Very Intense Episode

Episode 8 will be Epic!
After one heck of a week Saturday I started working on Episode 8: Mother, I Have Something To Tell You Part 2 of Takeo & Addie's show and let me tell you, as I said in the title of this post things get really intense! So I will give you update on what happen! 

If you could remember last Season Takeo left his job to go find Addie (I will do a bonus episode for that one soon), he had his best friend Giselle to change all his information so he can come into New York without his mother on his case! Why would Kyori (Takeo's mom, yay she finally in the story) be on his case; because Kyori is Takeo's Boss! Yes, she is the one who send him the email in Episode 2 about not doing his job!

It's been 9 months and Takeo is going to contact his mother by Skype and while Takeo told his Uncle Dai about Addie and his sister Sooki was there when Takeo got on one Knee; Takeo lets Addie know that his mother does not know about her! That's when things get a little intense! 

P.S. This episode is going to be longer than the other ones so it will take a week to edited, I will let you know more soon!


  1. Oooh! Very dramatic!!!

    I am new to the storyline, so what is Takeo's job? Is it a legal one? Is it nefarious?!

  2. Very nefarious; as the season goes by you will learn more!

  3. I can't wait to see what happens! I love these two together.

  4. Hello from spain: the story is very interesting because after several months Takeo goes to talk to his mother. We do not know what will happen. I hope to see the development of the story soon.

  5. Suki, suki, now! This should be good!


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