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I had a really hard time!

So Today I stopped by Target to pick up a few things and as always, I had to see what was in the toy aisle! Unlike everyone else I did not jump into the Star Dolls saga, it took me so long to have any feeling for these chicks! 

I could not decide on which doll I wanted so 
I'll be back later this week to show you!

P.S. Do you remember Addie's friend Sam from Episode 3, yes I'm changing the character of Sam I sold the first doll and the new Ayumi will be here this summer! Don't worry I know you love Aria Vanessa so she stays!


  1. I like the one on the left, in the French tee shirt ... partly b/c I have the other one ;-D

  2. Well, I'd buy both!!! But If I have to choose, I like the one with the gown and red strikes in her hair

  3. I would buy the one with the gown, but only because she still comes with 100 Stardollars. The other one has the 50 Stardollars that the new stock is coming out with. I noticed this the last time Target had them on sale. Being an on-line Stardoll person, 50 extra points can buy me a few articles of clothing. Then I got ticked off they even changed it. The one picture I've seen of the Asian one that made me want to buy her (but I haven't) was on Georgia Girl's blog, Pink Obsession. The way she combed her hair made her look unique. I like the outfit better on the other one. I know I haven't been much help. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  4. I love the Stardolls clothing and shoes so much! The shoes actually fit my Pure Neemo girls!!!

    But I hate the Stardolls bodies.

    I mean, who at Mattel was sitting around thinking, "Hmm... what should we do next? I KNOW!!! EVEN LESS ARTICULATION! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Their bodies just make no sense to me, and if I were a kid and got that doll, I'd be super pissed!!

    I can't wait to see which one you chose.

    1. @Heather's Mattel imitation, lol! They probably do sit around a table and laugh themselves silly as they think of additional cruelty to Barbie supporters. That the doll is supposed to be a model, should call for even greater pose-ability. Sigh.

  5. Hello from Spain: I too prefer the Stardoll wearing the jersey in Paris. I love the jacket too. Keep in touch.

  6. Can't wait to see which one you picked. I'm going to go ahead and get the other three left in the collection. And, probably pre-order at least three of the new line. I don't know what happened...I'm Stardoll crazy! I was one of the first ones who said, Nah...they don't do anything for me. But when I saw some great flickr photos, I changed my mind. Then when I saw them in person, it was ON! LOL.

    Hope to see her in a story, whichever one you chose. :)

  7. I will post what I bought very soon!


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