I gave up, I bought Marisa

If you read my post yesterday The Man I Give All My Money To,Well The Only Man has a part 2 to this story! After feeling a little down from my dentist visit last month, I broke my agreement to myself which was not to buy any new dolls for the time being! I really need to save money because I need every cent for the near future; well all that change because when I left that dentist office I came home in Brooklyn and stop by my local Target to ease the pain!

Marisa Montez
I bought So In Style Marisa and rebody her, although not a totally match but she could still rock the house! I'm keeping an eye on her because I'm already hearing somethings and the other dolls are leaving notes about having a meeting because the new family member has too much mouth! 


See Attitude


  1. I'm jealous. Can't find a Marissa at Target in my area.

  2. She's pretty. I need to debox my Marisa and Darren.


  3. aaarrrggghhhh! I cant find her at all! None of my stores have her and I have sent folks in other places to look for her LOL Im still on the hunt for her. She looks good on that body and in your pictures. Congrats on finding and purchasing her :)

    1. Where I live if I didn't pick her up, she would have been gone! I always see one or two!

  4. Hello from Spain: I like Marisa. You did well to buy it. The photos are fine. Keep in touch

  5. She is seriously FIERCE. They only sell SIS dolls at my TRU, Target hasn't gotten on the wagon yet. Those SIS girls have some of the best fashion and style sense of any of the lines that have come out!

    I really might have to get her now... you are officially made an enemy of my wallet! Haha! :)

  6. I have her but I need to get her rebodied. Another friend called me when she spotted her and the rest is history. She is looking good on her new bod ;O)

  7. Hey girl! She looks great! You are so tempting me...but I refuse to take the bite! Ha! LOL! She is gorgeous and you did a great job on her bod! Is she coming with us in April? My girls would love to meet her!

  8. I knew you would break down. Especially with my gentle nudging. She is definitely worth adding to the doll family.

  9. She's Gorgeous!!
    And The Outfit It's Wearing Better On Her Than In The New Artsy!!
    I Hope We Could Find Both Of This Girls In The Brasilian Store Soon!!
    I Love Your Doll!!!

  10. Congratulations on getting Marisa! Boy did you do a great photo job on her. Not that she's isn't a beauty in her own right.

    Love your new background theme, too.

  11. Thanks Everyone, this weekend we having a meeting about the rules and behavior so this should be fun!

  12. I broke down and purchased one too! I didn't think I needed another doll with that face mold but she just keep sitting there in the store. I put her on an second wave Fashion fever Teresa (short torso) body with articulated arms and legs. The complexion matched up really well!

  13. Congrats on getting Marissa. I have not seen her my Target. She is slightly higher at Walmart, but it looks like I may have to go ahead and get her. I love your pics!

  14. I'm shocked you could resist her, she' so pretty!!! XD


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