls

The top 6 dolls of 30 Black Dolls I Love is here; there is not much I can say about the top 6, only that it took me years to find number #6 and the #1 dolls. Number 5 I bought for $20.00 at a doll show. Number #4 was my 2nd dynamite girl and Number #3 was my 3rd Fashion Royalty doll. I am really happy that I did this list and sticking to the theme was very important for me. So please enjoy The Top 6 of 30 Blacks Dolls I Love!