Having a Monster High Moment!

On Monday I was so freaking happy to get my swap gift from a very sweet lady on facebook.com, from a private  doll group. I wont say the name of the group because it's kind of private and I don't want no one kicking my butt for letting the secret out, however I got some new Monster High stuff which hopefully this weekend (my birthday is on Sunday) I will sit down and opened everything up and have a good ole time!

My first Cleo De Nile got redress because she wants to let me know she still has it, not that she ever lost it!
This is a Moxie girls outfit I bought last year!
StarDolls Red boots

Yes Ms. Cleo has everything going on!


  1. So the Monster High dolls can wear Star Dolls shoes? That is good to know. Thanks for the photos!

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the Monsters and accessories. It's all very original. Keep in touch.


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