Whitney Houston: August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012

When I was a child there were 3 singers who I always admired; Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Sadly 2 are still living and 1 has gone away!

I'm not going into a long post, I just want to say Whitney finally has some peace. We watch this woman change before our eyes though out the years and sadly she has fell to the bottom of the pit of no return! At this time there is nothing we can do but pray for her family because her mother and daughter needs it the most!

I'm not even going to watch the Grammys because no one can sing a song like Whitney Houston, so whoever going to sing her songs tonight needs to go sit down somewhere because I'm not trying to hear it!


  1. Rest in peace, Whitney. The pain of this life is over. Thank you for blessing us with your talent. You left your legacy, which is more than most of us will ever do. Love you to pieces. How does it feel to finally 'Exhale'? I can only imagine.

  2. I too was at a lost when I heard the news. Jennifer Hudson was wonderful and she held up pretty good. This to will pass.

  3. I Heard The Announce By A Friend On Facebook!
    I Was In Very Nice Mood!The Anounce Broken Me To A Sad End Of Night!
    Having Her Voice In My Ears It's Impossible Believe In Some Tragedies In The Music World(Real Life Of Real Ones,Sure!!)But i Don´t Believe We Had Not More Michael,Amy And Now Whitney...Sad!!


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