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Handsome Guy!!

I don't take too many pictures of my boys, but this year is going to be different. Here is Bliane just being himself with friends.. Can this guy get any more handsome than he already is.

Mama likes!!!

Yesterday morning, my mother was walking pass my Milan aka Michelle Walker. Mother could not help, but to stop and look at the most Attractive woman in the room. With my mother's eyes coming out of her head she turn around and said to me " Why can't I look like that." This just goes to show you that, Michelle will always be a head-turner.

Updates on my Nikkis'

Last Friday I gave a report on that I could not find Top Model Nikki, Well she is coming to me soon, thanks to Hellcat From Prettyworld and thedollcafe messageboard. I'm VERY VERY HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! NOW, here are some photos of my Nikki with the movable arms.. If I dont' post this weekend, have a good Friday and Holiday Easter weekend. P.S. To the other people who were helping me look for Top Model Nikki, I don't know your name right now, but thank you so much. I will post another message to you soon when I find your names..!!

Model of the Moment for 3-20-08

Every month I will give you the latest on my models living in the city.. This months girl is Lulu Le.

Lulu Le
Birth: January 25
Born: Kobe, Japan
Raise: Tokyo, Japan
Childhood Dream: Becoming a Top model and going back to school working on my Science degree.
Favorite things to do: Spending time with my family, friends and Painting.
Favorite movie.: Gone with the wind.
Favorite Music: Jazz, R&B and Rock N Roll
Favorite thing to wear: A good pair of shoes will do with any outfit.

Photos of Lulu Le

Raquelle is that you?

The Day -to- Night dolls are really becoming something to have in your collection.. Last night I re-bodied my Raquelle doll on the shorter bodies that came out in 2007. To tell you the truth, I did not like the shorter dolls; but now I do..

Brooklyn Stars is now open!!!!

Hey Everyone, I'm Nicole from Brooklyn New York here to share, my passion for collect dolls, listening to music and so on. From time to time I will show you pictures of my city, give you up-dates on what new in music and movies. To start things off here is my Yumi doll I re-bodied last week.